Look for simple connections with dreams. Think about the word "intruder" and "intrusive" - what does it makes you think of. An "INTRUDER" dream maybe triggered by any of these feelings.

1. PERSONAL CRITICISM Were you criticised in a very personal way yesterday? If so the intruder dream may link to you reacting to this intrusive moment.
2. FEAR OF BURGLARS If you were worried about burglars the night before then this could easily trigger an intruders dream. Your dream would simply be about you fearing the worst.
3. INTRUSIVENESS An intruder dream may often be linked to an especially intrusive moment form the day before.
4. INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR Did someone behave in an inappropriate way last night? This intruder dream may be symbolic of someone overstepping the mark.

The associations listed above are all based upon studies of real "INTRUDER" dreams. They are based upon the example dreams listed at the bottom of this page.

An intruder could show that you tend to have your own way of doing things. You like to be settled and have a routine and maybe someone has upset this routine and unsettled you.

Alternatively someone perhaps behaved in a very odd way yesterday which really unsettled you. Maybe they acted in a very bizarre way.

An intruder could also symbolise someone who is very forward and a little too much for you to cope with. They maybe more outgoing than you like or they maybe talking about things which you find uncomfortable. Or you simply do not trust them.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did someone upset your routine yesterday?
- Were you been very personally criticised yesterday?
- Have you been particularly worried about burglars recently?
- Has someone acted in a very intrusive way?

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "upset my routine"
- "really DISRUPTED everything"
- "feeling very uncomfortable"
- "unwelcome thoughts creeping into your head"
- "very INTRUSIVE and personal"
- "going beyond someone's personal boundaries" "thinking in inappropriate ways"
- "getting inside his mind and knowing exactly why he thought"
- "a real fear of burglars"

WORD ASSOCIATIONS "apologise", " abduction", " reaction", "privacy", "surveillance capabilities", "on the alert", "break-in", "feel like an intruder", "outsider", "excluded", "dared to intrude on his territory", "obnoxiously", "undesirables", "escape without being seen", "pounce on the intruders"


Example dream : An intruder in his house symbolised a man who had been shouting at him for no reason in a park and elsewhere. The intruder represented this very unsettling incident. In fact the "intruder" dream was triggered by a very intrusive moment the day before. So the symbolic meaning of "intruder" linked to the word "intrusive" and the dreams meaning linked to an obvious way in which the dreamer used the word the day before.
Example dream : An intruder in the dreamers house linked to an incident the day before when the dreamer nearly looked someone in the eye who he always tried to avoid. He did this by accident. The intruder symbolised this very unsettling moment. The dreams overall meaning included this theme of "unsettled" and "intrusive" and in fact it captured this exact thought "I accidentally looked him in the eye and felt most unsettled by it. It was a very intrusive moment."
Example dream : A fear that his home was open for all to come in (including intruders) was linked to an incident that had happened the day before. The dreamer had always felt at home on an internet forum but the day before the dreamer was disturbed by someone making some very personal comments.
Example dream : An intruder represented a woman the dreamer talked to before going to bed. She talked in a very friendly way yet the dreamer knew she gossiped about her. So the dreamer just did not trust her and hated talking to her. The intruder represented this woman whose presence unsettled her.
Example dream : An intruder in a dream linked to the dreamer hearing noises whilst asleep. We often monitor noise around us and we will wake up if we hear anything suspicious. The noise from the dreamers neighbour was particularly loud and unsettling.
Example dream : A dream where an intruder appears was linked to the dreamer being an extremely private person. He was staying at a friends house, which made it much more difficult to maintain that privacy. However, he did not know when his friend might return. The dreamer would feel "intruded upon" if his friend suddenly appeared home again, even though his friend would be coming back to his own home.
Example dream : An intruder in the dreamers bedroom symbolised the dreamers attitude towards her son who had just moved back in. She felt intruded upon and had got used to her personal space . She had been used to living on her own and it felt very strange having people in the house.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer was an intruder. In real life he had been house sitting a friends house and this friend would soon come home. In looking after someones house you will try to respect their standards. But this dreamer had been living in this house for several months now and was starting to develop his own bad habits. He knew that before his friend returned he would have to hide any evidence of these bad habits. The dream seems to catch this exact feeling "I have been living in his home for months now and I have been treating it like my own home. Soon he will be back and what I have come to see as my house will become his again. I will probably feel like an intruder in my own home! I will have to hide any evidence of any bad habits I have got into."
Example dream : An intruder dream symbolised a very intrusive moment the next day. A drunken neighbour had really shaken him up. The intruder was a feeling for this very unsettling incident.
Example dream : A dream about feeling that she was intruding linked to worries that she was intruding if she spoke to a former teacher. He was sat at the next table and she was in a dilemma whether to talk to him or not.
Example dream : One dream where the dreamer is an intruder in a girls house took place the day after the dreamer had been having some major fantasies about going out with a girl he didn't even know. He was an intruder because he was just fantasizing and had no right to be thinking such thoughts.
Example dream : Breaking into a man's house symbolised the dreamers thoughts about a man who the dreamer thought was too good for her. She had been asking all sorts of personal questions about him and these were really quite intrusive
Example dream : intruders having every right to be there linked to the dreamers fears that he was getting really ill and would have to be taken into care. He realised this would be much more intrusive - he was used to his own independence. Like in the dream, he would have to get used to people walkingnin and out of his home at will.
Example dream : A man who just walks into the dreamers home symbolised the dreamers wish for privacy. He was very odd and liked everything to be done in 'his own way'. Recently he had got very depressed because someone had been trying to make him more out going and pushing him into to doing things he did not feel comfortable doing. The "intruder" could be translated into "she is very intrusive" and see how the dream literally depicts this feeling "She can be very intrusive. I like to do things in my own way. But she tries to get me to be more out going and I don't feel comfortable doing that."
Example dream : An intruder dream linked to the dreamer opening his windows during the night. It was getting really hot but he did not like to open windows because of the fear of burglary.
Example dream : An intruder in the house dream linked to the dreamer being paranoid about burglary. He had real hallucinations after he woke. Nothing happened but it was the fear and paranoia of burglary that caused the dream.
Example dream : An intruder dream linked to the dreamer becoming unemployed. It symbolised the feeling that everything was disrupted in his life.
Example dream : An intruder dream linked to the dreamer making eye contact with someone she really did not like the previous day. He makes her feel very uncomfortable. He did not talk but this close encounter with someone she really did not like really unsettled her.
Example dream : An intruder dream linked to the dreamer thinking in strange new ways. Bad little thoughts kept creeping into her mind.
Example dream : A dream about intruding in a bedroom linked to the dreamer having some sexual thoughts about a woman he was attracted to. He felt quite guilty about these sexual feelings which were inappropriate.
Example dream : An intruder dream linked to the dreamers friend asking about a guy. These questions were very intrusive and personal and the dreamer felt uneasy going into such detail about him.
Example dream : An intruder dream where the intruder did not steal linked to the dreamer feeling uncomfortable about how someone had acted the previous day. He was starting to understand why this person reacted in such a way - it was all in the heat of the moment.

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