A mother maybe a symbol for a woman who is a mother figure. Are you a mother figure for someone? Has someone shown you support and concern? Are you happy being a mother figure? Have their been problems with this relationship? Do you depend on a mother figure too much? Think of any way in which the friendship is changing or under stress.

Of course a mother dream maybe a symbol for your own mother or indeed anyone's mother. If you have been thinking about your own mother then obviously the dream could be about that changing relationship. Did you need your mother recently? Do you wish things could be better? Try to see how your dream could portray some new thought about her.

Mothers can also be very abstract symbols. They may show that you have been acting in a very responsible way and trying to make sensible decisions. It could be that you have recently felt a real sense of security and you feel very homely right now. Try to think of ways in which you have acted like a mother would do?

KEY WORDS and PHRASES : This symbol translates into the following words : Welcoming, maternal feelings, reassuring, helping, closure, sensible, worries, taking time, similar to your mother, pressure from mother,responsible,sympathetic,homely, understanding, worried, concern : Try to write down some quotes that capture your feelings. Think especially of the thoughts and feelings in your mind on the day before and those about the day to come. E.g.
- "make me feel at home"
- "feeling sorry for myself"
- "I need reassuring"
- "helping her out"
- "being worried about it"
- "taking your time to make the right decision"
- "a need for closure"
- "a need to be sensible"

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Were you thinking yesterday about people who have been kind to you or made you feel at home?
- Do you need reassuring right now?
- Have you decided to take a sensible decision regarding something?
- Have you been feeling sorry for yourself?
- Do you want to take time over some crucial and important decision - so you get things right?


Example dream : Dreaming about her mother dying symbolised the dreamers thoughts about her ex. His mother had just died and yet she argued with him. Dreaming about her own mother dying symbolised her recognition of this. Would she like the same thing to happen to her. The mother dream then basically linked to some thoughts about her ex - whose mother had just died in real life.
Example dream : A dream with a mother or teacher trying to teach a child how to behave properly was linked to a real life conversation about how to treat an autistic person in a responsible way.
Example dream : A dream which featured the dreamers mother followed on from their argument the day before. The dream represented the dreamers thoughts about her mothers comments and feelings of guilt at how she had been behaving.
Example dream : A mother yelling in a dream linked to the dreamers thoughts about Mexican gangs that she watched the night before. The mother yelling showed that she was viewing this violence from a mothers perspective - she was looking at how this had a corrosive effect on family life.
Example dream : Shouting to her mother and father for help symbolised the dreamers dislike of her brothers new girlfriend. She tried to warn him about her but was ignored
Example dream : The dreamers mother together with a guy friend symbolised her wish to have a relationship with the guy and also the knowledge that a settled relationship would please her mother (her mother had been pressurizing her to settle down).
Example dream : In one odd dream the dreamer is being raped by her ex. In the dream this was bizarrely a way of the dreamers ex defying his own mother. The dream showed how little the dreamers ex considered the dreamers feelings and how much his life revolved around his mother.
Example dream : The mother represented a woman who was helping and supporting the dreamer.
Example dream : A mother dream related to the dreamers need to accept a relationship was over - she was in need of help and support (concern is a quality we link with mothers).
Example dream : A dream where her mother phones an ambulance linked to the dreamers illness and depression. The mother represented the need to be concerned about her health and feelings of depression.
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers deceased mother took place at a time when the dreamer was very sad and depressed. If ever there was a time when she needed the support of her mother it was now. The dream catches this feeling "If my mother was alive I would be talking with her about my troubles."
Example dream : Something bad happening to the dreamers mother symbolised the child's insecurities - young children like this will often get dreams like this as they depend totally on their mothers.
Example dream : A mother dying symbolised the dreamers fears that a friendship with a woman had been spoiled. She was very much a mother figure but he had recently annoyed her
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers mother was acting neurotically was based upon his recent thoughts. He was very much like his mother and needed to be more open. His mother appeared in the dream because the dreamer had noticed that he shared many of the same neurotic tendencies as his mother.
Example dream : The dreamers mother appeared in the dream because she was thinking about her recent wild activity and relationship with both her mother and her late father. She had been thinking how she did not get along with her mother and might have coped better if her father had been still alive.
Example dream : A dream about her mother being half buried linked to real life thoughts about her mother sparked by rumours about her. She had just gone on holiday but someone said she would stay there. She had a history of moving without saying anything
Example dream : A dream about keeping his Mom safe occurred at a time when the dreamer needed to side if he should go to LA or stay close to his beloved mother.
Example dream : A dream about her mother dying was a premonition of her own Mothers Mother being diagnosed with cancer
Example dream : A dream about her mother leaving turned out to be a premonition of her Grandmothers death
Example dream : A mother with children dream took place as the dreamers mood had got better. The mother then was a symbol for the dreamers concern for his own well being.
Example dream : A mother symbolised the dreamers female friend who had been showing maternal feelings towards him.
Example dream : A dream about her mother took place at a time when she was worried about her mother.
Example dream : A dream with his mother in linked to the dreamer being depressed. The dream symbolised the dreamers concern for his low mood and recognition that he needed to do something about it.
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers mother linked to the dreamer going to a new college. The mother symbolised the attempts of the people there to make him feel welcome and the homely atmosphere to the place.
Example dream : A dream about a mother linked to the dreamer being pregnant for the first time. The mother symbolised her wish to learn about motherhood and wondering if she would be a good mother herself.
Example dream : A dream about her friends mother symbolised her ability to reassure the dreamer in real life especially when her crush was there.
Example dream : A dream inside her mothers bedroom linked to the dreamer trying to help her friend and understand what was going on in her mind.
Example dream : A dream about her mother symbolised the dreamers concern at the time for her grandmother. She wanted to check on her to see if she was OK.
Example dream : A dream about a mother linked to the dreamer feeling sympathetic towards her sister up until the point when she wanted money.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers mother gives her a gift linked to the dreamer deciding to take her time and not rush into a new relationship.
Example dream : A dream about her mother linked to the dreamer realising and understanding how someone was feeling. She realised that her friend was trying hard and she did not need any pressure.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer phones her mom linked to her feeling insecure and worried about the future as she was facing a divorce.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers mother dies linked to her moving away from the family home. She would lose all the family support and security that went with living at home.
Example dream : A dream in a car with her mother linked to the dreamer needing to accept that her relationship was over and she needed to look to the future not dwell in the past. she was starting to think about moving on.

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