Gangs will often link to situations where people are behaving ruthlessly and its seen as acceptable to take advantage of the weak. Have you just witnessed someone behaving ruthlessly? Did someone try to take advantage of you yesterday? Did someone pick on you yesterday? On the other side did you pick on someone yesterday? The dream may link to your feelings of shame connected to this? Or to you enjoying the power over someone?

Gangs have a strong sense of belonging but they also reject those who are not in the gang. Your dream maybe about your wish to break into a group which is very tightly knit. It may be about your feelings of rejection as you feel left out. It may show that you feel very alone - that you feel that the world is ganging up on you.

Gangs are also a very male thing. They can represent the worst side of mens behaviour. You may get such a dream if you are having problems with men right now - are you turning into a man hater? Have you been abused by a man or men? If you are female then the dream maybe about these negative feelings towards men in general.

KEY WORDS LINKED TO GANGS ruthless, pressure, thinking the worst of men, rejection, taken advantage, feeling alone, picked on


Example dream : A gang symbolised a woman and her friends who constantly gossiped about the dreamer. She felt very picked on.
Example dream : A gang dream linked to the dreamer feeling rejected by the world. The previous day she had visited an old workplace and felt humiliated when her former friends largely ignored her. The gang symbolised the feeling that she was alone in the world and that she had no friends. Above all she felt excluded. The dreams meaning revolved around this theme of "feeling excluded" and linked to this type of feeling "I went to my old employers yesterday and felt ignored and excluded. I used to feel part of the team but felt none of that yesterday" A gang seems an unusual metaphor to express this situation as in real life the dreamer did not feel under threat of violence as in the dream. However, the main feature of a gang is that you are either in or out. Previously the dreamer felt part of the team at work but now she was just ignored.
Example dream : A gang rape linked to the dreamers disgust as she found out that the man she loved had been having sex with men. The gang rape symbolised the dreamers thoughts about men - gang rape was an example of the worst side of men's behaviour.
Example dream : A gang symbolised the dreamers feeling of rejection by a group. he now felt very sulky. Joining another gang symbolised this feeling of rejection and acceptance that he no longer belonged
Example dream : A gang rape symbolised the dreamers feelings of powerlessness with a a cowboy builder who had taken advantage of her.
Example dream : A dream of a gang linked to the extreme cultural pressure that the dreamer felt to behave in certain ways. She had been living in the west and now she had moved back to her home country which was very conservative. The gang in the dream symbolised the massive cultural pressure that women faced to behave properly.
Example dream : A gang in a dream linked to the dreamer feeling very negatively about the world - she felt that life was full of pain and suffering. The gangs in the dream symbolised her feeling very negatively about human nature - that people were capable of inflicting terrible suffering.

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