Try to think of obvious links to the dream. Did you hear exactly the same thing in real life yesterday? When you heard something in the dream what did you think of? Did they say it in a way that reminds you of someone? Think of what was said in the dream - who could you imagine saying those exact same words?


Example dream : Hearing her best friend say "it won't hurt you" whilst a snake was attacking her linked to the night before when the dreamer had a sexual experience with a man. Hearing her best friend hints at thoughts like "what would my best friend do in my circumstance" and "my best friend would cope with this better".
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers boss is too far away to be heard as linked to the dreamer getting a promotion. Many people were saying it he only got the job because his boss favoured him. Now he was responsible for one of his former rivals and was going to have to prove himself. Being too far away to be heard linked to feeling like "I am on my own now" or "I will have to deal with this by myself".
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer can hear the sound of water rumbling linked to the dreamer thinking about the arguments which were taking place between his bosses at work. Hearing was a symbol of him sensing all the tension.
Example dream : Hearing a voice which was very enlightened in a dream linked to an incident the day before. The dreamer had a habit of giving in to an autistic friend but a second friend told him how she never gave in too him. The dreamer felt this was very enlightened. So the truth was the dreamer had listened to someone who had spoken in an enlightening way the previous day (so hearing an enlightening voice was quite a literal symbol for this moment of inspiration).
Example dream : One dream involved the Titanic sinking. During the dream the dreamers hears a voice say "its just a matter of time took place the day after the dreamer had been very worried about someone and had not heard back from them. In the dream the dreamer seems to have felt reassured and was able to stop worrying. What does hearing in this sense mean? She was wanting to hear from her friend. She was trying to sense what was going on. She was eager for news and unsure what was happening. All the time she was asking herself "what is happening" and was trying to work out if her friend was in danger. In those tense moments we keep telling ourselves "she is safe" or "she is in danger". It is this voice from her own intuition which the dreamer keeps hearing.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer hears some accusations against her was caused after she left a friends house the previous night when someone she really did not like came. Hearing accusations was a symbol for her worries that people might not understand why she left - she could almost imagine what people were saying. We can even guess that the dream meaning was this "I can almost hear what they are saying - they will all be blaming me but I know that he is out to get me and I simply had to leave"
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer hears a sound of wailing and crying took place as the dreamers son was crying in real life. Repeatedly being told to listen was her minds way of warning her that something was happening in real life and that her son was obviously upset. The dream taps into this type of feeling "What is all this crying? Something is obviously happening and I need to wake up and comfort my young son."
Example dream : A dream in which the dreamer feels as if she can hear what her mother in law is saying about her linked to her knowing how she thinks and feels and that she expects her mother in law to be saying bad things about her. So we can translate this dream into this exact feeling "I have to suppress my anger for my mother in law as I know she is saying things about me. I can just sense it." So the dream linked to the dreamers feeling uncomfortable around someone as she only ever had negative experiences with her mother in law.
Example dream : A dream in which a friend cannot hear the dreamer symbolised the dreamers wish to improve his communication with her - and explain his feelings better.
Example dream : Hearing a voice say the word "Horrible" reminded the dreamer of a former friend who had used this word to describe someone who was vile. He was begining to realise that she would probably have used that word to describe him. He was guessing how she was thinking (he was imagining the types of things she would be saying) - and his sulky and childish behaviour would probably have not gone down well
Example dream : Not being heard in a dream linked to the dreamers relationship with her partners family. They were very controlling and domineering. Not being heard symbolised their lack of consideration for her feelings.
Example dream : Women unable to hear her warnings linked to the dreamers worries that her husband new business venture might not go well. An inability to hear symbolised his unwillingness to listen to worries that things may go wrong with this new business.
Example dream : Hearing some voices chanting was linked to some prejudiced comments the dreamer had made the day before. Hearing voices was symbolic of the dreamer knowing exactly how they react - he could imagine exactly what they would say.
Example dream : Hearing the voice of her mother was thought to link to a premonition of her own husbands death shortly afterwards.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer hears people saying things about him linked to him wondering about how people dislike him and think him weird. So hearing was a symbol of what he believed people were thinking about him. The dream was triggered by this thought "I was thinking last night how people seem to avoid me and think I am weird. I am very misunderstood."
Example dream : Hearing children in pain in a dream linked to the dreamers very bleak view of the world at the time - she was convinced that life was full of pain. Hearing their screams was symbolic of the dreamers awareness of her own unhappiness and her highly emotional mood.
Example dream : A dream about hearing everything in a house had quite a literal meaning. The dreamer had just moved into a new house which wasn't well sound proofed. This was driving the dreamer crazy as everything you said could be heard by neighbours.

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