Rubbish in dreams links to the word unwanted. It maybe is unwanted emotional problems, unwanted health problems, unwanted people who annoy you or simply the feeling that you are unwanted.


Example dream : Throwing a body in the garbage linked to some thoughts about an ex boyfriend. She had been talking about the break up the day before. The garbage represented her belief that the relationship was of no use so she was right to end the relationship. (in other words he was rubbish and she needed to bin him off)
Example dream : A dream of a garbage can and loads of mess was linked to the day before. There had been a mix up and the dreamer had ended up losing her new job because of health reasons. She should not have started the job so the situation was "a right mess". So the untidiness was a metaphor for a real mix up ("a right mess").
Example dream : Police describing Monty Python as a load of rubbish in a dream linked to the dreamers boyfriend who really Monty Python. She had a chance of meeting one of the films actors but felt really guilty as her boyfriend had such a low opinion of them (he thought they were 'rubbish').
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers Grandfather in a rubbish skip was linked to his Grandfather making some amazing things like Jewellery boxes from scratch. The rubbish skip represented his ability to make something from nothing.
Example dream : Garbage in one dream represented the dreamers own problems which were littering his life. The dreams meaning featured this theme of the "dreamers problems" (represented symbolically by garbage in the dream) and overall the dreams meaning captured this wider thought "I have had so many problems. My life has been garbage. I have now started to recover from physical health problems and so should start to concentrate on my mental health problems. I need to overcome my depression and paranoia."
Example dream : A dream where her mother asks her to put the trash out linked to the dreamers mother who looked after mentally handicapped people. She had just had a new patient and had visited her in her home were she was living with drug addicts in the most appalling conditions. A spider had spun a cobweb on her. The rubbish in the dream symbolised the appalling conditions and poverty this woman was living under - hearing about this had clearly had an effect on the dreamer.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is hiding behind a trash bin linked to her meeting a guy she fancied. She had a low self worth and hiding by the bin symbolised her lack of confidence in herself.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers husband picks up some rubbish and puts it in the oven linked to the dreamer being pregnant. She was worried that her husband did not want the baby (he was in his fifties). The rubbish symbolised her worry that this baby was unwanted.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer has to clear up the mess at her own wedding linked to her getting a new job. She hated it but simply had to take it. She had more ambitions and wanted to do better. Cleaning up rubbish symbolised her hatred of doing a job which she felt was beneath her.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers partner is helping her put the rubbish out linked to him giving up smoking. She was helping him with this but now he was wanting her to quit too. The rubbish symbolised the dreamer being pressured to stop smoking - and the feeling that this was a bad habit and unwanted.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is trying to clean the trash out of a pool linked to the the dreamer being helped out by others to sort out all her emotional problems.
Example dream : A dream where trash was lying in from of the dreamers apartment linked to him being under suspicion and feeling paranoid - fearing they would go through his trash.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was in a hospital where they were throwing out the garbage linked to the dreamer having just had a miscarriage. This had devastated the dreamer as she did not even have a body to bury. The remains of this miscarriage had gone out with the rubbish.

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