If something intense happened the day before then surely your dream relates to that. Alternatively, you maybe worrying about something that could happen in the near future. If, you have been fantasising a lot then then its maybe related to that. Try to think in which direction your mind has been thinking.

KEY WORDS : - strong fears
- trust
- intense interest
- fantasies
- relief
- irritation
- paranoia's
- very stressful
- missing someone
- need to appreciate someone
- a battle of wills
- thinking deeply about something


Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is in an intense struggle with a snake took place as the dreamer was realising that his neighbour hated him intensely and seriously had it in for him.
Example dream : Waves which were very intense linked to the dreamers fears about visiting an amusement park the next day and going on rides which would scare her. So the intense waves were symbolic of something which was scaring her which she wanted to avoid doing the next day.
Example dream : One dreamer was having dreams which ended up with her and her boyfriend actually fighting. They had been arguing in real life and these disputes were getting to her. The intensity of the fighting was a symbol of the arguments getting to her in real life.
Example dream : A dream about intense fears followed on a day when the dreamers daughter had been incandescent with rage. The dream represented the surprise and strength of her daughters feelings
Example dream : Intensity in a dream linked to the dreamer getting very bored and at the same time irritated by her husband. She was also suffering paranoia about him cheating on her. The intensity was symbolic of these paranoias and boredom which were eating away at the dreamer.
Example dream : A dream with an intense fear linked to the dreamer feeling very unsettled. She never got over her father dying and was not able to trust in her new boyfriend.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer hugs a woman intensely took place when he was feeling very lonely and emotional. The intense hug was a symbol of these strong feelings. The dream was emotional simply capturing the feeling "I am so lonely."
Example dream : In one intense dream the dreamer receives a love letter from her boyfriends best friend. In real life she was very attracted to him. Intense dreams will often link to strong emotions and particularly feelings that we dare not feel. If we could translate the symbolism of "intense" into one word it would be "urge" and the dreams meaning would link this feeling "I have this strong urge and attraction to my boyfriends friend."
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers interest was intense was linked to him thinking deeply about the nature of the personality and the human mind. This was a dream of Carl Jung and the dream linked to some conclusions about the unconscious mind. The intense interest in the dream linked to his intense interest in some thoughts about psychology at the time. The interest in real life was so intense that these enthusiasms wer spilling over into dreams.
Example dream : A highly intense dream linked to the dreamers fantasies about a guy she liked.
Example dream : An intense dream about an old friend took place the night after the dreamer had met a new friend. The intensity of the dream was a symbol of her strong feelings of connection to this new friend.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer feels an intense feeling of calm linked to the dreamer feeling a great sense of spiritual calm after taking time off due to stress.
Example dream : An intense kissing dream linked to the dreamer wanting to get back together with her ex. The dream symbolised how much she was missing her ex.
Example dream : An intense and realistic dream linked to the dreamer realising that he needed to appreciate his grandfather more.
Example dream : A dream of an intense light and a knight linked to the dreamer finding someone really difficult. He never listened to the dreamers ideas and it was a constant battle of wills.
Example dream : An intense dream linked to the dreamer thinking very deeply about her friend and her behaviour.

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