The dream mind uses images rather than words to express feelings and thoughts. A fighting dream may translate into words like "struggle", "tension" and "resentment". So interpreting dreams is easy as you just see how these words feature in your thoughts right now. "FIGHTING" dreams maybe triggered by any of the following feelings.

1. BITTER CONFRONTATION If you are thinking about the constant tension in your life it may spill over into your dream in the form of a confrontational story (which may bear no relation to reality).
2. STRUGGLING Are you having to work relentlessly at something
3. WORKING HARD If you work in a busy competitive environment then a fighting dream may link to your relentless work pace.
4. DETERMINATION Are you very determined at the moment.
6. ILLNESS People say things like "I am fighting cancer" or "I am fighting arthritis." Dreams will occur at times when you are fighting a serious illness.
7. CONTINUOUS PROBLEMS Fighting is an excellent metaphor for continuous problems.
8. DIFFICULT RELATIONSHIP Are you constantly fighting in a relationship? If so the fighting in your dream represents the constant tension and opposition.
9. RESENTMENT A fighting dream maybe triggered by resentments. The connection being that you are fighting against the negative image that people have formed.
10. FAILURE If you have just experienced failure in some way then you might have a fighting dream.
11. RESISTANCE Resistance is just a word which is highly associated with fighting. Fighting is resistance!
12. THE WORLD IS AGAINST ME Put simply - do you feel that you are fighting against the whole world.
13. DEVASTATED Fighting dreams can triggered when you have been devastated in some way
14. TAKING SIDES Is there some situation where you are being forced to take sides? Your fighting dream may link to all the confrontation involved with that situation.

The associations listed above are all based upon studies of real "FIGHTING" dreams. They are based upon the example dreams listed at the bottom of this page.

Fighting may represent some area of tension in your life right now. Has there been tension at work? Are you constantly arguing and bickering with someone? Have you just been involved in a bitter confrontation? Your dream will probably just be noting this bitter or continuous source of tension. Were you devastated by something yesterday?

Fighting may suggest something deeper. Do you suffer from depression? Is life a constant struggle because of some illness which is dominating your life? Did you have pain the day before the dream?

Fighting can also represent things that make us resentful. You maybe fighting against someones low opinion of you. Does someone have a low opinion of you? Do you have to fight twice as hard for recognition?

Fighting is also a symbol of effort and determination and is therefore more positive in its meaning. Have you been putting 100 percent effort into something? Are you really determined to keep a relationship going? Do you feel you are fighting a losing battle in someway? Do you tend to apply yourself totally? Does your job involve a great deal of effort and energy? Have you been involved in something which is stretching you - which is maybe too much for your ability? Maybe you have realised you need to slow down and need to be less of a workaholic?

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "they just do not recognise my abilities - its a constant STRUGGLE to prove myself"
- "I hate it when things do not turn out right!"
- "Why am I always a failure!"
- "a need to CONFRONT him"
- "I just cannot stop thinking about it"
- "I cannot accept it"
- "it was an epic STRUGGLE"
- "having to put all my energy and EFFORT into it"
- "fighting and STRUGGLING against something"
- "I just do not want to do that - I am RESISTING it as much as possible"

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did you feel particularly frustrated or resentful about how someone was acting yesterday?
- What people are you really trying to resist right now?
- What epic struggles are you currently devoting lots of energy and effort too?


