Hospitals are more likely to link to "emotional ills" and "unhealthy relationships" rather than actual physical illnesses Hospitals can be quite literal symbols in that they show you fearing a hospital visit. That could be connected with your own illness or the illness of someone close to you.

Alternatively, hospitals are symbols of health in a wider sense. A hospital could suggest you have been feeling rather down emotionally and need to pick yourself up.

Hospitals also symbolise something that will make life better. Have you been trying to improve someone's self esteem? Have you felt that something has made life much healthier and happier generally?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Are you currently suffering from some illness?
- Is someone close to you suffering from an illness?
- Do you feel fragile emotionally right now?
- In what ways are you trying to make your life generally more healthy and happy?

KEY WORDS : real illness, emotional support, care, healthy and happy, improve, crisis point, depression, fix a computer etc, thinking of someone's health and happiness, doing something interesting, sorting out problems (write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I have been monitoring my illness"
- "needing tender loving care"
- "that could make life much better"
- "Is this relationship really healthy?"


Example dream : A dream about a little girl in hospital was quite literal. The dreamer worked in hospital in an intensive unit so she was dreaming about a work related issue. The dream was linked to the dreamers thoughts about a baby who was highly disabled and would likely have a very poor quality of life.
Example dream : A hospital dream took place the night after the dreamer broke up with her boyfriend. The hospital was a symbol for her hurt feelings and delicate emotional state. It probably hints at people trying to help her and feel better about this break up. The dream seems to have recorded her changing emotions towards this break up and hints at different ways of coping with these upset feelings.
Example dream : A hospital bed symbolised the dreamers emotional ill health over the weekend. She had locked herself in her room whilst staying at someone house. The "hospital" in the dream was an admission that she was "emotionally unwell" but the dreams wider meaning probably linked to this related thought "I know I was emotionally unwell but I should not have locked myself in my room in someone elses house."
Example dream : A hospital in a dream linked to the dreamer hearing her child cry during the night. The hospital symbolised the special care and attention a mother gives a child who is upset. We could even translate the symbolic meaning of "hospital" into the phrase "special care and attention" (a phrase linked by association to hospitals). This phrase is easy to spot within the dreamers intuitions at the time of the dream e.g. "I can hear my child crying right now whilst I am dreaming. He is in need of some special care and attention" and the dreams meaning was therefore simple as the dreamer felt "I need to wake up and look after my baby."
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer walks into a hospital full of people covered in blood. This dream took place as the dreamer was angry at her partner for being friends with a woman who she did not trust. He thought she was worrying over nothing as the relationship was only platonic. What does the hospital in the dream symbolise? The meaning is not entirely clear. The people in the hospital look like the have come from a warzone. So maybe the dreamer feels like the woman could cause loads of havoc turning their emotional lives into a warzone. The hospital does seem overkill even for dreams. Perhaps this is a symbol hinting at exaggeration which is relevant here as the dreamers partner felt she was exaggerating her concerns. So the dream could link to a thought like "My partner thinks I am totally exaggerating my fears. Anyone would think this woman I do trust was an axe murderer!" Yet the dream could simply depict the dreamers feelings "she is capable of anything."
Example dream : A hospital dream took place after the dreamer had just fallen out with a friend. So the hospital was probably a symbol for the hurt feelings and the need to mend the relationship. The "hospital" in the dream could even be translated simply into the word "unhappy" or the phrase "feeling sorry for himself" and the dream captures this feeling "He is feeling so sorry for himself. But I am scared of the next time I bump into him. It will be a very awkward and embarrassing moment." So the dreams meaning will link to the dreamers most recent thoughts on this issue as he seeks a fresh persepctive during sleep and dreams.
Example dream : A hospital dream took place just after the dreamer had been thinking about her relationship with her boyfriend - he was not good at expressing his feelings. She went to sleep writing a song about it. The hospital was symbolic of her being in a healing frame of mind. That night she had been overwhelmed by feelings of empathy and healing and found an outlet for this in her songs and later in dreams.
Example dream : A hospital dream linked to the dreamers fears about her grandmothers ill health. So the hospital in the illness was a symbol for her "serious illness" and "poor health" - it was the minds way of saying she is most unwell (ill enough to be in hospital). The dreams meaning linked to her recent fears that her grandmother was so ill she might die.
