Being crazy in a dream may represent something you have just done which is irrational. But we also say someone is crazy if they are wild. Have you just lost all your inhibitions? Have you just acted very recklessly? Have you been thinking about a wild fantasy?

Occasionally craziness is a symbol for bad behaviour. So if you have been thinking about someone who has been picking up some bad habits then that could be linked. Maybe you tested someone patience to the limit after behaving badly?

KEY WORDS and PHRASES : This symbol translates into the following words :Doubting your own judgement, scary feeling, wild actions, bad habits, irrational behaviour, wild fantasies, strong unrestrained feelings, bad emotions, traumatized, premonition, why do people not see what is happening!,cut loose, losing your temper :Try to write down some feelings on your mind right now. Think especially of the thoughts and feelings in your mind on the day before and those about the day to come. Here are some examples
- "I used to doubt myself but not now"
- "It was truly scary - I have never seen anything like that"
- "She was WILD"
- "He really is picking up some bad habits"
- "It was very reckless"
- "a totally wild fantasy"
- "Letting go of your inhibitions"
- "having your patience really tested"
- "irrational behaviour"

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Have you realised that your luck will eventually change?
- Who acted hastily on the day before the dream?


Example dream : The dreamers room mates looking at her like she was nuts linked to them telling her that they would be moving out, meaning that she would have to find somewhere else to live. The dreamer was upset that they had told her in an inconsiderate way. Her flatmates looking at her as if she was crazy linked to this type of thought "My flatmates have messed up my life. I don't know what is going to happen to me. I will probably end up in some awful place." The dream hints at a feeling like "I cannot believe what you have done to me" and the meaning of mad was linked to her life falling into chaos.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is acting crazy took place the day after the dreamer was very ill with flu. Her father had accused her of not really being ill and walked out. Acting crazy in this dream does have relevance in this situation. Her father might have described her as "irresponsible" and "stupid" and could have said things like "What on earth are you doing?" Overall the dream probably caught this exact thought "My father thinks I am stupid and crazy. He doesn't believe I was ill. I was really upset as I was so ill and was in need of support."
Example dream : A dream about an insane asylum took place as the dreamer was hearing her son crying "Mommy" as she slept. His wailing sounds were reminiscent of the noises you might hear in an asylum.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers father runs along like a crazy maniac linked to the dreamer being on holiday. The dreamer was normally very sensible and yet the holidays were a time to cut loose and go wild (go crazy).
Example dream : A dream where 'everyone is mad at me because all the wedding flowers are paid for' linked to the dreamer being told by all her friends that the dreamer was going to get together with this guy. They were mad in the dream because they had such strong feelings about this and cannot see why you do not see the same way.
Example dream : A dream where a co-worker is fighting like crazy linked to the dreamers thoughts about that co-worker. The previous day she gave the dreamer a funny look and she sensed tension between them. Late this co-worker went back to stacking shelves effectively demoting herself. Fighting like crazy symbolised this tension that the dreamer sensed.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers mother was being driven crazy by her son was linked to something from the day before. She had been told to help her brother and was later told off for not bothering. Being driven crazy linked to her mothers patience been tried by the arguments between her children.
Example dream : A horse going crazy dream linked to some horny sexual fantasies as the dreamer had gone further with her boyfriend than with any previous boyfriends. Going crazy symbolised this wild sexual activity.
Example dream : A dream about getting mad at her husband linked to the dreamer just having had a miscarriage. Getting mad symbolised her having to get some bad emotions out of her system.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer got mad at his mother linked to an incident the previous day. He had been on a driving lesson with her and nearly caused an accident. He was blamed by his mother but he was just doing as she had said. Getting mad at her in the dream symbolised the tension revolving around this incident.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer knows she is not crazy linked to her finally deciding it was over with her boyfriend. She realised that she had been a lot happier since they separated for a while. The insanity symbolised her thinking over how bad things had become with her boyfriend.
Example dream : A dream where an old man gets mad at her and looks her right in the eye like Satan linked to the dreamer being at her Aunts house the night before and hearing a scream that was like death. The mad look symbolised something that was really scary that she heard in real life.
Example dream : A dream of something crazy going on was thought to be a premonition of the dreamers own daughter who ,..went crazy a couple of days later. She acted in a way that the dreamer had never seen - she was wild
Example dream : A dream featuring insanity linked to the dreamers young sons picking up some bad habits. She felt that they were coming under some bad influence.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is told he was insane and had crashed the car twice was thought to be a premonition of an accident that occurred the next day involving the dreamers family. Her father was run off the road by someone driving on the wrong side of the road (an act of insanity).

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