Bikes are by their very nature designed for just one person. So they tend to link to feelings where you feel either isolated and having to forge through on your own. Did you feel especially isolated yesterday. Have you had to do something all on your own. Has someone been unavailable - so you had to do things on your own?

On the other hand they can symbolise moments when you tend to do things your own way. Do you tend to do things your own way? Have others noted your own wish to do things your way?

Bikes may also show you trying to pursue your own goals and trying to do what you want to do.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did you feel as if you had to do everything yourself yesterday?
- Do you feel isolated?
- Are you doing exactly what you want to do?

KEY WORDS : Isolated, hard work, doing it my own way

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "its been really HARD WORK "
- "doing it my OWN WAY"
- "doing what I want to do"
- "having to carry on ON MY OWN"


Example dream : Riding a bike linked to the dreamers wish to get sometime alone with her husband the day before. Riding anything can be a sexual metaphor. A bike also taps into her wish to be 'alone' and get away from others.
Example dream : The bike dream linked to a long difficult project the dreamer had to complete. Her teacher then asked her to do it again. A bike journey is a long and arduous task just like the project that the dreamer was having to repeat.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer and his ex are both on bikes represented the two going their separate ways (the bikes represented the "single life"). Only one person can go on a bike so it probably links to how they were both coping with the single life after the break up. In the dream the dreamer has an accident so this probably shows that he was doing much worse than his ex.
Example dream : In one dream the bike has a very unusual symbolic meaning. The dreamer dreamt that she was a bike. In real life she was worried about her lack of sex drive and lack of emotional intimacy with her husband. In the dream she dreams that she is a machine (a bike) and so this has obvious relevance here. A machine is very machine like and shows no emotions. This could easily symbolise a feeling like "I am unable to express my emotions properly. I am very machine like emotionally." During the dream the dreamer just hangs there very passively. This could symbolise the feeling "I seem to just lie there during sex whilst my husband does everything. I am very passive."
Example dream : A bike dream was linked to the dreamer thinking about work. In the dream she was trying to keep up her speed against cars. The bike was symbolic of her thoughts about her work. She enjoyed the pace of work - it was hard work trying to keep up the pace (just like a bike).
Example dream : A bike symbolised the dreamers state - he was often on his own (a bike is made for one) and was missing a club which had now closed down. So bikes can represent your tendency to be by yourself.
Example dream : A bike dream linked to the dreamer having just had a really bad day. The bike was symbolic of all the hard work and hassle she got that day
Example dream : A dream with a bike puncture linked to the dreamer having a really bad day. Everything that she wanted to achieve seemed like such hard work.
Example dream : A bike puncture dream linked to the dreamer feeling really isolated. It had been a long struggle that day.
Example dream : A bike dream linked to the dreamer being increasingly isolated at work. He found it really difficult to get along with people and the work was draining him anyway.
Example dream : A bike ride linked to the dreamers therapist being very ill. It was a big struggle carrying on alone without that support.
Example dream : A bike dream linked to the dreamer being criticised or being arrogant and doing things in his own way.

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