Example dream : A fight symbolised a very bitter confrontation that a friend had been involved in. The dream used the metaphor of a physical fight for all the heightened emotions involved in this argument. So we can actually translate the "fight" into the words "a bitter confrontation" which appeared in the dreamers thoughts in the following context "She had this bitter argument with this guy on the internet and I tried calming her down. I tried pointing out the other persons side but I did not want to get too involved as I feared that she would turn on me."
Example dream : A dream of fighting dogs was symbolic of arguments at the dreamers work. There had been continual bickering. Dreams will often use more extreme symbols - in this case an actual physical fight to portray an argument.
Example dream : A dream about an intense fight between the dreamer and a poisonous snake took place the night after the dreamer realised that a neighbour wanted to get him evicted. The fight was a symbol for this real life dispute which was equally bitter.
Example dream : Having to fight people linked to the dreamer feeling rejected the day before. She had visited her old workplace and was largely ignored by her old workmates. She had expected a warm welcome. Fighting symbolised her feeling that she had no friends and that the world was against her - that even her old workmates rejected her. She was literally fighting the world.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer was having to fight with a man who had fallen on him. In real life the dreamer was desperate to meet a deadline or he would be in deep trouble. He was stressing out. The fight was a symbol of this really hectic work schedule and work stress which was starting to get to the dreamer.
Example dream : In real life the dreamer was getting worn down listening to his neighbour who was constantly moaning and seemed to really dislike the dreamer. The night before he had listened to his neighbour moaning for what seemed like hours. He awoke to a dream where his neighbour was arguing with another neighbour. The drama in the dream linked to the dreamer worrying about his neighbour's potential for confrontation and even violence. He feared that a violent dramatic incident was just around the corner.
Example dream : A dream about fighting off red crabs which are biting the dreamer was linked to the dreamers illness - the pain from the crabs represented his real life physical pain and battle to keep alive. He was literally "fighting" to stay alive. Think of wider usages of words connected with "lifes struggles".
Example dream : A dream with some kind of fighting taking place linked to the dreamer having a very loud radio on whilst he was asleep. The radio was broadcasting some kind of drama which had a lot going on (hence the fighting in the dream). The dream captures a thought like "I can hear the radio whilst I am asleep and it sounds like something is going on"
Example dream : Dreams where the dreamer is actually fighting with her boyfriend were linked to petty arguments between them. The intensity of the fighting was symbolic of the arguments starting to get to the dreamer.
Example dream : Fighting your father linked to the dreamers difficulties with his father who had a very low opinion of him. His father always wanted him to make more of himself. This constant struggle to receive recognition for his achievements had worn the dreamer out.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is fighting her mother linked to the dreamers resentment at her mother who had thrown her out because her new boyfriend did not like her.
Example dream : Fighting in a dream was linked to the great struggle the dreamer was involved in. She was fighting to stay sane after being completely devastated by the man she loved (who had had sex with other men). Fighting symbolised her huge anger and resentment at how he treated her. In fact you could translate symbolically the "fighting" into the word "anger" and see how it appears in her thoughts "I am so angry and resentful at how he has treated me. I was in love with him and he was sleeping with men. I am so disgusted."
Example dream : Fighting a snake in a dream linked to the dreamers difficult relationship with her father - he kept shouting at her. So physical fighting in a dream was a symbol for arguing. So you can convert the symbolic meaning of "fighting" into the word "arguing" and its simple to see how this theme of arguing had relevance in the dreamers mind right then. She had several thoughts which involved this theme such as "My father never stops picking and arguing on me. I nearly always end up in tears."
Example dream : A dream about a life threatening fighting game , like Gladiator, was linked to the dreamers future mother in law and her vicious arguments and criticism. A Gladiator style game seems like an extreme symbol but extreme symbols often show extreme feelings. Entering into a conversation or argument with her fianc├ęs mother was like entering a Gladiator style fight to the death. No mercy was shown and criticism was honest and meant to hurt.
Example dream : Fighting to keep afloat in a kayak was symbolic of the dreamers continuous problems with her father.
Example dream : A dream about a fight symbolised the dreamers problems with a man at work. Fights in dreams can often be linked to confrontational situations like this.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was fighting was fighting with her boyfriend simply replayed recent times as the dreamer had been arguing with her boyfriend.
Example dream : Fighting in a dream linked to the dreamer thinking about a man whom she was angry with. He had totally abandoned talking to the dreamer and so she was thinking how next time she would see him she would make him jealous. Fighting was symbolic of her feeling jealous and resentful.
Example dream : Fighting zombies was linked to the dreamer trying to combat feelings of low esteem and boredom in her relationship. Fighting these zombies symbolised her attempts to combat these feelings of boredom and renew her relationship. (she was fighting to improve her relationship)
Example dream : A refusal to fight dream was caused by the dreamers recognition that he had to work less hard. He had worked relentlessly night and day with a new project and now it was complete he had to slow down and enjoy life a bit more.
