Killing dreams may have many varied meanings. One killing dream was triggered by the dreamer feeling as though her husband exaggerated her dislike of his parents - she talked of them as if they were "murderers". If you can make an association with a dream then the dream maybe about that subject. Here are some associations that you can link to "KILLING" dreams.

1. HATE Were you thinking about someone whom you seriously dislike yesterday?
2. REVENGE Is someone out for revenge?
3. STRONG FEELINGS Killing is associated with strong feelings and if you have been thinking about something which you find completely unnacceptable then your killing dream maybe linked to that.
4. END A RELATIONSHIP Dreams use strong metaphors. Have you just "killed off" a relationship.
5. RESIST Are you intent on resisting something? Your strong will to resist may be spilling over into a dream.
6. PROTECTING SOMEONE Have you been worried about someone who needs protecting? Your dream may show how worried you are.
7. RISKY BEHAVIOUR Where you in a risky situation yesterday? Your dream may be a warning to keep things more under control.
8. ACT RUTHLESSLY Killing is the ultimate example of ruthless behaviour. A killing dream may simply represent this need to be ruthless.
10. UNCARING A killing dream may be your minds way of saying you have been uncaring recently. The dream may be drawing attention to your ruthless and cold hearted nature right now.
11. INTENSE ARGUMENT People who kill may be doing so as a result of intense arguments. Your killing dream may hint at the level of intensity of an argument.
13. OVERCOME PROBLEMS Killing dreams hint at intense situations. If you have been trying to overcome serious problems then the intensity of your dream may hint at how you are having to push yourself to the limits.
14. BREAKING FREE Are you wanting to break free of someone or some situation? If so then the killing hints at how difficult this is proving. The dream doesn't mean you will kill someone it just means that the situation is intense and difficult (as difficult as a situation where you might kill or be killed).
16. CONFRONTATION Killing links to confrontation. A dream often uses extreme metaphors. A killing dream maybe your minds way of saying how confrontational you or others have been.

The associations listed above are all based upon studies of real "KILLING" dreams. They are based upon the example dreams listed at the bottom of this page.

Killing is obviously a symbol linked to confrontation so think of any arguments you have just had or people you have actively tried to resist. You could be replaying those emotions in a dream.

Killing can also be a general symbol linking to general insecurity. Maybe you are generally unhappy and even depressed so you see opposition and problems everywhere. It could show you are slightly paranoiac.

Killing can also show that you are trying understand why confrontation has occurred. You maybe trying to defuse the situation or simply wish for everyone to get on better with each other.

- "I really do not want this to happen!"
- "I HATE him"
- "I am going to RESIST this!"
- "I need to GET AWAY from him"
- "I want REVENGE"
(Now write down some quotes that sum up your feelings about the previous day. Then add some thoughts about what you expected to happen on the day to come. Finally add some feelings about your life in general. Then see where the key words and phrases appear in your quotes)

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Is there something that you are trying to resist at all costs?
- Is there someone you really hated yesterday?
- Who do you really want out of your life?
- What behaviour was thought to be totally unacceptable yesterday?


