Obviously Jesus can connect towards religion and if you have been thinking about religion that could be what has triggered your dream. But for those without strong faiths it maybe symbolic also of moments when you are questioning your own faith and belief in yourself.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- What thoughts about religion did you have yesterday?
- Have you been thinking about your religion in a practical day to day sense?
- What great gurus and teachers have you been influenced by or come across recently?
- What deep questions did you ask yourself yesterday?

KEY WORDS : Religion, my own thoughts, questioning

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I have been really been questioning myself"
- "my religious beliefs in practice"
- "some thoughts about religion"


Example dream : A dream with Jesus in linked to a situation the day before. The dreamer was in the presence of a man who she really did not trust. She had to get away from him and she knew that he would be spreading rumours about her. Jesus was a symbol of her belief that she was good and honest and in the right. The dreams meaning featured this battle between "good and bad" and linked to this wider thought - "I just had to walk out because I just do not trust him. I know he will be saying things about me. I know I am am in the right. It is a battle of good versus evil and I just have to believe good will prevail."
Example dream : A dream with Jesus in occurred the day before the dreamer was due to be executed for her Christian beliefs. The dream (which occurred in Roman times) was symbolic of her religious beliefs and her need for strength in such a difficult time.
Example dream : Stabbing Jesus in the heart in a dream linked to some thoughts he day before. The dreamer had talked about Catholicism and mentioned how she loved mass but hated organised religion. Stabbing Jesus represented her opposition to organised religion.
Example dream : A dream about thanking Jesus linked to the dreamer just having got a job. It merely symbolised his good fortune at that moment.
Example dream : A dream about Jesus being put to death linked to the dreamer having a difficult time recently with many arguments. She was also beginning to question herself. It is at difficult moments like these that our faith is truly tested.
Example dream : A picture of Jesus in a dream linked to the dreamer having got a new bible. She was thinking about religion in a very practical way the day before.
Example dream : A dream about stabbing Jesus linked to the dreamer thinking about religion the day before. She liked catholic grandeur but did not really like the catholic faith itself. She really missed going into catholic churches but could not accept their ideas.

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