Horses are exhilarating creatures and so can represent moments of excitement and passion. Maybe you felt euphoric yesterday or you have been thinking about someone's great passion for life.

Horses are also very unpredictable animals and so could represent a moment of chaos from yesterday. It could be that you feel anything could happen? You might be thinking of something which is inherently unpredictable.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Is life much more exciting right now?
- Did something unpredictable happen the day before the dream? Something that could easily have occurred in a different way?
- Do you wish life was more exciting?
- Was your mind focused on the day to come and some major challenge that was about to happen?

KEY WORDS : Exciting, passionate, exhilarating, reckless, unpredictable(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "taking a chance"
- "be more careful"
- "more exhilarating"
- "very passionate"
- "exciting"
- "anything can happen"
- "I have been thinking about an upcoming event and really anything can happen"


Example dream : A horse symbolised the deeply unpredictable nature of a dispute which the dreamer was trying not to get involved in. The dreamer had realised that his friend had really strong views about something and was trying not to get drawn in. The horse represented him feeling nervous at being drawn into the situation.
Example dream : Picking a wild horse to ride was a symbol of the dreamers thoughts the night before. She was thinking about her soul mate and when she would meet him. The wild horse was a symbol of her wish to find passion. A wild horse galloping was an excellent metaphor because its a somewhat idyllic scene tapping into similar emotions her thoughts about a soul mate. The horse was a symbol of "going for what she really wanted" and linked to this wider thought process "I was thinking of my soul mate and when I would meet him. I know what I want now."
Example dream : Getting away on a horse symbolised the dreamers thoughts about going back to work and seeing her boss. The horse symbolised the precarious nature of their relationship and the unpredictable problems caused if she stood up to her boss.
Example dream : A horse symbolised the dreamers husband and his romantic side. She had dreams about horses which linked to her husband before
Example dream : A horse dream was triggered by the dreamers excitement and feeling of exhilarationas her long term boyfriend asked her to move in with her. In fcat we can translate the "horse" into words like "excited" and "exhilarated" which are key words which the dreamer would use to describe her feelings at the time eg "I am so excited as my boyfriend has just asked me to move in with him."
Example dream : A horse charging symbolised the dreamers great mood as he felt jubilant and full of energy.
Example dream : A half dead horse symbolised the dreamers thoughts about a once passionate friend who now seemed to have lost his spirit.
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers cousins getting lost whilst riding a horse took place as the dreamer was upset by rising stable fees for her own horse (she feared she might lose her horse). This is too much of a coinncidence and the dream is linked to her thoughts about her own horse even though it was different to the one in the dream.
Example dream : A dream where there are horses was symbolic of major changes sweeping through the dreamers life. Before he had been badly depressed but now he felt a new passion for life - the horses represented the new sense of life and freedom.
Example dream : A race horse in a dream was linked to the dreamers tendency to be wild and hedonistic.
Example dream : Horses stampeding symbolised the dreamers feelings of chaos as the company he worked for could close down.
Example dream : A highwayman on a black horse symbolised the stockbroking industry which was trying to get him into a deal. He was thinking about changing stockbrokers the night before
Example dream : A charging horses dream linked to the dreamers changing mood as depression gave way to elation. The horses symbolised the euphoria and elation that he felt.
Example dream : A dream of a horse rearing linked to the dreamers nerves about something. It was nerve wracking waiting for the big day - thinking about how things could easily go wrong.
Example dream : A horse jumping dream linked to the dreamer realising that he needed to take more risks.
Example dream : A horse jumping dream linked to the dreamer realising that he needed to take fewer risks. He felt he needed to slow down and be more careful.
Example dream : A dream riding a horse linked to the dreamer needing to take a chance in life. He knew he was stuck in a rut.
Example dream : A horse dream linked to the dreamer thinking about some changes coming up in his life. He was looking forward to things being more exciting.

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