Example dream : Killing a snake symbolised the dreamers intense dislike of his boss who he thought was a liar. The dream involved this theme of "intense dislike" in the following context "I hate my boss because of his lies. I have been thinking about starting my own business to get me away from him." Obviously people who have an intense dislike of someone are more likely to kill them. We often use phrases like "I could kill him" when you actually mean "I really dislike him" or "I really resent what he did."
Example dream : A dream in which the dream is in a slaughterhouse killing dogs linked to a moment the day before when the dreamer realised that he had to be more ruthless in life. Overall the dream captured this wider thought involving ruthlessness "I realised yesterday that I need to be more ruthless in life. This world demands a level of pushiness that does not come naturally to me"
Example dream : A "stupid twerp" killing people in dream linked to the dreamer losing her cool after being wound up by a boy. The stupid twerp killing people she didn't like symbolised the dreamer being dragged into a petty mood where she was overcome with thoughts of revenge and getting even. We could translate the "killing" into "confrontation" or "revenge". "Killing" involves negative and confrontational actions and so the two link by association. Revenge is also associated with "killing" as its often a motive for murder. See how this theme of "confrontation" and "revenge" appear in the dreamers key thinking at the time e.g. "I cannot get that idiot out of mind and want to seek revenge. I should avoid confrontation as I might end up making a fool of myself. He is not worth it and I should rise above it."
Example dream : Killing a stranger in a dream linked to the dreamers conversation the day before. She was talking about her break up with an ex boyfriend - killing the stranger was a symbol for the decision to deliberately end (terminate) the relationship. The dreams meaning involved this theme of "brutal" and "deliberate" and probably linked to this type of thought "I was talking about my breakup with my ex. Talking about it made me realise how brutal and deliberate I was about it. I regretted it a bit."
Example dream : Killing people in a dream symbolised the dreamers conversation the day before where she was telling a friend about something which had really annoyed her. Killing represented her wish that her friend had really stuck up for her and taken her side.
Example dream : Someone being killed in a dream symbolised the huge fight the dreamer got into with her boss. The dream involved a similar level of tension to her real life fight with her boss. Overall the dream dealt with this theme of a fight and linked to this precise thought "I got into a huge fight with my boss and couldn't get the bad feelings out of mind all day." When we are really upset it is only sleep and dreams that help us calm down and we can wake up as if nothing has happened. Sleep obviously helps us put things into perspective.
Example dream : Killing a freaky looking animal was linked to the dreamers thoughts the night before that people with terrible illnesses (like himself) should be 'put down' like animals to prevent their suffering. His father had told him that he should have made more of himself and the dreamer resented this feeling "I have never had chance in life as I have never been able to live normally with these facial disfigurements." Why should an killing an freaky animal signify this? Killing is a very deliberate act usually linked to negative feelings which is certainly relevant here as the dreamer had very negative feelings about himself. Killing a mutant seems to be a symbol of suicidal thoughts "people with disfigurements like me should be put down." So the dream was linked to "self loathing".
Example dream : Trying to kill a snake symbolised the dreamers hatred of her boyfriends cheating.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is trying to decapitate a snake took place when the dreamer was having real problems with his neighbor. The dreamer felt this was a serious situation and it was "him or me" and he needed to get his retaliation in first.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was choking puppies was linked to linked to the dreamers house being infested with mice. She had set traps to catch the mice and may be even heard them at the moment they were caught. The main association you could make with this dream is "how could she do that to these poor innocent creatures." This has obvious relevance to the dreamers situation as she had set traps to kill little mice. The dream probably links to her feelings of guilt. The dream probably catches this exact thought "I know I have to set these traps or these mice will make my life a misery. But I do feel guilt killing these poor creatures and everytime I hear a noise I think its the mice trap being sprung and I can almost hear the poor creatures scream." Dreams often link to thoughts where our emotions are at odds with rational behaviour. Overall killing in the dream symbolised the thought "how could I be so ruthless."
