DREAM DICTIONARY - Nuclear-war :

Nuclear war dreams may be triggered by feelings like these.

1. KNOWING SOMEONE'S TRUE FEELINGS Some dreams are like short plays which help us express our emotions. If it was the end of the world then you would tell someone you love how you truly feel. An end of the world dream may capture related feelings like "I love her so much" or "my family means so much to me" or "I should tell he how I feel as this is my last chance".
2. CRIPPLING ILLNESS If you have just been diagnosed with a serious illness then an end of the world dream may capture your low mood at the moment.
3. WORST POSSIBLE OUTCOME Some dreams are "worst possible scenario" dreams. These help us to keep things in perspective. They alert us the risks. An end of the world dream may help us avoid danger. These may link to everyday thoughts like "if I carry on drinking then it will be disastrous."
4. EXAGGERATIONS Some dreams pull us back into reality. An end of the world dream maybe your minds way of saying "things are not as bad as that" or "this is typical of how I exaggerate everything"
5. THINKING THE UNTHINKABLE Are you thinking the unthinkable right now? Are you thinking about a change which will truly shock you? If so the end of the world dream captures the level of your shock right now.
6. ECONOMIC CRASH An end of the world dream maybe a metaphor for an economic crash which is affecting your life right now. Is your job in danger? Is your business about to go bust
7. PREMONITION Do you think that your dream could be a premonition of some terrible event within your own life. What
A nuclear war will have a similar symbolic meaning to other apocalyptic symbols like "the end of the world" or "Armaggedden". Yet it also has a special meaning as a nuclear bomb is something that the super powers build yet they would never seriously use these. The nuclear bomb is a sanction that would never be used. The phrase mutually assured destruction was much used in the era of the cold war to describe the insanity of nuclear war. In day to day life such a theme may occasionally be relevant. Can you think of any situation where a threat you make would result in disaster for both you and the person you are threatening.

KEY WORDS :thinking the unthinkable, a suicidal act, madness, pessimistic, Crippling illness, my final wish, my world has ended, gloomy, a worst possible outcome, learning someone's true feelings, economic crash, depression, you cannot live without someone, exaggerated claims

Try to think of ways in which you might use these words and phrases to describe your feelings. Think of phrases like the following.
- "he would not dare say that because if he did it would get him into trouble as well"
- "that was madness. Why would he do that."
- "I really want to know his true feelings. Yet he was no support in that crisis. He obviously really does not care"


Example dream : A dream about a nuclear bomb took place as the dreamer was about to tell a friend that he had lost her bank card. This friend had a terrible temper and he was convinced that she would blow her top when she found out. A nuclear bomb seems a little extreme but it shows that the dreamer is fearing the worst. Any bomb is an excellent symbol for a temper out of control.
Example dream : A dream about a nuclear war linked to the dreamer finding out he suffered from arthritis. This seemed like the end of the world for him - he was distraught to find out he was going to be crippled in this way. Nuclear war links by association with things like "apocalpyse", "the end of the world", "worst possible scenario" and "a disaster". So a nuclear war could be a symbol for anyone of these associated feelings. For instance, if you were feeling "its like the end of the world" then a nuclear war dream could be a metaphor for those feelings. Above all the dream caught his mood at that very moment as his emotions were dipping at the thought of the arthritis getting even worse.
Example dream : A dream about a nuclear war was linked to the dreamers worsening health. The night before she had been thinking about how miserable her existence was and how she was never going to get better. The nuclear war was a symbol of a total destruction of her life because of health problems - from now on things would be very different.
Example dream : A dream about the end of the world took place as the dreamer had been suffering terrible diarrhoea for days. It was starting to dawn on him the seriousness of this health problem and that this could be the end game for him(the end of his world).

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