Help in dreams can link to any number of things. You maybe trying to warn someone of something or someone who is bad? Perhaps you have just been in a crisis and could have done with some help. Help could symbolise the help you give to others. Maybe these people depend on you too much?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Is there some issue where you feel responsible for and feel the need to do as much as possible?
- Are you especially keen or willing in any way?
- Do you have a tendency to take on too many responsibilities?
- Has your help in some way backfired in any way recently?
- Do you need help or support right now?
- Have you been teaching someone or encouraging anyone?

KEY WORDS :Willingness, inability to cope, major disruptions, encouraging, guiding , teaching, friendliness, feeling responsible, being considerate, finding a solution(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I am looking for others to help out"
- "I think I have taken on too many responsibilities"
- "I am in need of support right now"
- "I am in the middle of a crisis right now"
- "I was trying to guide them"
- "I was encouraging them"
- "Encouraging certain ways of thinking"
- "I was doing it for the best but...
- "I was helping people"
- "I hope this will improve the situation"
- "I was trying to make things better but... "
- "I think they should learn to be more considerate"
- "They should think of others feelings"
- "They are wanting me to help but...."
- "The best thing to do is..."


Example dream : The dreamer gasping and trying to scream "help!" symbolised the dreamers surprise at being told she had only two months before she had to move out. Shouting for help was therefore a symbol of her immediate feelings of panic and inability to cope with a situation. The dream meaning featured this theme of "panic" and "inability to cope" and overall the dream captured the following feeling "I am all in a panic about having to move. My imagination is going wild about where I will end up. I simply cannot cope with all this stress."
Example dream : Looking for help in a dream linked to a similar theme in real life as the dreamer was looking for help and support from her school friends as she was upset because her sister had run away from home
Example dream : Trying to help a friend in a dream linked to the drear talking to that same friend the day before. Helping her symbolised the dreamers attempts to cheer her friend up (she was overwhelmed by all her problems). In this dream the meaning was probably quite simple "I was shocked by how upset and down my friend was. I tried to help and support her as much as possible." Dreams will often just be linked to our attempts to record what is happening.
Example dream : One dream featured the dreamers grandmother fall over and the dreamer helps her up. In real life the dreamers grandmother was increasingly old and frail. Think of this dream like a play which captures the dreamers emotions. The dream simply portrays this thought "My grandmother is increasingly old and frail but I care very much about her and I will be there to help her in any way." Dreams like this will remind the dreamer of how old their grandparents are and will help them prepare emotionally for these major changes and ultimately for the death of their loved ones.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer needs someones help linked to him making a complaint the day before. He realised that this was a mistake as he needed the support of the people who he was trying to avoid and actively disliked.
Example dream : Needing help after a snake bite was linked to something that happened the day before. The dreamer felt unable to fend off some strong arguments in a debate and was desperately looking for support from others.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer is looking for help but realises that none is available. In real life he had a similar desire for help because a neighbour seemed to really have it in for him.
Example dream : Looking for help while or a kitten suffering was a symbol for the dreamers wish to have sorted out the problems in her relationship.
Example dream : Shouting to her father for help symbolised the dreamers dislike of her brothers new girlfriend. She tried to warn him about her but was ignored. Shouting for help represented the dreamer needing the help and assistance of others and her inability to persuade them.
Example dream : Looking for help symbolised the dreamers worries about her daughter who she felt was making the wrong choices. She was worried that she couldn't help her or guide her and just had to let her make mistakes.
Example dream : Feeling embarrassed to ask for help in a dream (from a man she had developed a strong bond with) was linked to this crucial period in the relationship. This was a crucial period in the relationship and she did not want to appear too needy too soon she was feeling very upset after the recent death of her father. Not asking for help was symbolic of her fears that asking for help would put a strain on this new relationship.
Example dream : Helping her niece in a dream linked to the dreamers arguments with her boyfriend - helping her niece was symbolic of her decision to help herself by standing up to her boyfriend.
Example dream : A dream about trying to help her parents who keep getting themselves into trouble symbolised the dreamers frustration at her parents who were constantly in need of help. She was sick of sorting out their problems.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is helped by some people but not by her boyfriend was linked to an argument she had just had with him. His lack of help symbolised his indifference and her wish for him to show a willingness to sort things out.
Example dream : A dream in which the the dreamer is helped and saved from fast moving water took place the day before the dreamer was due to see her doctor about her terrible health (she was obviously seeking help).
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers mental health counsellor helps the dreamer linked to the real life help and inspiration that his counsellor was provided which was helping to boost the dreamers confidence.
Example dream : Helping Nazis escape was linked to the dreamer thinking about himself. He really needed to sweep his past away and try to start from scratch. However helping in the dream showed how he was allowing himself to slip into some bad old habits.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamers boyfriend was not willing to help with a new baby. In real life the dreamer felt her boyfriend was similarly unwilling to help his girlfriend at a time when she could have done with some.
Example dream : Helping a man in a dream linked to the dreamers real life voluntary work.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer loses some friends who had been helping him in real life to overcome depression was linked to his recent mood. For that moment he had "lost them." This is a literal association as the dreamer associates "helping him" with them. The dreams meaning featured this theme of "helping him" as he had been thinking "Recently I have been helped by these friends but last night I was wanting to be by myself and wallow in my own depression."
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is trying to grab something to help him stay balanced took place as he was highly stressed out and in danger of having a nervous breakdown. The help dream was symbolic of him feeling so desperate (and in need of help).
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer might get stuck and would be unable to get help linked to his mental health problems. He was in danger of getting so depressed that he would be unable to get help. Needing to get help symbolised the dreamers wish for help in getting over his depression.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer knows he will need help to get out of a tree linked to his thoughts about his own illness and lack of confidence.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer has to complete a course "without help" took place as she felt utterly alone and dejected. She had terrible physical health problems and was living on state benefits. She was increasingly worn down and exhausted and was getting suicidal. The dream caught this feeling "I am so worn out. I used to get help for my disabilities but now because of cuts I have been left without help. I felt so depressed because of this yesterday."

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