Example dream : One dream featured killing, torturing and people being rescued. The dreamer had found it very difficult to get to sleep that night and just laid awake. Dreams will often link to important feelings and the dreamers most important feeling was "I cannot get to sleep". How can we link "killing" in this dream to this feeling? Try to think of the dreamers state of mind as they cannot sleep. Their mind is distracted and thoughts are racing. Their mind is full of drama and emotions and because of that they are unable to relax, this being the key to understanding the dream. This dream featured killing, torture and all sorts of dramatic symbols. You can summarize the dream by simply saying "there was lots going on". To understand the dream see how this phrase "there was lots going on" fits into the dreamer key thought "There was lots going on in my mind. I simply could not get to sleep." Normally killing in dreams will link to common associated feelings such as "confrontation", "dislike" and "resistance." Killing could be a way of expressing a feeling of dislike or a wish to resist. One less common association with killing is "there is a lot going on" as killing is a major dramatic act. The symbolism is simple as the dream uses this metaphor "I could not get to sleep. My mind was full of dramatic thoughts. Anyone would think I had just witnessed a kidnapping and murder."
Example dream : Killing a kitten was a symbol for the dreamer ending a relationship. If you no longer see someone they are effectively dead to you. If you ended the relationship then in a metaphorically you killed them. The dream featured this theme of "ended a relationship" and teh dreams meaning linked to this wider thought "The relationship ended and now I am depressed."
Example dream : Trying to kill a man symbolised the dreamers dislike of her brothers new girlfriend. She had tried to warn her father about this man the night before and killing represented her strong feelings and dislike of him. When we have strong feelings we say things like "I could kill him" and this is the metaphor that the dream uses.
Example dream : Killing a dog with poison was linked to the dreamers decision to end a relationship. The dog was a symbol for her friend and the poison was symbolic of the decision to end (kill off) the relationship.
Example dream : Boys trying to kill the dreamer symbolised the dreamers realisation that she was messing with danger - she should not get involved with a married man. Killing in the dream could be translated into phrases like "taking risks" and "getting into trouble" and this theme appeared at the time in the dreamers life as she thought "I do not want to get involved with a married man as this is giving way to temptation. But also I do not want to get caught. It's too big a risk."
Example dream : A dream of her boyfriend being killed was linked to their recent argument. She had not been talking to him but had now realised how much she missed him. By seeing him die she was starting to appreciate how much she felt about him.
Example dream : Trying to kill snakes in her house linked to the dreamers son getting involved in a very volatile relationship. Killing the snakes symbolised her wish to sort out the issues causing the tension and problems. (to kill off the sources of conflict).
Example dream : The day before one killing dream the dreamer was thinking about her need not to get involved. The killing represented the confrontation and intense bad feeling this would cause.
Example dream : A werewolf killing dream symbolised a highly intense argument the day before with the dreamers wife. The werewolf was a symbol of her transformation from someone quite pleasant into someone openly showing anger.
Example dream : Trying to kill a scorpion near her son symbolised the dreamers wish to protect her son. This is a constant problem for a mother with a two year old child.
Example dream : Killing off zombies in a dream was symbolic of the dreamer trying to combat ('kill off') the feelings of boredom within her relationship.
Example dream : Trying to kill people linked to the dreamers very defensive and introverted nature. Dreams often express extreme emotions and here symbols like killing are not uncommon. So killing was a symbol of strong emotions. The dreams meaning featured this theme of "strong emotions" in the following type of way "I am very introverted and many of my dreams express my paranoias and fantasies. In my world of fantasy and paranoia anything can happen." In such paranoias and fantasies killing is a regular occurrence as we all kinds of extreme things happen all the time.
Example dream : A demon trying to kill her brother was a symbol for the dreamers fears about her husband being deported. Killing hints at them not being on his side and actively out to get him. Murder is linked to associated feeling like "injustice" and "unfairness" and the so the dream could be a symbol for the authorities being seen a unfair and unjust.
Example dream : A dream where an alligator is killing and eating turtles took place whilst the dreamer was living homeless and jobless. Killing was a symbol of the bad things which could happen an extreme vulnerability whilst homeless.
Example dream : A dream of a magical place with lots of killing took place the night ater the dreamer started watching repeats of "Game of Thrones". He was thoroughly entertained and emotionally involved in this story which involved multiple deaths.
Example dream : Wanting to kill a witch symbolised the dreamers wish to resist her grandmother who was coming to stay and tended to annoy everyone
