Falling is symbolic of problems - its a metaphor . We say things like - "He is in for a fall!" "The price is falling". It can be used to express all kinds of feelings and its usage in dreams is pretty much the same as in ordinary language. Think of little connections. Has someone confidence been dented? Is someones 'value' in decline? Is someone not as effective as they used to be? Is someone upset emotionally? Has someone power been dislodged?

Falling dreams can also be linked to our feelings. If someone falls then how would you react? If you help it proves courage (which maybe something important to you right now)? Saving someone may show that the person is important to you?

KEY WORDS : failure, a bad outcome, eveything is going wrong, deteriorating, negative changes, defeat, break up with boyfriend, insecurities, worries, lacking confidence, vulnerability(see if you can write down some key feelings which feature these words or short phrases. If you can think of something then its possible that your dream is a symbolic version of this thought)


Example dream : A dream of falling from a great height took place after the dreamer was confronted by a girl who said the dreamer had been talking about her. Falling represented a fear that this could only end up badly. So the dreams meaning linked to this theme of a "bad ending" and captured this exact thought process "I am really worried about the next time that I see her. I can only see it ending up badly!"
Example dream : A whale which could have fallen on the dreamer was linked to arguments at work. The dreamer feared that he may have been drawn into an argument involving supervisors. The whale falling on him was symbolic of his fears that this argument could impact on him - that it could have unpleasant consequences. The dreams meaning then linked to this theme of "unpleasant consequences" and captured this exact thought "I do not like getting involed in these arguments between supervisors. It may end up with some unpleasant consequences."
Example dream : In one dream the dreamers fears he will be dragged over a mountain and killed. This was a symbol for his extreme work stress. He feared he would fail.
Example dream : Falling trees in a dream were linked to some changes that were taking place around the dreamer. The 'falling' trees were symbolic of these negative changes. Specifically the dream caught this exact feeling "I have been worrying about these changes at work and feel that they will directly hit me."
Example dream : The dreamers niece falling down continually symbolised the continuing pressure on her. Falling down represented her nieces vulnerability and need of help.
Example dream : Teeth falling out symbolised a relationship which had just ended.
Example dream : A tooth falling out symbolised the dreamers worries that her marriage would end.
Example dream : A dream in which the dreamer falls was linked to her lack of confidence. She wanted to meet more of the type of people that she liked and admired yet she became very nervous around such people.
Example dream : A dream of falling but surviving took place whilst the dreamer was training for the Territorial Army. Falling was a symbol of the need to cope with dangerous and life threatening situations which is part of being in the army.
Example dream : A fall from a bridge symbolised the dreamers failure to take advantage of opportunities.
Example dream : A dream with falling trees took place whilst the dreamer was homeless. Falling was a symbol of this crisis.
Example dream : A huge fallen gum tree symbolised the changes that would soon be forced upon the dreamer as she would have to move home. Her house has some gum tress at the back. The fallen tree symbolises the loss of this house
Example dream : A dream about a fallen tree took place as the deamer was thinking about his need to move due to increasing health problems. The fallen tree was the same gum tree as that in his back garden. The fallen tree was symbolic of these major changes for the worse.
Example dream : A dream about a man falling off a tall building took place as the dreamer was worrying about her son who was mixing with the wrong type of people and regularly taking drugs. He was in danger of "going over the edge", his life was in danger of falling into a life of crime.
Example dream : Falling enemy soldiers were symbolic of the dreamers wish to defeat the enemy in battle. Falling was a symbol for their failure and defeat.
Example dream : A house falling down symbolised the dreamers bad back. Falling down represented this major injury.
Example dream : Falling in a dream linked to a dreamers feeling that everything she had worked for was being lost. Falling represented a feeling that everything was going wrong.
Example dream : A fall in a dream linked to the dreamers recent depression. She was very unhappy and falling was a metaphor for this descent in her emotional state.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is about to fall to the ground took place whilst he was particularly stressed out.
Example dream : The danger of falling down a ravine symbolised the delicate nature of the dreamers health. He was deeply depressed and in danger of completely losing his mind. Falling symbolised the possibility that his health could deteriorate very quickly.
Example dream : A dream with a huge fall to a gutter linked to the dreamers daring mood. Think of the phrase "landing in the gutter" meaning that you end up humiliated on the floor. The dreamer was usually very phobic and shy. He would never do anything daring or dangerous. The huge fall into the gutter was symbolic of him waking up in a daring mood, he was more willing to take risks and so more likely to end up in the gutter.

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