Lions are not literal symbols as the vast majority of people never see one. They are symbols of the feelings that we associate with them such as "that's something to avoid" or "utterly ruthless". "LION" dreams can be triggered by any of the following feelings.

1. WANTING TO AVOID SOMEONE/SOMETHING. A lion is something everyone wants to avoid and so lions can symbolise any situation which you might want to avoid. Were any of the following types of feelings important yesterday - "I hate the going to the dentist", "I did not like bumping into my ex. I still have feelings for her and it upset me", "my boss is looking for someone to have a go at" or "I am not looking forward to my assessment tomorrow"
2. TEMPER. Who had a temper like a lions yesterday? Your 'lion' dream could be triggered by feelings like "he was so angry", "he really lost it - he was in a rage", "I have never felt anger like that", "she was very intimidating" and even more complex thoughts like "anger is the only way I can get him to do anything."
3. COURAGE. People often use lions as a symbol of courage and the same can be true of lions. This is often a more positive dream showing your wish to "stand up to someone". The dream may link to feelings like "I am going to need courage", "I want to be feared and respected" (like a lion).
4. DANGER. A lion can symbolise any situation where you feel danger and so can link to any of the following types of feelings - "its an obvious mistake", "it's all likely to go wrong" or "its a risky strategy."
5. FEAR. Think of someone or some situation you are fearful of. A lion dream may simply be a simple metaphor for that fear. The dream shows that your fear is strong - just like the fear of lions.
6. STRONG VERSUS WEAK. Is there somewhere you have been thinking about where competition is predominant and where the weak are ruthlessly weeded out?
7. COURAGE. You ma get a lion dream when you need to show courage. The lion could be a symbol of you rehearsing how you will act - showing the "courage of a lion." 8. STRONG LEADERSHIP. Lions dominate the situation. A lion dream may be a symbol for your need to be equally as a dominant. 9. INTIMIDATING. Has someone been intimidating you? The lion could represent this hieghtened level of fear. 10. STRONG VERSUS WEAK. Is there a situation involing the strong versus the weak? 11. RAGE. A lion is an excellent metaphor for rage. Who was as angry as a lion yesterday? 12. TERRIBLE CONSEQUENCES. Coming up against a lion would involve terrible consequences. 13. BULLIED. 14. HIGHEST STANDARDS. People use meatphors like its "dog eat dog" or "its a cut throat business". A lion dream could be a similar metaphor.
Read through the list of associations and see if any of the themes mentioned are important in your life right now. If yes then the dream may link to that very issue.

The associations listed above are all based upon studies of real prison dreams. They are based upon the example dreams listed at the bottom of this page.

If you saw a lion you would rather just walk the other way. In fact lions will often symbolise someone or something that you would rather avoid. It could merely be a symbol for an unwanted dentists appointment. Was there someone you would rather have avoided yesterday?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Who showed some terrifying and aggressive side to their personality yesterday?
- What situations?or people do you want to avoid tomorrow
- In what ways have you realised that a situation that happened yesterday was truly dangerous?
- Is there a rage inside you right now?
- Did you lose your temper unnecessarily yesterday?

KEY PHRASES(Lion dreams have been found to capture feelings and thoughts like those featured below) :
- "I was really scared when I saw him"
- "I would really like to avoid doing that"
- "I could have died"
- "it was very dangerous"
- "She really stood up to me and was really angry"
- "She is very intimidating"
- "I have such a rage inside me at the moment"
- "I lost my temper yesterday"
- "I have never seen him like that! What a temper!"
- "he is very courageous"

SYMBOLIC WORD ASSOCIATIONS: massive, surrounded, rank, magnificent, mystical, sphinxes, slammed, scattered, silence, dangerous, encircled, killed


