Feeling happy in a dream will often show that things have been going well. It could be that you have just been on a holiday or things are going well in some relationship.

Feeling happy can also suggest that you are feeling more settled about something. It maybe that you are feeling better about some change about to take place in your life?

Feeling happy in a dream could show that you have thinking about what makes you happy. Maybe you have been setting your goals and realising that right now you are doing as well as you could.

[KEY WORDS : growing, feeling positive, good mood, feeling settled, bursting with energy, new friendship, happy memories, clearing the air,thinkg about what makes you happy ]


Example dream : In one dream the dreamer sees a basket full of dogs which seem content but at closer look he sees there is a crocodile there. In real life the dreamer was autistic and hated meeting new people. The day before he turned up at his mothers and was petrified when a stranger turned up. The happy and contented dogs linked to the dreamer normally seeing his mothers home as a safe place where he was able to relax.
Example dream : A happy dream followed on from a day where the dreamer felt really positive about the future and an increasing connection with a man whom she felt romantically for. So really the dreams meaning just meant "I felt so happy and positive yesterday." Often if you experience strong emotions they continue into sleep and dreams and the dreams we have may not seem linked to reality yet they indulge those strong emotions that we are feeling. The emotion is identical yet the storyline appears baffling and totally unrelated to reality.
Example dream : The dreamer had a dream where her husband was kissing a woman and she thinks its OK because he was enjoying himself was linked to the night before. Her husband had eaten a little too much and over done things. The dream ended with him having sex with this other woman (which symbolised his giving in to temptation and going one step too far - e.g. overeating). Seeing him happy in the dream represented her feeling that she should not say something because he was enjoying himself. So the "happy" in the dream could be translated into phrases like "enjoying himself" and "letting him do as he pleased" and the dreams meaning linked into the themes in this context "I let him do as he pleased yet he completely overdid it" and the dream hints at this thought "Next time I will not let him do as he pleases!"
Example dream : Playing happily was a symbols about the dreamers good relationship with a young friend. They both played cards regularly. They played like children and the relationship pleased the dreamer. Many dreams will reflect on what makes us happy and what makes us sad. The dreams meaning revolves around the dreamer reminding himself that he enjoyed this friends company and therefore should seek more.
Example dream : The dreamers girlfriend not looking happy symbolised their problems. It is a simple realisation of how bad things are. Many dreams are assessments of how things are going and so this dream probably linked to the following conclusion "Things are not going well and she is unhappy." An awareness that there is a problem is the first step towards finding a solution.
Example dream : Climbing onto a boat happy to escape a shark represented the dreamers wish to stay away from men. She was trying to avoid getting involved with a man she had never met - on the internet. She was 'happier' staying single. What was at the back of this dream was the following feeling "I keep thinking that dating will make me happy. Yet I am not really ready for it" and "Women often have this false assumption that having a man will make you happy but I am not sure I am ready for it."
Example dream : A happy puppy dream linked to the happy holiday the dreamer had just had. It was a simple metaphor - "I am as happy as a fun loving puppy."
Example dream : the dreamer felt young free and happy because she had just had a romantic meal with her husband which had put her in a good mood.
Example dream : A happy feeling in a dream can simply reflect a current mood. The dreamer had just agreed to stop fighting with her boyfriend. The happy dream was therefore a symbol of their more settled relationship.
Example dream : A happy scene represented the dreamers wish to sort out some problems with a woman and so really clear the air of tension.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer wakes up happy was linked to the dreamer feeling relieved that a problem had been sorted out. He had developed a friendship with a woman and was worried that this might upset his wife. But both seemed Ok. So the symbolic meaning of "happy" could be translated into the word "relieved" and the dream caught this exact feeling "I was worried that this situation might explode. But now my wife knows about my female friend and my friend knows I am married and both seem OK. I am very relieved."
Example dream : Feeling happy in a dream reflected the dreamers mood on waking as he woke up feeling elated. Some dreams simply mirror strong moods in real life and if you wake up with a good or bad mood then the symbols of your dream will express those feelings.
Example dream : The happy feelings in one dream simply mirrored real life as the dreamer woke up with a wonderfully calm and happy feeling. Dreams can link to strong emotions that emerge as you wake. The dream simply captures the feeling "I woke up in a good mood."
Example dream : A happy dream followed on from several happy days when the dreamer felt calm and contented and also spiritually uplifted.
Example dream : The dreamer dreamt of her deceased mother on the one year anniversary. Her mother was smiling because she did all she could to commemorate her mothers death and make it feel special.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was happy after his parents died was linked to his wish for more freedom. Feeling happy was therefore a symbol of the dreamer thinking about what would make him happy.
Example dream : Feeling happy symbolised the previous night as the dreamer had written a blog about his childhood. The dream was about him thinking about these good memories.
Example dream : Laughing was symbolic of the dreamers wish to be happy and have fun. He had a tendency to be pessimistic.
Example dream : A happy dream was symbolic of the dreamers good feelings and a friend who had been a good role model. He was growing in some very positive ways.
Example dream : A happy dream symbolised a good new friendship.
Example dream : A happy dog dream linked to the dreamers brother moving out and the dreamer feeling OK about this major change. Its a big change when anyone moves out of the family home and she was adapting to this changed circumstance.
Example dream : Feeling relaxed and happy at a party symbolised the dreamer feelings about moving in with her boyfriend. She had doubts but was more relaxed about things. The dream was about her feeling more comfortable with a big change.
Example dream : A happy and contented cook symbolised the dreamers wish to be happy and contented. He only felt happy if he had some major work project to do.
Example dream : A dream about a woman being sad and then happy seemed to be a premonition of this exact woman being released from jail.
Example dream : A dream in which the dreamer is happy and everyone felt happy was linked to the dreamers wish to have friends over but that not been possible recently. She was bursting with energy and positive feelings and this was coming out in her dreams.
Example dream : A happy dream linked to the dreamer doing something that made her happy the day before. A relative shared some health concerns and this reminded the dreamer of her time as a nurse when she did health assessments.
Example dream : Goldfish swimming happily in a pond symbolised the dreamers happy mood just days before. The dream was triggered by her thinking about her changing moods.

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