Writers use words like "jump" as detail to help you understand a situation. They say "he jumped right out" and the "jump" helps build up the readers understanding. The "jump" implies "intense effort" or "acting quickly". Dreams use symbols like "jumping" in similar ways. Jumping is often a symbol which will help show your mood towards something. Jumping suggests enthusiasm and confidence and could symbolise your eagerness towards something (we jump for joy). If you were especially eager the day before then its likely the dream links to that feeling or situation. In a negative sense jumping can symbolise awkwardness and nervousness - so how did something from yesterday feature such emotions? Try to make a connection. If something fits in with any of these meanings of jumping then perhaps your dream links to that issue. Jumping in a dream may have quite complex and sophisticated meanings. It may represent any sudden change (eg swapping sides - jumping from one team to another).

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Do you wish that you were more like someone or behave in a certain way?
- What major change took place yesterday?
- Have people been putting pressure on you?
- Do you have to really come to a decision about something?
- Did something happen really quickly yesterday?

KEY WORDS : Decisive, ingenuity, wishing, changing, radical, seizing an opportunity, fast moving, hasty, persuade, manipulate, pressure , make a decision

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "They would have to act decisively to escape "
- "I have to make the decision and act"
- "I wish I could make that change"
- "I really wish I could be like that"
- "Thats how I want to be"
- "I had to use great skill to avoid her"
- "I have to stand up and make my own choices"
- "Its a change I can make"
- "I have really changed my view"
- "He has been very excitable and difficult to control"
- "I think my actions have disturbed him"
- "I am not quick enough to seize the opportunity"
- "I wish he would try harder"
- "I have been using my mind and exploring some ideas"
- "They were such radical changes"
- "It was so fast moving I could not prevent it happening"
- "I just do not want them making a hasty decision"
- "There was such pressure on me"
- "They really wanted me to decide"
- "She was trying to make me to do what she wanted"
- "So much is happening right now"
- "He persuaded me to make the decision"


