Dream symbols can translate directly into words which describe our feelings right now. Castles link to words like strength, defend and resist. How might you use these words to describe your feelings right now. If you can make an association with a dream then the dream maybe about that subject. Here are some associations that you can link to "CASTLE" dreams.

3. DEFENDING YOURSELF. Have you been trying to fend off criticism? Have you been trying to criticise someone who is putting up stiff resistance?
4. DEFENSIVE. Are you very defensive? Are you very inward and introvert, always lockng people out? Your dreams will touch on this tendency to shut people out.
4. CAUTIOUS. Were you especially cautious yesterday? Are you trying to approach something cautiously?

The associations listed above are all based upon studies of real "CASTLE" dreams. They are based upon the example dreams listed at the bottom of this page.

Think of what a castle is! A castle has real strength and is able to withstand an attack. So a castle could symbolise something that has strengthened you and toughened you. Perhaps you feel greater confidence because of someone's support and encouragement.

In a similar way a castle could symbolise something which is strong. You could be thinking about an idea which for you has great strength. You may have been thinking about the best (strongest) approach to something.

Castles are also places of great strength built to defend. So a castle could symbolise anything connected with defence. This particularly applies to people who have been very defensive. So your dream maybe suggesting that you have been very defensive recently and inward looking.

Castles then can be quite complex symbols. Try to think how the dream could link to recent thoughts especially the day before. Then try to think how the words defensive, cautious, strengthen, inaccessible, and resistant appear in your emotions and thoughts right now.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations
- Who has been acting or feeling very defensive or sensitive(including you)?
- Has something helped strengthen you and improve your confidence?
- Who was acting defensively yesterday?
- Have you been trying to think over a problem which seems inaccessible and difficult to understand?
- Did you put up a stiff resistance in some incident yesterday?

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "He is very defensive and sensitive"
- "I put up a stiff resistance yesterday"
- "I was a little too cautious yesterday"
- "She is difficult to understand and somewhat inaccessible"
- "I need to feel safe"
- "being there has strengthened my confidence"
- "I want to strengthen my approach to this"
- "They will simply not let you in"
- "I want this as strong as possible"


Example dream : A dreams with many pictures of castles was linked to the dreamers real worries about bird flu - which had just featured on the news. The castles were symbols of how the dreamer was thinking people would react - by making their home into a fortress. Indeed this theme of "making your home into a fortress" was pivotal in his thinking as he believed "if flu outbreaks then millions will die and people will turn their homes into castles and imply will not come out for fear of catching illness"
Example dream : A castle in a dream was perhaps a symbol of the dreamer feeling very defensive after a woman had been asking him some very direct questions. The castle represents his ability to defend himself and his ideas against some direct criticism. (castles are places of great strength and can represent anything that is strong - such as an ability to fend off criticism). So the dreams meaning involved this theme of "defensive" and captured this exact thought "I thought she was very critical of my ideas and dismissed it all as mumbo jumbo. I was becoming very defensive towards her but actually she seems very interested."
Example dream : A castle dream linked to the dreamers partners family. They were very controlling and domineering - they would impose themselves on all those around them.
Example dream : A castle dream linked to the dreamers tendency to be introverted (her personality was very defensive - locked away behind strong impenetrable walls). The dreams meaning featured this theme of "introverted" and "defensive personality" in the following way "I am very introverted and probably quite defensive. I live my life inside my head."
Example dream : A dream about finding the strongest castle represented the dreamers thoughts the night before about finding out his best approach to present ideas. The four castles represented his wish to try out various approaches and the best castle symbolised his wish to seek out the strongest approach.(castles can represent strength as they are difficult to capture)
Example dream : A castle symbolised the dreamers tendency to be introverted and very defensive. Being saved from the castle symbolised a friend who had brought her out of herself. Her friend had broken through her huge defensive nature.
Example dream : A castle in a dream was linked to the dreamers strong internal barriers - he had become very defensive generally. The castle was just like him - putting up a huge barrier against the world.
Example dream : A castle in a dream was linked to the dreamers thoughts about one of his patients (he was a psychoanalyst). He thought she had been defensive and inaccessible and generally difficult to understand.
Example dream : A castle in a dream linked to a group of friends who the dreamer realised had provided lots of help and support over a period of time allowing the dreamer to grow in confidence and feel secure.
Example dream : A dream about church which resembled a castle linked to the dreamer not wanting to offend someone and his attempts to act as cautiously as possible.
Example dream : A dream about a castle linked to the dreamer being pushed into doing something. The castle symbolised her attempts to put up a stiff resistance
Example dream : A castle dream linked to the dreamer feeling very defensive in nature. He put up huge barriers against the world and constantly felt under valued.
Example dream : A dream of a railway heading for a castle linked to the dreamer feeling very under valued the previous day. Heading for the castle symbolised her determination in feeling defensive and withdraw. When she woke up she was feeling a lot better.

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