Example dream : A Jack Russell killing little creatures represented the dreamers hasty actions. He feared he had destroyed a relationship with someone.
Example dream : A dream where his parents are killed was symbolic of the dreamers wish for more freedom. Killing his parents just represented his wish to do what he wanted rather than any real hatred of his parents. He wanted to break free from their dominance over him.
Example dream : Murderers in a dream linked to the dreamers dislike of her boyfriends family. She hated being in their presence and her boyfriend of dismissed her worries and felt she was exaggerating how bad someone was (they were not crazy killers)
Example dream : The dreamer never felt in control of her life. Killers in her dream represented her lack of control in her life and and general unhappiness and feelings of insecurity.
Example dream : Killing snakes symbolised the dreamers wish to overcome the opposition in a beauty pageant.
Example dream : A dream about a killer linked to the dreamers fears and phobias. He hated dealing with people and the next day he would have to report a lost identity card which petrified him.
Example dream : A dream in which someone killss hundreds linked to the dreamers philosophy. He liked martial arts and strength but he also believed in love and goodness. So killing was a symbol of strength and power as we associate killing with these. The dreams meaning was an expression of the dreamers philosophy. Killing translated into the words "using my power and strength" and the dreamer captured this exact thought "I believe in using my strength and power. I enjoy my martial arts but I also believe in love and all things good." The dream plays out this philosophy. The dreamer was trying to balance his wish to be a sniper with other philosopies.
Example dream : Killing a snake in a dream linked to the dreamer wanting to set up a new business. He had been discouraged by those around him but wanted to go ahead anyway. Killing the snake was linked to his willingness to overcome the problems and risks in setting up a business.
Example dream : Accidentally killing a dog symbolised the dreamers feelings about her break up with her boyfriend. She wondered how it had happened.
Example dream : All living creatures killed symbolised a premonition of World War One . Mass killing symbolised this confrontation on a mass scale.
Example dream : Killing a snake symbolised the need to resist a manager who was out of control at work.
Example dream : Not wanting a man to be killed symbolised the dreamers protective feelings towards a man she was teaching to read. It represented her wish that no harm should come to him.
Example dream : A dream where it was OK to kill people linked to a TV program that the dreamer was thinking about a lot. He was thinking how it was OK to act ruthlessly as it was a competition. The contestants would do whatever was needed to win (eg kill). The dream was about his thoughts about what he would do in a similar situation. The dreams meaning dealt with this theme of "ruthlessness" and caught the following feeling "I have been watching this TV show and was shocked by the ruthless way in which they behaved. It costs nothing to show a bit of respect for someone who is obviously upset."
Example dream : Killing monsters symbolised the dreamers wish to get along better with her boss. She had found out that she was suffering with cancer and wanted to befriend her. Killing the monsters was symbolic of the her wish to overcome her bosses defensive barrier and her wish to get to know the real person.
Example dream : A dream where a kidnapper threatens to kill children was linked to the dreamer realising that he could be abusive and obsessive towards women. Killing children was a symbol of his "creulty" and we see how this pinpoints his feeings at the time "I know now I am abusive and cruel towards women. I do not get my own way I can be especially mean and creul." The dream uses extreme symbols as the dreamer is definitely not so bad that he goes round killing children. But that is how metaphors work, they use exaggeration to make their point. In reality the dreamer was mildly obsessive and abusive but in the dream he becomes a crazed killer.
Example dream : A killing dream was linked to the dreamers jumpy nature. It symbolised her paranoias and feeling that everyone was out to get her. Many dreams just assess the situation and in this case the dreamer was using all the gangsters and killing as a metaphor for her own paranoia. She was so paranoid that it was like she was living in a world full of gangsters who were all trying to kill each other.
Example dream : Killing ants in a dream linked to the dreamer trying to resist the pressures of a religious cult where she was staying.
Example dream : A dream about killing linked to the dreamer arguing very strongly with someone. The killing symbolised the major disagreement they had.
Example dream : Killing in a dream linked to the dreamer really hating someone and wanting to get back at them.
Example dream : A dream about killing a man who abused the dreamer in real life linked to her total hate for him and wish to forget him and get over the way he treated her.

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