Example dream : In one dream the dreamers friend falls into water and is in danger. The dreamer thinks of "jumping in" after to save her but feels it is unsafe. This dream took place the day after the dreamer had visited her friend and was shocked by how upset she was. What was the symbolism of jumping in? Jumping in hints at "involving yourself" or "joining in". By not jumping in this suggests the dreamer "did not want to get personally involved too much in her friends problems".
Example dream : A jump in a dream was symbolic of the dreamer taking some drastic action. Jumping is linked by association with "drastic action" as we use phrases like "jump to it!" The dreams meaning included this theme of "drastic action" and captured this precise thought "I have taken such drastic action cutting myself off from everyone including my friend. I am determined to live happily on my own but I have left myself with few options."
Example dream : Jumping out of a plane with a parachute symbolised the end of the dreamers relationship. It was a symbol for this sudden change. Jumping is linked by association with sudden change as we use phrases like "That was a big jump" meaning things have radically altered. Jumping also features in phrases like "jumping out" or "jumping off" or "jumping ship" which are phrases relevant to this situation as the dreamer was "jumping out" of the relationship.
Example dream : A dream about wolves jumping up and down linked to the dreamer being under pressure to have an arranged marriage. The wolves seemed to be symbols for his family pressuring him. Why would they be jumping? Jumping is associated with energy, effort and eagerness. This has obvious relevance here as his family were eager and determined to get him married off. Jumping also hints at urgency (his family were urgent to get him married).
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was jumping up and down dancing to a punky song linked directly to him listening to a song he liked on the radio whilst he slept which presumably made him want to dance.
Example dream : Jumping and diving into a pool symbolised the dreamers growing confidence brought on by his friendship with a woman. This had given him a new enthusiasm for life. This dream uses the "jumping for joy" metaphor.
Example dream : Happy jumping dolphins symbolised the dreamers enthusiastic mood. Sad dreams will use slow metaphors like "trudge" and "crawl" whilst happy dreams will use associated words like "jump" to build up a mood. In this dream we could even translate the "jumping" into the word "happy" and its easy to spot this word in the context of the dreamers emotional moods at the time of the dream - she was happier and more content and less likely to have tantrums.
Example dream : His nephew jumping on his back playfully symbolised the dreamers new mood as he was enthusiastically playing around with ideas. The mood of the dream was happy and enthusiastic and the dream probably simply caught the thought "I have been eagerly playing around with some new ideas." So we could probably translate the "jumping" into words like "happiness" and "enthusiasm". The dream used a metaphor similar to "jumping up and down with enthusiasm."
Example dream : Having to jump in and out of an elevator symbolised the dreamers problems in getting where she wanted to. It was all very awkward
Example dream : A dream about jumping out of a plane in a parachute linked to the dreamers extreme real life phobias. The dreamer had just seen a counsellor the day before to help her cope. Being unable to jump linked to feelings like "I just cannot do these things" and "it is too difficult for me."
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer had to complete a course by jumping from obstacle to another all of which were suspended in mid air. In real life the dreamer had been thinking about how alone she was. In the past she had been given a lot of help for serious disabilities and now received much less. She was feeling very alone and worn down. The obstacles represented lifes obstacles which now seemed daunting and impossible. Jumping in this dream was associated with impossible tasks on this obstacle course which was quite dangerous. "Jumping" was therefore another was of saying "difficult task" which was an important element of this thought "I feel utterly alone and depressed. I used to get state help to overcome my disabilities but now get none. Everyone one lifes challenges seem so difficult now."
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer 'jumps in' and has to put the plug in to stop the water running away took place as the dreamer was thinking about his charity work. He was often tired and drained. He wanted to show greater discipline and effort. Jumping was symbolic of the great effort he was putting in and the tiredness it was causing.
Example dream : A dream about something coming straight at me which I skilfully avoid by jumping was linked to the dreamer thinking about a woman who had been asking him a lot of questions about his ideas at work. He had totally misinterpreted her thinking that she was very critical of him. He had answered lots of questions skilfully. Jumping skilfully was symbolic of his agile mind and quick thinking which had allowed him to deflect these critical questions.
Example dream : A dream about jumping in water to save a friend linked to the dreamer visiting a friend the day before who had been having some bad luck. Jumping in symbolised her feeling of urgency in offering support to this friend who getting overwhelmed.
Example dream : Jumping in a dream linked to the dreamer wanting to decide her own career path. She was getting a lot of pressure from her mother to follow a more conservative career path. Jumping in showed her insistence on making her own decisions.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer jumps linked to him wanting to make some major changes to his life. He wanted to end his involvement with a group of friends who he was drifting away from. Jumping symbolised this decisive moment when he broke with them after which time it may be difficult to reverse the decision.
Example dream : Jumping off a building linked to the dreamers dislike of premonitions. She was having frightening dreams which came true and this was scaring the life out of her. Jumping symbolised her dislike of this scary ability.
Example dream : A jump in a dream symbolised a fast moving situation from the day before. The dreamer ignored someone by accident because he did not see them - the person he ignored was from a club he used to visit. He had fallen out of touch with several people from he same place and this was a pity.
Example dream : Jumping in a dream linked to the dreamer realising a big change had occurred in her life. She had been propositioned and this effectively marked the end of her marriage.
Example dream : A dream where you can 'jump inside' linked to the dreamer trying to get along with her boss - she was rather cranky and shut people out. Making a jump symbolised the dreamers wish to make that change and become on more friendly terms with her boss.
Example dream : Jumping in a dream linked to the difference of opinion between the dreamer and her husband. She thought that their marriage counselling was going well but he did not.
Example dream : A dream about her sister mocking her warning and jumping into the water took place as the dreamer was thinking about an invite to a party. She wanted to stay home and study. Jumping into water was symbolic of the wild party atmosphere.
Example dream : A dream of her sister in law running and jumping at her was thought to be a premonition of her asking for money the next day. Jumping was symbolic of her desperate situation.
Example dream : A dream where a grasshopper jumps onto an inchworm took place after the dreamer had played in his band. He was worried that people gave him false praise. He was thinking that he was terrible. The grasshopper 'jumping' onto its prey was symbolic of feelings of vulnerability whilst he was performing.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer jumps in slow motion linked to her sister having run away from home. Jumping was symbolic of her thinking through what her sister must have been going through. Jumping represented a fast moving situation.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer has to jump in and out of an elevator took place as the dreamer was feeling a lack of support from friends. She was looking for encouragement from those around her. Jumping in and out symbolised her frustration and difficulties.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers nephew jumps on the dreamers back and play wrestles with him took place as the dreamer was thinking over some important ideas. He was vigorously playing with these ideas and grappling with some concepts whilst writing an essay. Jumping was symbolic of this vigorous thinking - his playing around with ideas.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer screams at her husband to jump in to help her drowning son symbolised her wish for him to try harder with her son. Her husband tended to work long hours and did not spend much time with his son.
Example dream : A dream about her son jumping and playing was linked to her thinking about how excitable he often was. She was worried that he could injure himself.
Example dream : A dream about jumping floors from 9 to 52 to 13 was linked to the dreamer thinking about her friend who committed suicide. The jumping was symbolic of the radical mood shifts he was experiencing.

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