We all seem to recognise nightmares. Often we can have scary and violent dreams and yet we would not describe them as nightmares. Yet other dreams may lack violence yet may be described as nightmares. The best person to judge this is the dreamer. We have all had nightmares but what type of real issues do nightmares tend to link to in practice? Obviously traumatic events can affect you such as deaths of people close to you or accidents. Many nightmares can link to a need to be aware of a risk such as mothers who need to be aware that their toddler is starting to open doors and get into all kinds of trouble. We take all kinds of risks and our dreams may be reminding us of all the dreadful things that can go wrong such as the people we are being rude to and offensive to may suddenly retaliate. Issues of trust are also important. The inability to trust someone after they have clearly failed to repay our trust is important. If have the strength to trust again then we are clearly taking a risk(so risk is clearly important in that as well). Nightmares can also result from changes in our life. The mind prefers to have a settled environment and so it dislikes change.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did you take some risk yesterday and not really realise just how serious the consequences may have been?
- Have you started to realise that things are about to change?
- Do you mistrust someone at the moment?
- Do you find it difficult to trust?
- Are you suffering a serious illness which has been getting you down?
- Are you wanting to do something that may have serious consequences?

KEY WORDS : Risky, making sense, illness, trust, change, abused, consequences

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I simply am not finding it easy to deal with this. I cannot accept what happened. It was so traumatic and so unfair"
- "Why did it happen?"
- "I have just realised that things are going to change"
- "I am starting to realise the consequences of it"
- "I feel so alone and simply do not feel accepted"
- "I know that the risk is small but things may go dreadfully wrong"
- "I am taking such a major risk"
- "I am totally aware of the danger I am taking"
- "Its so risky - I may lose him."
- "How could I ever be honest and tell him what I truly feel"
- "I treated him badly and I need to realise that he may fight back"
- "I would like to trust him but how could I ever trust anyone again after what happened last time"
- "I simply cannot trust a word that she says."
- "I really do not feel I have enough confidence to do that"
- "I simply cannot trust what he says"
- "I have never had to face such a change before in my life"

DREAM WORK : Now write down some quotes that sum up your thoughts and feelings right now. Concentrate on incidents the day before, paranoia's and fantasies, health issues, challenges of the day ahead. Then try to see where the words and phrases above appear in your quotes.


Example dream : A nightmare about her best friends mother dying symbolised the dreamers worry the day before. Her best friend had chest pains and she wanted to force him to go to the doctors but couldn't. She realised that he was really ill and needed to get treatment - he could have had a heart attack and they needed to act. They were lucky that things did not turn out worse.
Example dream : A nightmare dream seemed to be triggered by the dreamer being scared the night before whilst watching a hard hitting documentary about gangs. This really touched a nerve with her.
Example dream : A dream in which their are some "undesirables" squatting in the garden linked to the dreamers problems with his neighbour. The dreamer had been thinking how he was in fact his neighbours idea of a nightmare neighbour. (he was starting to realise that his neighbour really hated him)
Example dream : A nightmare occurred the day after a very bitter argument with the dreamers ex.
Example dream : A werewolf nightmare followed an argument with the dreamers wife the day before which was much more intense than usual.
Example dream : One nightmare involved the dreamer being falsely arrested by racist cops. This was a real life fear of the dreamer who knew of real life cases where African Americans had been imprisoned for something they did not do.
Example dream : A nightmare seemed to link to the worries about violent crime around her area.
Example dream : A nightmare dream linked to the dreamer hearing disturbing rumours that her mother was just going to leave the country and was going to tell no one about it. This was a nightmare scenario.
Example dream : One dreamer had two terrible nightmares on the night prior to the 9-11 terrorist attacks. He felt that these were premonitions of the day to come.
Example dream : A mutant nightmare took place whilst the dreamer was the victim of a bully and was starting to descend intoa terrible depresion.
Example dream : A nightmare dream linked to the dreamer thinking about TV coverage of Hurricane Katrina. Seeing these extremely traumatic scenes disturbed the dreamer because this disaster was happening to ordinary Americans like the dreamer.
Example dream : A nightmare dream was linked to the dreamers best friend dying just two months before. This trauma was still alive in his mind.
Example dream : A nightmare dream linked to the dreamer discovering some real weaknesses in someone she used to admire. Now she just saw him as pathetic. The nightmare linked to her not knowing what to say to him - it was a real dilemma. How could she tell someone she loved that she thought they were pathetic.
Example dream : A nightmare dream symbolised the dreamers feelings of guilt. He had just handed in his notice at work and felt guilty because there were real staff shortages. He felt he was letting his team down.
Example dream : A nightmare dream linked to the dreamers terrible behaviour the day before. He treated someone very badly and realised that although he got away with it things could easily have gone badly - this person could have retaliated.
Example dream : A clown nightmare symbolised the dreamers life being out of control. He had just broke up with his girlfriend and was trying to sort out his life.
Example dream : A nightmare dream linked to the dreamers fears about his father dying. The nightmare symbolised his fears that his fathers illness may end up with him dying.
Example dream : A nightmare linked to the dreamer moving out of home for the first time. He was very unsettled.
Example dream : A nightmare linked to the dreamer preparing herself for a major change as her sister had just got engaged. She was starting to realise how she would miss her.
Example dream : A nightmare dream linked to the dreamer knowing he needed to think logically about something. He had to sack someone but did not want to sack a disabled person though this was the logical thing to do. This would make him feel very guilty even though he knew it was the right decision.
Example dream : Nightmares of death linked to the dreamers inability to trust anyone. He was the emperor of China and after several attempts on his life he really could not trust anyone. One attempt on his life was from his own mother! How could he ever trust anyone.
Example dream : A nightmare was caused by the dreamer not really being able to trust any more after her boyfriend cheated on her. It left her absolutely destroyed emotionally. She could no longer trust men.
Example dream : A ghost nightmare linked to the dreamer being estranged from her mom. They never got along - and the dreamer did not want to get back together with her even after an email from her. The nightmare symbolised her not wanting to get back together with someone who caused her so much stress.
Example dream : Nightmares were a common occurrence whilst the dreamers husband was serving in Iraq. They linked to him being in a very dangerous situation and could die at any time.
Example dream : One nightmare was caused by her husband having had an traffic accident. The nightmare symbolised her realising that he could have died.
Example dream : A nightmare linked to the dreamers flatmate having a very bad temper. He had been violent in the past. He could never be certain that his flatmate might go crazy.
Example dream : One nightmare was caused by the dreamer working in a dangerous area. She hated going to work because she was scared that she might be mugged.
Example dream : A nightmare linked to the dreamer being unable to fit in with people in the community she had just moved to. People simply did not accept her and were not willing to try.
Example dream : A nightmare dream linked to the dreamer being left by her partner. It was the first time in her life that she was alone.
Example dream : A nightmare dream was caused by the dreamer having lots of stress.
Example dream : A nightmare dream was caused by the dreamer vomiting during the night. She was experiencing something very disturbing whilst asleep.
Example dream : A nightmare was caused by the dreamer having terrible pain whilst asleep due to toothache.
Example dream : A nightmare was caused by the dreamer being overweight and sometimes waking up numb in his limbs.
Example dream : A vampire nightmare linked to the dreamer waking up ill. The illness was building up during sleep.
Example dream : A nightmare was linked to something that completely shocked the dreamer. He saw someone being carried onto an ambulance that looked like someone he knew. For those few seconds it was quite eerie - eventually the dreamer realised it was not his friend but it still really shook him up.

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