Example dream : A dream in a hospital was symbolic of the dreamers deep pain and depression - she was getting to crisis point. So a hospital was the minds way of saying "I am emotionally unwell" and "depressed." The drream was probably triggered by lots of stress and problems which made her feel particularly depressed.
Example dream : A hospital in a dream was a symbol for the dreamers current illness. He was desperate to get better because he had a job interview pending. Actually we can convert the symbolic meaning of "hospital" simply into the phrase "I am unwell" and the dreams meaning linked to this exact thought "I am very unwell but I need to get better for this interview for a new job."
Example dream : A hospital dream was linked to the dreamer realising that he was getting down. He knew he had to raise his spirits - the hopsital was a symbol of his need to treat his low mood. For convenience we could even translate the symbolic meaning of "hospital" into "feeling better" which was a phrase which appeared in this thought as the dreamer woke up "I am very unhappy and need to do something to make me feel better. I could go out for a days photography tomorrow." Hospitals are linked by association with phrases like "feel better" and this like many "hospital" dreams links to emotional ill health rather than physical illness.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer saves a girl he fancies in real life but ends up in hospital. This was a fantasy dream which allows the dreamer to be both the hero and the victim. In saving her he proves how important she is to him and how he is a courageous man. By ending up in hospital the story provides a situation where she can show sympathy to him by visiting.
Example dream : A hospital symbolised the dreamers help for a man who could not read. This was making his quality of life much better. He had a much healthier life afterwards.
Example dream : A hospital dream linked he dreamer knowing that she was suffering from serious depression. The hospital ymbolised her need to seek treatment for this illness (she knew that she was unwell). We can translate the "hospital" in the dream into the words "serious illness" and the dream meant "I am seriously ill with depression and I need to seek treatment. I am just worried that I lose control if I get taken into psychiatric hospital."
Example dream : Hospital represented the dreamers very poor mental health and his worries that he was so ill that this would require treatment in a psychiatric hospital. He was finding it very difficult to be around people at all. So we find a simple meaning to the dream "I am seriously ill and in need of treatment." We can even translate the meaning of "hospital" into "seriously ill and in need of treatment." So really the meaning of hospital was quite literal.
Example dream : A hospital surgery dream linked to the dreamer needing to get a job. She had an interview lined up but knew that they would ask personal questions. The hospital surgery was symbolic of the deep and unpleasant probing questions that she would face - which would be similar to the deep probing questions of the doctor.
Example dream : A hospital dream was linked to a rather deep conversation that the dreamer had with her ex. This helped clear the air. So the hospital was symbolic of her making life healthier and happier as a result of them sorting out their emotions.
Example dream : A hospital dream linked to the dreamer being unwell at the time of the dream. He needed to be fit and ready for an interview in a few days.
Example dream : A hospital dream was linked to the dreamers period starting. This was particularly heavy. The hospital was therefore linked to a physical illness.
Example dream : A hospital dream linked to the dreamer realising how upset she was about something. She was taking the blame for everything that had happened.
Example dream : A building that was a cross between a hospital and a youth hostel was linked to the dreamer breaking up with her boyfriend. The hospital was symbolic of her need for care and attention from her friends during this difficult time.
Example dream : A going to hospital dream was linked to a computer system crashing. The dreamer knew that the system would have to be 'mended' and his life would be hell until it was in good health again.
Example dream : A dream about a hospital was linked to the dreamer getting upset about her dogs death. She was starting to think that she should get a new dog. The hospital was about her thinking about her dogs death and how to make her feel better about it.
Example dream : A hospital building dream was linked to the dreamer getting a job offer. He was thinking how life would be much more interesting if he took it. The hospital was a symbol for making his life much happier (and healthier).
Example dream : A hospital dream linked to the dreamers grandmother being very ill. The dream reminded her of the need to visit her because she could die at any time.
Example dream : A hospital dream linked to the dreamer trying to say nice things to her co-workers. The hospital was about her trying to make the world healthier and happier by being more cheerful.
Example dream : A nurse dream linked to the dreamers often getting into a tantrum. She had tried to get him to do something the day before and most of the time managed to keep him well engaged in the tasks. But every now and again she had to give him some love and attention if he got into a tantrum.

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