Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a gambler dream may simply capture your feeling that "I have got to take a chance with this new business" and so the gambler may translate into the word "risky" as new businesses always involve a great deal of risk.

In practice gamblers could translate into many words - here is the full list - "take a chance", "risky", "being able to predict accurately","lying","seedy". (Try to see how these words are relevant. We will discuss why these words are on the list later).

Now try to see how words in this list feature in your thoughts. Think of the things that you write down in a diary or tell a friend. Its likely that dreams translate into conscious thoughts that you are all too aware of - nowadays not many people believe in the unconscious mind. If any of the thoughts that you have seem to feature words on the list then its likely that the dream could link to that thought - it may even portray that exact thought process. So if you have been feeling that "I lied to my boss yesterday. I think I can get away with it" then the gambler is an excellent metaphor for that willingness to take a risk.

By studying hundreds of dreams we now know that gangster dreams will tend to link to these types of feeling
- "being able to predict the outcome"
- "the chances of being found out"

WHY ARE THESE KEY WORDS LINKED TO THIS SYMBOL? - "take a chance" (Gambling always involves taking a chance. You are aware that things might work out but you are also aware that you may fail)
- "risky" (Gambling is inherently risky - so it could symbolise any risky behaviour)
- "being able to predict accurately" (If you feel you are confidently able to predict something that others find baffling then beating the bookmaker is an excellent metaphor)
- "lying" (obviously lying always involves taking risks. You gamble on not being found out)
- "seedy" (gambling is linked to all kinds of seedy behaviour. It maybe your minds way of saying someone is seedy untrustworthy and you should not mix with them)

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did you take a risk the day before and hope that you would not be found out?
- Have you been trying to predict the outcome with something?


Example dream : A gambler was a symbol for the dreamers belief that he could get away with something. He had made a slight lie the day before but felt this was a risk he could get away with. The dreams specific meaning probably involved this theme of "getting away with something" and overall could have caught a thought process like "I lied because I thought I could get away with it. They are not likely to find out the truth"
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer was gambling at cards with other family members. In real life the dreamer had just bumped into a distant family member who made a point of embarrassing him because he did not have a job. Why did the dream feature him gambling? The dreamer had been embarrassed because he was unemployed and on welfare. People often split the poor up into two groups - the "deserving" and "undeserving poor". The "deserving poor" will tend to have disabilities and will see to be hard working and having bad luck. The "undeserving poor" are lazy and good for nothing. The dream depicts the dreamer as a gambler with lots of money (probably gained in a lawless way). So the dream depicts the dreamer in the worst possible way, as undeserving poor as can be. Gamblers are associated with "wasters", "losers" and "good for nothings." So the dream depicts this thought "I was embarrassed when I met that distant relative. She really tried to embarrass me and made me feel like a loser because I am on welfare."
Example dream : In one dream a woman says that "I bet that you have got loads of girlfriends". In real life this same woman would typically say things like that. However, in real life the dreamer was fed up that this woman had completely the wrong idea about him. She felt that he was tremendously popular and out going when in reality he had few friends. The gambling was a symbol of her complete confidence in what she was saying as she truly believed that he was something that he was not.
Example dream : Consistently winning at gambling linked to a dreamer who felt he had understood a subject which most people were completely baffled by. He designed statistical models which made sense of something that other people thought was mere chance. Winning at gambling symbolised this almost impossible achievement.

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