If you wish to understand how dream symbols work then you need to think about them in depth. What is a burn? What emotions do you associate with them? Fire is dangerous and it often links to something that you want to avoid. Several burnt dreams in our study occurred the day after the dreamer encountered someone who clearly did not want to talk about something. So the dream probably links to your recognition of a sensitive and touchy subject. Its an important skill to recognise peoples boundaries so we devote time to thinking through such matters.

In a similar way 'burnt dreams' can tap into people who have been thinking about painful memories. Some dreams in our studies clearly occurred at times when the dreamer was dwelling on deep emotional pain. A burn is something that we clearly wish to avoid. So they can symbolise a similar feeling of emotional pain which we clearly wish to avoid repeating. Burnt dreams are also linked to mistrust in general. We often say that we do not want to get burnt when we mean that we do not trust someone.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations
- On the day before the dream were you upset or very sensitive about some issue?
- On the actual day of the dream are you likely to face questions on some painful issue?
- Were you lying awake in bed last night thinking over some bad memories?

KEY WORDS : sensitive subject, painful , touchy, mistrust, depression,scared senseless, disastrous relationship, manipulated

KEY PHRASES(The burnt dreams in our studies have been shown to link to feelings like these.) :
- "I realise that there is a DEEP PAIN inside me"
- "It is a SENSITIVE SUBJECT and its very painful to talk about"
- "Its a very TOUCHY SUBJECT"
- "I keep being reminded of all the PAINFUL MEMORIES"
- "I DEEPLY MISTRUST him and believe he is dangerous"
- "You should not even go near that subject. Its out of bounds."


Example dream : A burnt face in a dream linked to the dreamers marriage counselling - the dreamer felt she had said something that had really hurt her husband. The meaning of "burnt" could translated into the word "hurt" and the dream probably caught this feeling "We have been going to marriage counseling. My husband was very hurt by something I said. He seemed very quiet afterwards." So someone burnt could symbolise something that has hurt them emotionally. We use "burnt" in this sense with phrases like "he was burnt in his last relationship."
Example dream : Her son in danger of being burned linked to the dreamer being unhappy that her ex husband had custody of her son over the weekend (and her feeling that he was not capable of looking after him). Being burnt symbolised the dreamers fear feelings about ex - he was irresponsible and not capable of looking after her son and protect him from danger.
Example dream : A child being burnt in a dream linked to the dreamer thinking about doing a Ouija board. The child being burnt symbolised the dreamers fear that this would scare him senseless. People use the term "I was burnt" to express a feeling like "I lost out badly" or "I was out of my depth." This dream probably caught this exact feeling "I am scared to do this Ouija board as I maybe doing something which I really do not know anything about. I may get stung badly. I maybe out of my depth."
Example dream : Scenes of burning people symbolised the dreamers bad depression at the time. These scenes were very bleak and full of destruction. They reflected his emotions at the time.
Example dream : A ghost with burnt skin linked to the dreamer thinking constantly about a disastrous failed relationship.
Example dream : Burnt skin and cuts around wrists in a dream linked to the dreamers continuous depression and suicidal feelings.
Example dream : A dream with burns around her friends neck linked to the dreamer thinking about her friend who had committed suicide. The burns symbolised her understanding his pain and sorrow.
Example dream : Being hit with a burning poker symbolised the deep pain the dreamer felt when her husband had an affair with another woman.
Example dream : A burnt child symbolised the fear of messing with the unknown as the dreamer was thinking of holding a Ouija board.
Example dream : A snake spitting venom that burns whilst the dreamer covers her daughters face linked to the dreamer disliking her sister. She was a bad influence and she did not like her daughter being around someone like that. The burning symbolised her sisters venomous and bitter nature.
Example dream : A burnt thumb linked to the dreamer breaking up with her boyfriend. The burns symbolised his manipulative behaviour which was damaging the dreamer.

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