"Chased dreams" can be triggered by these types of feelings.

1.SOMEONE WANTS SOMETHING Were you frustrated by something that you could not get away from yesterday? Were you trying to avoid someone yesterday? Do you feel pressured to behave in a certain way? Is someone always getting on your nerves? If so your dream maybe about your inability to escape these feelings of annoyance?
2.SICK AND TIRED Are you sick and tired of someone? Are you being pressurized by someone?
3.CONFRONTATIONAre you sick of confrontation at work? Is there someone or something that you really could not get away from yesterday? Are you worried that someone is out to get you?
4.UNABLE TO FORGET Were you unable to forget about something from yesterday which left you really disturbed and upset? Are you suffering from depression? Are you getting worn down by some situation in real life? A dream about being chased may link to these stressful feelings which you just cannot seem to escape.
5.OBSESSED Has someone developed an obsessive interest in you?
All of these chased dreams meanings are all based upon real research into dreams, all of the examples of which are listed at the bottom of this article.

Being chased in a dream may simply link to your general mood and outlook. It could suggest that you have been run down and exhausted by life. So everything seems much more difficult.

Being chased in a dream could also be about something more specific. If you have been having problems with someone close to you then you simply cannot avoid the problem (you feel chased if you cannot avoid situations which are difficult or awkward for you).

KEY WORDS : Monitored, scrutiny, inhibited, not accepted, persistence, unavoidable, not trusted, self harm, pressure, important news, immediate problem, depression, responsibilities, nuisance, not enjoy, hate, arguments, tension

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "She is watching everything that I do!"
- "She picks up on every single FAULT I make!"
- "There is just NO PLEASING her!"
- "People like me are just NOT ACCEPTED or trusted"
- "I feel deeply INHIBITED"
- "I HATE MYSELF and tend to self harm"
- "I just hate being there"
- "She is trying to get me to do something I just do not want to do"
- "I just do NOT WANT to do it"
- "They just keep putting PRESSURE on me"
- "Someone has some very important news for me"

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did you feel as if someone was watching everything you did yesterday?
- Is someone putting you under pressure?
- Is there something that you simply do not want to do
- Are you often very inhibited