Example dream : A battle dream took place as the dreamer was involved in several big projects and was struggling under the pressure of work. The dream captured this feeling "I am battling with a huge workload. I have already got enough to do and the History society have been pressurising me to complete update the website."
Example dream : A dream where a famous celebrity shows great fight was linked to the dreamer facing terrible illness. The fight was symbolic of the dreamers determination and strnegth of character against this illness
Example dream : Fighting a demon linked to the dreamer suffering pain - fighting symbolised her attempts to fight off this pain.
Example dream : A good fighting soldier symbolised the dreamers ability to work really hard and commit himself one hundred percent. This had been a quality needed just recently as the dreamer had been working hard on something. Now work was less pressing and this was something that the dreamer found difficult to adjust to - he enjoyed working flat out.
Example dream : Fighting often represents something which is really stretching you - one dreamer had many fighting dreams whilst doing a demanding job.
Example dream : A dream in which the dreamer is a boxer who has organised a last fight was linked to his growing health problems. The last fight was a metaphor for him carrying on with his work. But the fight was a strong symbol showing that this was too much - a professional boxing match was too much.
Example dream : A "man falling off a tall building" dream ended up with the dreamer feeling a fight or flight response. In real life she was worried about her son who was going off the rails and mixing with the wrong type of people. The fight or flight response did have relevance to this situation. Should she confront ("fight") her son or should she just allow him to get on with it. Should she simply run away from the problem or tackle it.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer moves really fast showing courage fighting a Command post was triggered the dreamers promise the night before that he would be less lazy. But by the time he had the dream that promise was broken as he had slept in. The fighting was a symbol for his wish to achieve in life - putting in 100 percent effort.
Example dream : A dream where people are squaring up to fight linked to a work project that was causing a lot of tension.
Example dream : Fighting symbolised the dreamers depression and ill health. It was often a struggle to just get through the day. In fact many "fighting" dreams link to situations where we might use the word "struggle" such as in this case "I feel life is a continuous struggle as I constantly suffer from depression."
Example dream : The fight in the dream symbolised a real life struggle to keep a relationship going against all odds. The dreamer was really determined but at that time feeling defeated. Fighting shows your strength of feeling and unwillingness to accept failure. You fight for what you believe in!
Example dream : Fighting a group of men in a dream linked to the dreamer being annoyed at how his ex boss had treated him. He saw him by chance and he just ignored the dreamer. This made the dreamer feel like a failure - he felt his ex boss was someone whom he could rely upon as a friend yet when he ignored him it made him feel as if he could rely upon no one and that he was all alone in the world.
Example dream : A dream with fighting in was triggered by the dreamer finding out her ex boyfriend was lying to her for a long time before they split. The fighting in the dream symbolised the dreamers feeling that she could not rely on someone. She simply could not stop thinking about this issue which caused her to really resent her ex.
Example dream : A fighting dream linked to the dreamer just being dumped by her boyfriend. She hated seeing him with his new girlfriend. The fighting symbolised this difficulty in accepting and coming to terms with the break up.
Example dream : A dream about her boyfriend fighting with his ex linked to the dreamer thinking about her new boyfriend. They had both gone through a divorce and so were a little doubtful about getting serious. The fighting symbolised how he was still bitter and hurt by his own divorce.
Example dream : A dream fighting zombies linked to the dreamer trying to combat feelings of boredom due to being unemployed. He was finding it difficult to keep himself occupied and sometimes felt he was going crazy.
Example dream : Fighting a burglar linked to the dreamer having to open windows at night because of the heat. He feared burglars and so he was worried about the possible consequences of him keeping his windows open. The fighting symbolised him thinking through the possibility of danger if he kept his windows open.
Example dream : A fight in a dream linked to the dreamer trying to calm someone down. His friend was very passionate and angry about what had just happened to her.
Example dream : Fighting her step Dad linked to the dreamers mother splitting up with him. She had always hated him but now she was able to express those feelings of dislike with her mother.
Example dream : Fighting a tigress linked to the dreamer struggling with his neighbour who was constantly causing bad feelings. He did not want to start an argument which he might lose. Fighting symbolised the constant tension this person caused.
Example dream : Two animals fighting linked to the dreamer trying avoid getting drawn into an argument between two friends. The fighting symbolised his struggle to avoid getting drawn into a tense argument.
Example dream : Fighting with the manager in a dream linked to boss giving her a funny look the previous day. He was wondering if he had offended her in some way.
Example dream : Recurring dreams of violence and and fights in dreams linked to the dreamer having to meet tough deadlines at work. The fighting symbolised the constant struggle to meet work targets.
Example dream : Refusing to fight a man in a dream linked to the dreamer putting a lot of effort into his work. He realised that he needed to slow down and put greater effort into improving the quality of the work.

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