Try to think how laughing could link to the day before? Did you have an especially cheerful and happy day - dreams can capture strong emotions. Did you feel someone was laughing inappropriately? Was someone laughing at you? Did someone go too far with a joke and cause offence? Do you fear someone is secretly laughing at your misfortune?

- trying not to laugh
- inappropriate
- cheerful
- happy
- funny moment yesterday
- cause offence
- cross the line
- secretly laughing
- ridicule
- need to be more serious
- able to take a joke
- I didn't find it funny

Try to see how these words might be relevant in your day to day life right now. Think of phrases which describe your key feelings right now. Think of phrases like "I think he crossed a line - you should not talk about that day - even though it was funny"


Example dream : A dream where the dreamers room mate was laughing was linked to her room mate telling her she would have to move out soon because she was leaving as well. When something bad happens to us then we imagine people plotting against us and laughing at us. Some of this low level paranoia spilled over into the dream - her room mate laughing at her was a symbol for this low paranoia. The dreams meaning featured this "They are laughing at me" theme in the following context "She told me I will have to move out. I cannot believe it - my whole life is in ruins and she simply doesn't care. She is probably laughing about me."
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is being laughed at whilst under attack by a shark linked to her new workmates not taking her difficulties seriously and showing no sympathy to her problems. Overall the dream captured this thought "I am having real problems in my new job and I am not enjoying it at all. My workmates offer no sympathy at all". The dream uses laughing in the following metaphorical way "when I get problems they just seem to be laughing at me."
Example dream : Laughing in a dream about being half eaten by a shark linked to the previous evening where the dreamer was humiliated at a party yet ended up feeling OK. His dream pinpointed this unexpected good mood.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers boyfriend is laughing at her was caused by him cheating on her. She had gotten over this (or so she said) but the dream reminds her that if he can cheat once then he is well capable of cheating again. Laughing is symbolic of her knowing that she could be made a fool of again. The dream captures this exact type of thought "I want to be able to trust him but at the back of my mind I know he has done it once so he can do it again. I just wonder if he is making a fool of me again and might be laughing at me behind my back for believing in him."
Example dream : A dream where her ex boyfriends father was laughing at the dreamer was linked to feelings that people had been against her. The laughing represented people enjoying her misfortune.
Example dream : A dream about people laughing at the dreamer because he wondered if it would be possible for him to have a relationship with a girl much younger than himself. He was realising that he had his head in the clouds and that if he showed an interest in this girl it would make him look ridiculous, he would be a laughing stock.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was laughing his head off with a female friend then they had sex was linked to his sexual feelings for her. He liked spending time with her and having fun - it was not just a sexual thing. So the laughing in the dream could be translated symbolically into the words "fun to be with" and we see that the dream captures these thoughts "I am sexually attracted to her but she is fun to be with and so I am happy to be just friends."
Example dream : Laughing and joking was a symbol of the dreamers girlfriend who had terrible mood swings. Her temper could get out of control but next moment she would be laughing and joking.
Example dream : Being laughed at by police in a dream linked to the dreamers concerns about her boyfriends family. Being laughed at captured her feeling that her concerns were not being taken seriously.
Example dream : Laughing symbolised the dreamers good spirits as she was thinking through and exploring some new ideas. So laughing in the dream used the simple association that someone who is laughing is enjoying themselves and content. Overall the dream captured this simple feeling "Playing around with these new ideas has put me in a good mood." Dreams will often capture prevailing emotions.
Example dream : Laughing was symbolic of the dreamers wish to be happy and have fun. He had a tendency to be pessimistic.
Example dream : Laughing in a dream linked to the dreamers need to lighten up and stop being so serious.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer remembers people laughing in ridicule at someone. In real life the dreamer had watched a film the night before about the naval clock maker, John Harrison, who was constantly ridiculed and belittled by people who failed to recognise his remarkable achievement. In reliving this exact emotion the dream caught this exact emotion "I was struck at how ridiculed this man was and how he faced a constant battle to gain recognition."
Example dream : Teenagers laughing in a dream represented the dreamers extremely bleak view of the world at the time. So the dreams meaning involved this theme of "enjoying someone elses misery" and was triggred by the following wider feeling "I want to die. I feel there is nothing but pain and suffering in the world. I see the worst in human nature and believe people enjoy inflicting pain on others."

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