Crashes often symbolise the dreamers thoughts about some event within the dreamers life. were things have 'crashed'. Has there just been some major argument? Has something fearful just happened?

Try not to think too big - crash dreams may simply represent your immediate plans for the day. A crash could represent your big hopes which come crashing down again. Sometimes we wake up with big plans but these immediately are frustrated. Have you been unable to get a plan going? Have you been thinking that something was completed yet you did not spot some error which has crashed the whole project?

Crashing could be a symbol for your own personality and mood right now. Do you fear nothing and do not worry about the consequences? Are you daring and wanting to take every opportunity not worried if things go wrong? Thinking negatively - do you worry that plans will crash and burn? Have you been taking on too much?


Example dream : A car crash dream took place at the same time as the dreamers sister had run away from home. The crash was symbolic of this huge crisis. The dreams meaning was linked to this theme of "crisis" and the dream probably captured this exact feeling "It has been a huge crisis since my sister ran away. I am looking to my school friends for support but they are not much help."
Example dream : A car crash dream took place the day after the dreamer had been thinking about his neighbour. He had not seen his neighbour's sister for sometime and wondered (wrongly) that she had died. So the car crash was the symbolic of this sudden death of his neighbour sister. The dreams meaning featured this theme of "sudden death" and probably captured this exact thought process "I haven't seen my neighbour's sister for ages. I wonder if something terrible has happened to her. My neighbour would be devastated if her sister had died as she does not seem to know anyone else." The dream was therefore an empathetic dream.
Example dream : The dreamer woke up in a daring mood and was not bothered about the consequences. He felt he could do anything whereas he normally woke up feeling exceptionally cautious and pessimistic. (symbolism - people who crash are often more reckless - the dreamer was in a reckless and fearless mood). The dream meaning dealt with this theme of "reckless and fearless" and captured this exact feeling "I woke up in this fearless mood and felt I could take on anything. I have been dogged by problems with someone recently and right now I feel like going to sort them out properly"
Example dream : Meteors crashing into the moon symbolised the dreamers thoughts just after the real life terror attacks on the World Trade Centre. The dream recognised the enormous consequences of this attack and the fact that the world had truly changed.
Example dream : A plane crash symbolised the dreamers arguments with her brother which she feared could get worse. So we can see how the dream uses a mirror symbol as a "plane crash" is an excellent symbol for her "fearing the worst" with her brother.
Example dream : A crash in a dream linked to the dreamers relationship problems with his girlfriend. The crash symbolised the belief that the relationship could end in disaster.
Example dream : One dreamer had a dream about a jet crashing. In real life she had been wondering if she should send her ex a Valentines message. The rest of the dream featured a number of failed relationships. The dream obviously hints that she was not optimistic about things turning out well, that she expected nothing but disaster (just like the plane crashing).
Example dream : A helicopter crashing symbolised the dreamers attitude to a project. He thought everything was OK but then at the last minute he suspected a real problem
Example dream : A bus which cannot manage a hill and goes in reverse crashing symbolised the dreamers worries that he was taking on too much and may end up over reaching himself.
Example dream : A plane crash was symbolic of the dreamers worrying about medical tests on her husband - the crash represented her fearing the worst.
Example dream : A car crash was seemingly a premonition of an identical car crash which occurred shortly after.
Example dream : One dreamer had two dreams about a helicopter crashing which resulted in deaths. Two weeks later the dreamer was online talking with her brother in Afghanistan when an identical helicopter crash took place. The dreamer felt this was a premonition of this fatal crash.
Example dream : A gigantic wolfhound crashing through the undergrowth symbolised the dreamers mother who died the next day. A crash was a symbol for this momentous event.
Example dream : Plane crashes usually symbolised a dreamers inability to get projects going. She was always full of enthusiasm for something yet lacked the real ability to pull anything off - so exciting plans would end up in failure.

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