Historical periods in dreams can capture a mood inside you or others. It was a nasty and brutish life - has your own life been dominated by harsh circumstances? Have people been trying to dominate and control you? Do you feel you have a stoical acceptance of suffering?

The medieval period was also very dramatic (at least historical accounts of it were very dramatic). Has there been a similar level of drama within your life recently?Has it seemed like a medieval drama with people imposing their will in an epic battle to see who is strongest?

The medieval time period was also famous for its superstition. People believed in religion and also in the power of satan and witchcaft. Think of that atmosphere of suspicion - what does it remind you of?

Have you become interested in medieval history just recently? If so, then perhaps your dream is simply showing your interest in that time period - that it has been successfully brought to life by your reading and interest.

KEY WORDS : brutality, survival, doubt, acceptance of suffering, stoical, controlling, superstition(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)


Example dream : A medieval castle dream linked to the dreamers thoughts about a woman at work who kept asking very direct questions about his ideas. He felt under attack at first but later started to realise how she was very interested in his ideas. The symbolism of medieval was perhaps linked to how she perceived his ideas linking to this kind of thought "she thinks what I am saying is mumbo jumbo." So the dream was perhaps in medieval times because then there was a lack of scientific understanding and people believed in any old nonsense. The dreams menaing involved this theme of "people believing in nonsense" and the dream captured this precise thought "I think she was attacking my ideas as none scientific - I thought she believed I talk nonsense. But actually I think she accepts my ideas"
Example dream : A medieval castle linked to the dreamers relationship with her partners family who were domineering and controlling. They didn't care about the dreamer at all. (in medieval times people took what they desired without care for those they dominated) The "medieval" therefore translated symbolically into words like "cold" and "uncaring" and the dream caught this feeling "His family are very brutal and uncaring. I want our family life to be homely and welcoming." Therefore this dark and cold medieval castle was an excellent symbol for this "cold and unwelcoming family"
Example dream : Medieval portions of a house linked to the dreamers thoughts about the human mind. This was the dream of Carl Jung who was thinking about his ideas about the unconscious mind. The medieval portions of the house linked to the influence of medieval times on the human mind - the caveman inside us. Much of the human experience has been during brutal and difficult times when the strong overcame the weak. So the medieval times in the dream symbolised the basic parts of the human mind - revolving around the strong overcoming the weak and the basic need to survive. (medieval times revolved around the basic need to survive a brutal world)
Example dream : Medieval times in a dream linked to the dreamer thinking about how best to improve his life. However, soon after this the dreamer just sat in front of the TV and completely lacked motivation. In some way he seemed attached to his poor circumstances and wretched life. The medieval times probably symbolised his stoical attitude and acceptance of pain and suffering. (medieval people accepted their fate however because suffering was part of life)
Example dream : Medieval times in a dream linked to the dreamers failing health. The dreamers poor eyesight and pain was stopping him enjoying life. Medieval times was symbolic of drama and epic times - even the most dramatic moments seemed fuzzy.
Example dream : Time travel in medieval times in one dream linked to the dreamer becoming highly engrossed in a DVD drama set in medieval times. The medieval times symbolised his interest in that time period which were being brought to life in a TV drama he was watching. Also he could identify with many of the storylines in the TV drama series. He had had a couple of days where he had been watching these videos and they were infiltrating his mind. The dream caught this feeling "I have been watching this medieval TV drama and I my wholemind is getting involved in the storylines. I am getting mixed up between real life and TV."

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