Example dream : Chased by an alligator symbolised the dreamers feeling that she was being shunned by a friend. She felt humiliated and disrespected. She had been waiting for a response that never came.
Example dream : Being chased by two people linked to the dreamer feeling trapped looking after his sick mother. They were both getting on each others nerves. Being chased symbolised his inability to escape from this tension. He could not go anywhere so wherever he went at home his mother was not far away so "chased" is an excellent metaphor. The "chase" in the dream translated into the words "I cannot get away from her" and the dreams meaning captured this wider thought "I simply cannot get away from my mother as I am looking after her all the time. I just need some time to myself as we are both getting on each others nerves."
Example dream : Being chased in a dream was symbolic of the dreamers stressful day the day before. (she wanted to get away (run away) from the stress). The dreams meaning revolved around this theme of "unwanted stress" and captured the following feeling "I just cannot seem to get away from all this stress. I had an especially aggravating day yesterday."
Example dream : Being chased by a dragon was a symbol for a huge argument that the dreamer had just had with his ex's best friend. This was something that he wanted to get away from. The chase therefore translated symbolically into the word "wanted to get away" and the dreams meaning captured this exact thought "I wanted to get away from my ex's best friend. She came at my and started arguing like a crazy woman."
Example dream : Being chased by a snake symbolised the dreamers own insecurities. She had been cheated on by her former boyfriend and the previous evening had seen her boyfriend check out another girl. Being chased symbolised her inability to get really trust men after being cheated on.
Example dream : Chased in a dream symbolised worries about an offensive email sent to the dreamer. This issue was preoccupying his mind. He felt that this person would not give up attacking him. The dreams meaning linked to this theme of "someone not giving up" in the following way "I received this offensive email from him and I think he is unhinged and will go anywhere or do anything to get at me. I know that work will protect me from him but I am still a little unsettled."
Example dream : A dream about being chased by a gigantic cat was linked to something which was happening whilst the dreamer was sleeping. She was woken by her own pet kitten playfully pawing her. The chasing was therefore a symbol of the kittens persistence. (because if you are chasing after someone it shows that you are persistent)
Example dream : Getting chased by aliens symbolised the dreamers difficulties with people at work. He could not get along with some people and could not easily avoid them.
Example dream : A dream of being chased by a shark was linked to the dreamer feeling pressured to go to wild parties. So the dreams meaning included this theme of "feeling pressured" and caught this exact thought "My roommate has invited me to Missouri for the July 4th but I am a bit wary as I know he goes to some wild parties. I would feel very pressured to get involved."
Example dream : Being chased in a dream linked to the dreamers thoughts about her boyfriend. She had broken off with him because he wasn't willing to commit. The chasing was probably a symbol of her wishes - she wished he was more attentive andd romantic. (She wished he was chasing after her more).
Example dream : Being chased symbolised a woman who was convinced she was to marry the dreamer. Being chased therefore linked to a wish to get away from someone he was trying to avoid.
Example dream : Chasing after wild animals which were trying to eat her parents and then giving up linked to the dreamers frustration at her parents who seemed increasingly dependant on her. So being chased represented the need to sort out the problems her parents had created.
Example dream : Being chased by a shark symbolised the dreamers thoughts about her boyfriend. She was thinking what he would be like in a crisis. She concluded he was emotionally unresponsive
Example dream : A wolf chasing the dreamer symbolised her complete exhaustion. She was run down and depressed. She felt worn down by bad feelings that she could not get away from.
Example dream : Being chased in a dream linked to the very conservative society that the dreamer had just moved back to after spending time in the liberal west. Being chased symbolised the extreme cultural pressure put on women to behave in a certain way.
Example dream : Being chased in a dream linked to the dreamer needing to do something the next day which he really did not want to do.
Example dream : A shark chasing the dreamer symbolised his inability to forget about a friends journal which he had read.
Example dream : The dreamer had felt extremely worn down the day before a dream of being chased by an army. He felt unable to get away from depressive feelings.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is being chased in her own home linked to her facing constant pressure from her mother who was monitoring every move that she made. She had gone off the rails but was now been told to change her ways by her mom. Being chased symbolised the constant pressure from her mom.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is being chased by wasps linked to her mother in law coming to stay. The dreamer really hated her and being chased by wasps symbolised her inability to get away from her mother in law.
Example dream : A dream where dogs chase the dreamer linked to her being unhappy in herself - she tended to self harm. She could not get away from these bad feelings.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is being chased by a doctor linked to her having to have a talk with her boyfriend. She let something slip about her ex and ended up having to have a deep talk with her boyfriend. Being chased symbolised the dreamer having to do something that she did not like doing - talking about her feelings.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is being chased linked to the him really disliking work. He did not click with anyone there. Being chased was symbolic of him doing something that he did not enjoy doing.
Example dream : A dream being chased by a dark cloud linked to the dreamers husband being offered an opportunity in a new city. She was happy where she lived and did not want to move. Being chased was symbolic of her maybe having to move house when she did not want to.
Example dream : A dream about being chased and raped by an ex co-worker linked to her realising that the worst thing that could have happened to her was to have got the promotion that she got. She had had a terrible time as a manager. Being chased was therefore symbolic of a job which made her continuously unhappy.
Example dream : Being chased in a factory linked to the dreamer feeling frustrated with arguments at work. He simply could not escape the tension and arguments.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is chased by a co-worker linked to an argument the previous day. He had let things get out of hand and was thinking how he should be like his friend at work and ignore petty disputes.
Example dream : Being chased by monsters linked to the dreamers boyfriend whose ego was out of control. He was applying for American Idol and his parents had strange views about him becoming famous. Being chased by monsters symbolised the pressure on her to accept these delusional beliefs.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was chased by someone who turned out to be her husband linked to her having been propositioned the day before. If she went with him then she would accept that her marriage was over. Being chased symbolised attention and interest from men.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers older son chases her youngest linked to her feeling that they hated each other. Being chased symbolised the dreamers belief that they hated each other and meant each harm. In truth this was not the case - they just laughed at this idea - but that's how the dreamer felt.
Example dream : Being chased by the police linked to the dreamer getting told off by her mom (the dreamer responded by telling her mom she was wrong). Being chased by the police symbolised her mother putting pressure on her to behave properly.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is being chased by someone who 'wants to find them' was felt to be a premonition of her husbands death. She knew where to find him - he had committed suicide.
Example dream : A dream where people are chasing the dreamer linked to him wanting to design a system which was flexible which would allow people to use it in exactly the way they wanted. Being chased symbolised the dreamer wanting to respond to people in the way that they wanted (if someone chases you its because they want something from you).

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