Doctors can symbolise several things in dreams. They can obviously link to real illness and medical issues. They may link to your own assessment of some medical problem you or a loved one is having. The doctor maybe also connected to some emotional or psychological illness. They maybe connected with a wish for some problem to be cured. Doctors can also link to some situation where you are been deeply probed on a personal level. You tell doctors everything and they may stand for a deep and honest probing of yourself.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Have you been thinking over some illness that you have?
- Have you been trying to make your life generally more happier and stress free?
- Is there something that would really improve your life?
- Has someone been asking you deeply personal questions ?

KEY WORDS/PHRASES : invasive questioning, honest, feeling unwell, thinking about your health, feeling pain, healthy relationship?

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "highly personal and invasive questions"
- "asking myself searching questions"
- "is that really healthy?"
- "attempting to cure the illness I have"
- "that would make life much better for me!"


Example dream : A dream about doctors attending patients covered in blood seems linked to the dreamers relationship problems with her partner. He was in a platonic friendship with a woman that the dreamer did not trust. She had told him her concerns yet he thought it was no problem as the relationship was purely platonic. Why all the blood and doctors? The symbolism is not entirely clear. Perhaps the dream portrays all the havoc and emotional chaos which the dreamer feels could result from this platonic friendship.
Example dream : A dream about having sex with his doctor took place when the dreamer realised that his health was deteriorating. So seeing a doctor in his dream was a literal symbol of his need to seek out his doctors help.
Example dream : Doctors in a dream linked to the dreamer feeling uncomfortable about a phone call. The doctors symbolised a similar sense of invasive questioning she would face in this phone call.
Example dream : A doctor dream took place the night after the dreamer had been thinking how to improve their relationship. He was not good at talking about his feelings. So the hospital was probably a symbol of her trying to "heal" any problems within their relationship. The dream was probably a rehearsal of how she would want to approach the situation with her boyfriend. She was experiencing these events as if they were actually happening. She was focusing on what she wanted to do and her dream allowed her to indulge these feelings.
Example dream : A doctor in a dream linked to the dreamer thinking about her own health problems. She had wanted to talk through these in detail with her husband the night before.
Example dream : Doctors and nurses performing an operation on the dreamer were linked to her worries about feeling pain during her pregnancy.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer thinks of going to his doctor because of a problem with his penis was linked to a real problem with the dreamers penis - he as suffering pain as he passed water and felt he needed to get this checked out medically.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is a doctor was linked to the dreamer thinking about his health (both mental health and physical health). The next day the dreamer was due to see his doctor and so this dream related to what he wanted to happen and how to approach it. The dream was about his attitude to his own health at this crucial time. So the doctor in the dream was quite a literal symbol as the dreamer was thinking about his own ill health. The dreamer is a doctor in the dream because he knew he had to take responsibility for his own health. The dream therefore catches this exact feeling "I need to take responsibility for my own failing health. I will see my doctor tomorrow but what I do for myself is more important. There is only a limited amount a doctor can do."
Example dream : A dream about a doctor was linked to the dreamers husband wanting to try again. It had been a deeply dysfunctional relationship and the fact that he had promised to make things better did not really convince her. It was not a healthy relationship.
Example dream : A doctors dream was thought to be a premonition. The next day her niece hurt her arm and the dreamer ended up driving her to the hospital.
Example dream : A doctors appointment dream linked to the dreamer having got his doctors appointment mixed up. The dream was then simply about some thoughts about her doctors and the appointment missed.
Example dream : A doctors dream linked to the dreamer constantly looking up peoples illnesses on the internet. She often felt like a doctor and nurse attending to her sick relatives various ailments.
Example dream : A dream where doctors perform surgery was linked to the dreamers worries about feeling pain during her pregnancy. The doctors dream was therefore an anxiety dream about her pregnancy.
Example dream : A doctors dream took place as the dreamer was ill. He urgently needed to get better as he soon had a job interview.
Example dream : A doctors dream linked to the dreamer being stressed out. He was trying to cure his own illnesses - he was aware that he was in a rut and needed to live in a healthier way.
Example dream : A dream with some English doctors and some foreign doctors linked to the dreamer trying to get out of a rut. The English doctors were symbolic of him trying to cure his own ills by carrying on with his usual routine. The foreign doctors were symbols of him trying to inject some new experiences and freshness into his life to get himself out of this rut.
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers girlfriend being a doctor linked to the dreamer feeling a lack of self worth. He ended up having a long conversation with his girlfriend. The doctor dream was symbolic of his girlfriend helping cure his emotional ills.
Example dream : A dream about the dreamer and her sister both getting health checks linked to them both having ended a relationship. The health check was symbolic of them both trying to 'recover' from these relationships. They were both addressing their lives to see if they were healthy and happy.
Example dream : A dream about her sister in a psychiatric hospital linked to her sister suffering from stress. The dream was showing he dreamer had sensed her sister was in need of some help and attention.
Example dream : A doctors office dream linked to the dreamer thinking about the move he was doing. Was this a healthy move to make? Would this make his life better?
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was furious with doctors linked to the dreamer letting slip about her ex. She ended up having to have a long and deep conversation with her boyfriend. She did not like talking openly.
Example dream : A dream about a doctors office took place at the time the dreamer was thinking about her husband. She was a little sexually repressed but her husband does not excite her. She was thinking it was him not her that was the root cause of the problem. The doctor was symbolic of this open and honest discussion within herself about emotional and sexual problems.
Example dream : A dream about a doctor probing the dreamer in surgery was linked to her having to have an interview for a job. The questions for this would be deeply probing and personal and would make the dreamer feel uncomfortable - just like a doctors questions.
Example dream : A dream about a doctor linked to the dreamers father needing to get a job. The dreamer felt that this would be a good thing for him - it would be a healthy thing to do.

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