Writers use the cold as a way of conveying certain emotions. They say cold but they mean "uninviting" or "slow" or "unfriendly". Dreams use dream symbols like cold in exactly the same way. Cold is often a symbol which helps describe your emotions towards something. A cold place could hint at your loneliness or unhappiness in some way. It could help describe a situation which is lacking positive emotions - for instance a tense workplace. Cold can also symbolise lack of activity. It maybe that you have been stopped from doing something that has left you frustrated.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Do you feel uninspired?
- Have you been dogged by delays, or the lack of progress in something?
- Has someone simply been ignoring you?

KEY WORDS : Uninspired, unwanted, disliking, delays, lack of progress, frustration, bleak prospects, unwelcoming atmosphere, lack of real affection, ignored, out of favour, missing someone, outcast, rejected, unhappy, cynical, nervous attempts

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "NOT PROGRESSING very fast"
- "it has not arrived"
- "lack of inspiration"
- "He is IGNORING me"
- "I HATE DOING that"


Example dream : Cold can symbolise lack of activity. In this case the dreamer was expecting a package to arrive but it was delayed causing immense frustration.
Example dream : A cold dark house in a dream liked to the dreamer starting a university where people did not understand her religious beliefs. The cold house symbolised this unwelcoming atmosphere. In fact we can translate symbolically the "cold" in the dream into the word "unwelcoming" and this theme of "unwelcoming" featured in the dreamers thoughts in the following way "I am just starting university and I feel out of place. Everyone seems anti religion. I do not feel at home. Sometimes I do not feel very welcome at all."
Example dream : The cold in a dream was a literal symbol for the day before when it had been bitterly cold and the dreamer was having to work when it was almost impossible.
Example dream : Antarctica in a dream was a symbol for the dreamers relationship breaking up. Antarctica is cold and bleak and he felt like he was "out in the cold."
Example dream : A castle which was very cold and grey linked to the dreamers partners family. They were very controlling and domineering. The castle's coldness was symbolic of the lack of affection they had for her.
Example dream : A dream about an igloo took place whilst the dreamer was talking with his ex girlfriend. The igloo is a cold place and is a metaphor for him being "out in the cold". The dream probably captures this type of thought "I am out in the cold still. But I sense that we might get back together again."
Example dream : A cold breeze in a dream was linked to an argument the dreamer had with her boyfriend. The cold breeze was symbolic of the emotional indifference her boyfriend had shown to her. It hints at metaphors like "he was very cold towards me" and "the atmosphere was cold." Symbolically we could translate "cold" into words and phrases like "uncaring", "indifferent" and "unhappy" all of which could apply in this situation.
Example dream : A dream in a very cold lobby linked to the dreamer thinking about her university friends. The cold symbolised the her missing these former friends.
Example dream : Feeling cold in a dream was linked to the dreamer feeling dejected in real life because he had been rejected by a girl he was attracted to.
Example dream : A cold scene represented the dreamers cold emotions as she felt unhappy
Example dream : A cold dream symbolised the dreamers harsh world as he felt as an outcast - being falsely accused of something.
Example dream : Feeling cold symbolised the dreamers difficult relationship with his father which was cold unsupported.
Example dream : Cold water in a dream linked to the dreamer feeling unhappy and unable to do as much as he used to. (cold emotions link to people feeling miserable)
Example dream : A cold and lonely house symbolised the dreamers fear that a crippling illness would now leave him alone and unhappy.
Example dream : a cold bath symbolised the end to the dreamers relationship
Example dream : An Arctic freeze across Europe was a premonition of World War One. The cold signified the absence of any positive human feelings during this terrible period of history.
Example dream : A cold dream was a symbol of the dreamers life where nothing much was happening. The cold was symbolic of the lack of activity and emotional warmth in his emotions. The dreams meaning linked to this theme of a "cold mood" within the context of this real life feeling "I have been getting some good help from some friends to help with my depression. But recently I am in a very cold mood and want to be by myself."
Example dream : A dream about a cold bedsit took place as the dreamer felt very cold emotionally and let down by a friend who he felt he could trust anyone. He was in a very cynical mood. So the dream featured this theme of "feeling cold" and "cynical about people" and the dreams meaning could be summed up by this quote "I trusted her totally but I feel let down and cynical about people".
Example dream : A dream of a cold igloo took place when the dreamer was very depressed and his life was generally bleak.
Example dream : A record cold temperature linked to the dreamer being really pleased when his camera turned up. However, he was then upset when he realised that the memory would arrive later. This really upset him. He was wanting to try out this new camera - the cold was symbolic of this just not happening - there was no progress at all.
Example dream : A cold and cramped dream linked to the dreamer being involved in a Thanksgivings Day meal for the homeless. The cold was symbolic of the lack of progress and momentum in these plans.
Example dream : The cold and dark in a dream linked to the dreamer having to produce a painting for a customer who he had just had an argument with. She could not get interested in the project. She was trying to be creative when her mood was spoiled by all this bad feeling. The cold was symbolic of her unhappy mood whilst trying to complete this project.
Example dream : Feeling cold linked to the dreamer giving his father advice on how to set up his business. However, his father rejected this help and he was making the same mistakes that he always made. The cold was symbolic of his attempts at getting through to his father were rather pointless and ineffective
Example dream : A 'cold' dream linked to the dreamer having a really bad day the day before. He just couldn't get anything done. The cold symbolised the lack of momentum and constant delays and problems.
Example dream : A cold bath dream linked to the dreamers girlfriend wanting to cool down the relationship.
Example dream : A dream about a cold street corner linked to an argument which the dreamer had just had with a friend. The cold was symbolic of the cold atmosphere between the two of them.
Example dream : A cold chocolate syrup dream seemed to link to the the dreamers thoughts about her creepy boss. His attempts at friendliness were awkward. the cold syrup was symbolic of these rather unappealing attempts at being friendly. They just left her cold.
Example dream : A dream which was 'cold' was linked to the dreamer not wanting to be a temporary manager as she was not properly trained with computers and found it difficult doing the PDA. She had to do the job even though she did not want to. The cold was symbolic of her really not wanting to do this.

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