Trying to impress someone may show that you have a new found confidence. Maybe something has given you a sense of pride and belief in yourself. Maybe a recent achievement has boosted you.

Alternatively, you maybe just fantasising. Perhaps you wish to gain recognition from a group or a person and its not quite happening. You are maybe having to rehearse what to say.

KEY WORDS : recognition, rehearsing what you want to say, pride and self belief, achievement, fantasising (try to think how you might use these words in describing your current feelings. For instance if you were watching a TV program which featured loads of cool people which made you fantasise then clearly the key word "fantasy" is relevant here and maybe links to the symbolic meaning of your dream about "impressing" someone.)


Example dream : A dream about impressing someone by answering questions on a quiz show took place the day after the dreamer did impress someone with his knowledge about computers. The dream tapped into feelings like "they were praising me endlessly and telling me I am a genius. It was really over the top and I was quite taken aback."
Example dream : In one dream someone was being very annoying and boring and was showing off. In real life this theme was very relevant as the dreamer had been trying to avoid someone who was annoying and boring. In this dream "trying to impress" was a symbol of "annoying behaviour" and the dream captured this thought "I think he is so annoying. I simply cannot get rid of him. Even when I avoid him he simply turns up".
Example dream : An impressive mango symbolised a preferred choice as the dreamer was thinking through education courses. The "impressive mango" translated into words like "ideal" and the dream linked to a wider thought process like "I have been thinking of changing courses at university. I am weighing up the advantages and disadvantages and looking at my ideal choice."
Example dream : Impressing women in a dream linked to the dreamers thoughts about women in general. He had just ended a bad relationship and was trying to stay away from women. Impressing women was something that the dreamer was still doing - yet he still wanted to stay away from women. The dreamer was just assessing his own emotional state. He was flirting (trying to impress women) but was still not ready for a relationship)
Example dream : A dream of impressing the girls was linked to the dreamers pride at finishing a project
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer was impressing people. In real life the dreamer had great abilities yet he completely lacked confidence. People expected so little of him and so he tried to hide his abilities.
Example dream : Impressive toys in a shop full of professional type people linked to the dreamers wish to mix with professional type people. The impressive toys represented the dreamer things that the dreamer wanted and the type of things that professional people wanted.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer is wanting to impress a bar lady. In real life the dreamer had taken on some extra voluntary work in order to impress a woman he was attracted to.
Example dream : A dream of being "impressed with someones photos" was a fairly literal dream as the dreamer had been "impressed with someone's photos" the day before. He was interested in photography and seeing someone else's photos helped inspire him and he was thinking about going on a day out to take some photos himself.

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