Example dream : Wild animals symbolised a very prestigious drama school that the dreamer visited the day before. The animals symbolised the strong competition and standards - you have to achieve the high standards or you would be savaged by criticism. (in the way a lion savages its victims). So the dream involved this theme of "savaged" and linked to this exact thought "I did not like that place as it was so intimidating and if you do not meet their standards then they will savage you with criticism."
Example dream : A tiger in a dream linked to the dreamers thoughts about how he had treated his son the day before. He had lost his temper and regretted this. The tiger symbolised his son having to run for his life from his angry father. The dream then captures this exact thought "I feel guilty at how I treated my son. I lost my temper and he scurried away. But he had only got out of bed to give us a hug."
Example dream : A lion was a symbol for the dreamers brothers tendency to get into all kinds of trouble.
Example dream : A lion dream took place the day after the dreamers daughter had been incandescent with rage. The lions massive roar being a symbol for her daughters temper. So we can translate the "lion" in the dream into the word "rage" which the dreamer used in the following context "I was shocked by how angry she got. She was incandescant with rage." The metaphor was clear - she was as angry as a lion.
Example dream : A lion in a dream linked to the day before when the dreamer had been intimidated by her ex husband who had lost his temper in front of her and their son. So again the lion in the dream can be translated into words like "angry", "intimidating" and "temper" all which are associatd with the behaviour of a lion. We can guess what the dreams meaning is by seeing how these words appear in her thoughts "I was intimidated by my ex husband yesterday."
Example dream : A lioness in a dream linked to the day before when the dreamer had been intimidated by her ex husband who had lost his temper in front of her and their son. The lioness was symbolic of her need to protect her son by raising her voice. The lion therefore represented her need to justify moments when she lost her temper.
Example dream : A lion eating a bird symbolised the dreamers brother who was in his last stages of cancer. Cancer had devoured his health. The lion was a symbol for this final lethal stage of his illness (this illness,like a lion would finish him off).
Example dream : Two male lions represented the dreamers feelings about meeting her ex - this was something she would rather avoid.
Example dream : A dream where a big cat starts living with the dreamer and her husband was linked to the dreamers temper. The only way she could get anything done was to lose her temper with her husband. (she showed the ferocity of a lion)
Example dream : Needing to shoot a lion was symbolic of the dreamers attempts at manipulating a situation the day before. He thought he could wind a woman up who had been annoying him but it backfired as he ended up being eaten up with rage. The lion was a symbol for the situation which had left him drained and bitter(as if savaged by a lion). He had provoked this savage attack on himself by trying to be manipulative.
Example dream : A lion in a dream linked to the dreamer being falsely accused of harassing a woman. The lion symbolised the terrible consequences he feared if he went anywhere near her. (In the same way we fear the worst if we come up against a lion)
Example dream : A dream about a lion linked to the dreamer seeing her ex boyfriend the previous day. He just blanked her and this was something she tried to avoid at all costs - she really feared bumping into him.
Example dream : A dream about a lion linked to the dreamers sisters friend who was very intimidating. The dreamer wanted to tell her to behave better but was scared to say anything. (after all no one argues with a lion)
Example dream : A lion in a dream linked to the dreamer taking out a court order. The dreamer just feared that this would turn her step daughter against her. The lion then symbolised the dreamer fearing some terrible consequences. (so her dream uses an extreme symbol like a lion)
Example dream : A dream of Raja the Jasmines tiger from Aladdin linked to the dreamer getting into a very dangerous situation the day before when he nearly had a car accident. This was a life threatening situation and it could easily have turned out a tragedy. Hence, the dream was a warning that things could have oh so different, and as bad as an encounter with a lion.
Example dream : A dream about three lions jumping was thought to be a premonition. The dreamers fiance acted in a really uncharacteristic way the next day flying into such a rage (like an out of control lion) throwing things around.
Example dream : A lion dream linked to the dreamers worries about her son being bullied at school. (lions have overwhelming strength so can be symbols for bullying) The dream linked to her really trying to sort this bullying out.
Example dream : A dream about a lion that cannot get at the dreamer linked to the him leaving his job. There had been too many difficult and tense moments. The lion symbolised this constant feeling of real tension.
Example dream : A dream walking past a tiger linked to the dreamer writing a report. He was trying to use more than one source to avoid being accused of just lifting he information from just one source. The tiger symbolised his fear that he would be torn to pieces for writing a plagiaristic report - the tiger represented the terrible consequences if caught out. Hence the dream was a warning linking the plagiarism to the most terrible consequences.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is protecting her baby from a tiger linked to her dog being very ill. She wanted to avoid suffering and was thinking of having the dog put down. The tiger symbolised the serious and potentially fatal illness which could take the dogs life at any time.
Example dream : A dream about a lion linked to the dreamers thoughts about his soon to be born son. The dreamer was king in real life and he hoped his future son would be a powerful and strong leader.
Example dream : A dream with a tiger sprinting past the dreamer linked to the dreamer losing her temper the day before for no reason and regretting it.

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