Churches in dreams will often link to something which you firmly believed. This will often have no religious connection at all. The dream is merely showing that you had a complete faith in this. Usually the dream will mark the moment when this belief was shaken. Often church dreams will just capture this simple feeling - "I really believed that totally but now I know it not to be true".

Churches can also signify moments when you have been trying to behave in a moral way or when you have been encouraging others to live in a more moral way. Try to think how this may apply to you. Are you worried about someones bad behaviour and are you trying to show them the way? Did you try to behave in a just and honest way yesterday? Did you try to show some great kindness?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations
- What morals or core beliefs have you been thinking about?
- Were you totally convinced about something yesterday and perhaps proved wrong?
- Have you been thinking about someone who you have a total belief in?
- What morals are you trying to teach right now?

KEY WORDS : Commitment, belief, morals

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I really believed it"
- "I was convinced she felt that way"
- "I really believe in him"
- "my commitment to"
- "the morals I am trying to teach"

abandon, safe, force, upbringing, haven, ignorance, churchgoer, allows, intoxicating, diddling, frowns, mother, whisky, lobbies, in need, tradition, stare, venturing, frightened, belief, presence, sermons and lectures, self-help, intend


Example dream : A church was a symbol for what people really believed. A woman the dreamer had talked to the night before really believed that the recent bank crisis was over. The dreamers belief on the other hand was that the crisis had only just begun. The church was a symbol for this firmly held belief.
Example dream : A huge church was symbolic of the dreamers faith in someone - they had been an important role model who the dreamer had greatly admired.
Example dream : Needing to go to church linked to the dreamers need to be more open with others and have more faith in the world.
Example dream : A church in a dream was symbolic of the dreamers wish to bring up her children in a much more healthier environment - she was worried about the amount of robberies which occurred where they lived.
Example dream : A church dream linked to the dreamer having long chat with her young son. He he was worried that she was neglecting him because of the new baby. She explained that the baby needed more help and that she still loved him. The church symbolised all the positive feelings and goodness linked to this discussion.
Example dream : A dream in a church basement linked to the dreamer realising that her marriage was over. A man had propositioned her and somehow this seemed to mark the end of the marriage. The church symbolised all the commitment and belief that she had invested in the marriage.
Example dream : A church dream linked to the dreamer believing that someone was good friends but now knowing he was mistaken. The church symbolised the total belief he had had in this friendship.
Example dream : Wanting to leave church linked to the dreamer getting fed up with his mother. She was making him feel bad about himself. Leaving the church symbolised his loss of faith in her.
Example dream : A church dream linked to the dreamer watching one of his favourite films. This film was important to him and helped define him as a person. This time it seemed a little lifeless. The church symbolised his total faith in this film which had just been shaken.
Example dream : A church dream was linked to the dreamer totally believing that he would become a footballer. However this did not seem to be working out. The church symbolised this total belief in his future as a footballer.
Example dream : A huge church linked to the dreamer thinking about saying something to someone. He was convinced she would be offended so when he emailed her he was being ultra cautious. The church was symbolic of him being honest but kind.
Example dream : A church dream linked to the dreamer having totally believed something. Now it was revealed as false and he was being given a hard time. The church symbolised him believing something 100 percent.
Example dream : A church dram linked to the dreamer trying to teach her son to be less bitter and not to hold grudges. This was a side of him that she did not like . She had seemed to be making progress but the day before he had shown his worst side again. The church symbolised her wish to teach her son to behave in a moral way.

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