Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a God dream may simply capture your feeling that "That was a terrible disaster. I was shocked by the damage" and so God may translate into the words "terrible disaster" as people use the term "act of God" in relation to terrible disasters.

In practice God could translate into many words - here is the full list - "thinking deeply","Faith", "shock", "illness", "need for faith", "hope", "a crisis", "a disaster", "love", "goodness", "reasons to be thankful", "good and evil". (Try to see how these words are relevant. We will discuss why these words are on the list later).

Now try to see how words in this list feature in your thoughts. Think of the things that you write down in a diary or tell a friend. Its likely that dreams translate into conscious thoughts that you are all too aware of - nowadays not many people believe in the unconscious mind. If any of the thoughts that you have seem to feature words on the list then its likely that the dream could link to that thought - it may even portray that exact thought process. So if you have been feeling that "Yesterday I became aware of the terrible decline in my health" then the dream of God is an excellent metaphor for the moment of real crisis as you realise that you are very ill.

WHY ARE THESE KEY WORDS LINKED TO THIS SYMBOL? - "thinking deeply" (A reference to God in a dream will often mean that you have been thinking very deeply as we think deeply when we think of God. A dream of God may be a symbol for any deep thinking about you, something that has just happened or the world in general)
- "disaster" (After a major disaster then we think of God so a dream of God maybe your way of recognising the extent of some crisis)
- "overcoming difficulties" (We call on God when we need to overcome difficulties)
- "Reasons to be thankful" (When we try to look on the bright side and try to be thankful for what we have it shows that we are thinking in deep and profound ways)
- "Shock" (When we have been truly shocked we think in bigger ways - we will often think of some religious meaning if something terrible happens)
- "a need for faith" (When you have moments when you need to trust in yourself or where you have to find a last ounce of energy we think in bigger and often religious ways)
- "Crisis" (In any crisis we think deeply and profoundly. So a dream of God maybe your minds way of saying "this crisis has made me really think")
- "Love" (At moments when we feel extreme emotions we will think in bigger and sometimes religious ways. Dreams of God may link into profound thoughts of "love" or "goodness")
- "illness" (At moments of extreme illness we think about the world we live in and try to revaluation ourselves)

Their God, anger, without, youngsters, mysterious, forbid, making exceptions, extraordinary, all-powerful, slaughtering, immediately, ancestors, rudderless, protection, fulfill, invisible


Example dream : A dream about a God ring which symbolises her relationship with God was linked to the dreamers fears the day before. She works as a nurse and a patient falsely accused her of abusing her. Later the claims were revealed as false. The dream was symbolic of the dreamers need for faith and and hope - it showed the importance of religion to her at that moment of difficulty. The symbolism of "God" in the dream translated into the word "a need for faith" and the dream meaning tapped into a wider thought "I was falsely accused and I needed to look deep into my faith for help. I thought I was really in trouble."
Example dream : Saying 'Oh My God' in a dream was linked to the dreamer feeling scared and shocked at work the day before when someone was fired. This particularly affected the dreamer because she had been testing out her manager to see how much she could get away with. We associate God with things that shock us and scare us because it is at these moments that we look to God for faith and support. We can even translate the meaning of God in this dream to the words "scared and shocked" and the dreams meaning linked to thsi feeling "I was scared and shocked when my boss fired someone. That might have been me and I need to change my behavior."
Example dream : Thanking God for her father visiting in a dream linked to her desperately missing him in real life. Thanking God represented her deep love for her Father. God can link to the things that we feel are important in life (in this case her father). These are the things that we would thank God for. God can also link to things that we really hope for (to see her father).
Example dream : A dream about God was linked to an incident the night before when the dreamer left her friends house when someone she really did not like turned up. The dream was highly religious because the real life issue revolved around Good and bad. The dreamer felt this man was really evil but she worried that others might think badly of her and may even think that she was in the wrong for completely over reacting. So we find that the dream involves this theme of "issues revolving around good versus bad" and the dream captures this precise thought "I know they will be blaming me but I know he is the bad one. I cannot prove it but I know he is out to get me."
Example dream : Saying 'Oh my God' in a dream linked to the dreamer saying something that really offended her husband. The shock symbolised the feeling that the dreamer had said something in a heavy handed way - he was obviously affected by what she said and went very quiet.
Example dream : God in a dream symbolised the dreamers relationship with his wife which had been healthy and happy. This was something that he could praise God for - he had reasons to be thankful.
Example dream : Saying 'God help me' linked to the dreamer finding out his partner was pregnant. The responsibility and financial obligations which went with it were overwhelming the dreamer. Saying 'Oh God' represented the shock news which was overwhelming him.
Example dream : A highway of the Lord was symbolic of the dreamers feelings of confidence and faith in herself and her future. She had had a lot of problems and changes in her life and was now starting to feel good about the future.
Example dream : Saying "Oh my God!" was symbolic of the dreamer shock at her worsening health. She was suffering from constant pain and suffering. She was just beginning to realise the sheer extent of her ill health. Saying 'Oh my god' represented the shock at the extent of her own situation.
Example dream : A praying to God dream linked to the huge disaster (act of God) which had just taken place - Hurricane Katrina. The dream caught this type of thought "I was shocked by all this TV coverage of hurricane Katrina. All these people who are suffering. It makes you think about life."

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