Beauty may show that you have been thinking deeply and been highly pleased at your own progress or you have been valuing yourself more.

Something beautiful may also show that you had a very touching moment the day before. Either you visited a place of beauty or someone did something that really affected you. Maybe someone acted in a highly moral way? Have you just visited someone who is ill? Something beautiful may appear in a dream after you have seen a distressing change in someone. For instance if someone so strong and powerful has now is just a shadow of their former self. You remember them as they were at their best.

KEY WORDS :growing as a person, sexy, attractive, happier, fond memories, doing your best, close friendship, perfect situation, fantasy, integrity, honesty, love, at peace, tranquility, showing strength, deep and meaningful (write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see where these words appear)


Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was swimming beautifully was linked to the dreamers decision to seek a divorce. Scenes we describe as beautiful in some way are often symbolic of moments when we grow as people - in this case the dreamer recovered her self respect and decided to seek a divorce.
Example dream : A dream of a beautiful moonlit sky was linked to the impact of the 9-11 attacks. We must assume that this dream was about the dreamers emotions following this terrible act of terror. The 'beautiful' scene was perhaps an odd symbol to be used in a dream which linked to the dreamers emotional reaction to the massive terror attacks which had just taken place in real life. The beautiful scene was followed by a meteor impact. Perhaps the scene was beautiful to convey a feeling of enormity and also the feeling that a largely peaceful and idyllic world was shattered by a horrible attack.
Example dream : A work of art which the dreamer sees as beautiful and abstract was linked to the dreamers break up with his ex. He had deeper motives for this and needed to break away and achieve things in life. So the artwork was beautiful because it represented his deeper thinking and motivation which was all for the best.
Example dream : A beautiful waterfall was symbolic of the dreamers own peace and tranquility which was always upset whenever she came into contact with her sister.
Example dream : A dead bird which was obviously colourful and beautiful was linked to the dreamer thinking about an old relationship. The beautiful bird was symbolic of the dreamers thoughts about this old flame, she had been a wonderful girlfriend.
Example dream : A dream about a beautiful gypsy was linked to an incident from the day before. The dreamers flatmate flashed him - and the beautiful gypsy was a symbol of this sexually attractive girl.
Example dream : A dream of his girlfriend having a beautiful baby was symbolic of his growing love for her.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers ex complimented her on her straightened hair linked to him saying exactly the same thing the night before. If he was saying nice things in real life then surely the dream deals with the possibility that they may get back together.
Example dream : A beautiful display was linked to the dreamers thoughts about a work colleague who had a wonderful way with words and was a very colorful character.
Example dream : A beautiful mermaid dream took place when the dreamers friend had just got a new girlfriend. The dream's meaning linked to this exact feeling "my friend has got a new girlfriend. All I can think of is how it's going to turn bad again and he is going to end up broken hearted." The beautiful mermaid was a symbol for the lure of this new girlfriend and the perfect romantic feelings that we get at the start of a relationship.
Example dream : Beautiful people in one dream linked to a very pure and honest admission from the dreamers workmate (this was a beautiful act). The dreamer felt guilty because he had been quite deceptive and this contrasted with his colleagues honorable actions.
Example dream : A beautiful scene linked to the dreamers relationship with his wife which was extremely happy and yet she chose to ask him about his infidelities the year before. Things had been so perfect!
Example dream : A dream about Brad Pitt thinking that the dreamer was beautiful was linked to a guy the dreamer was interested in. Him thinking she was beautiful symbolised his real life attraction to her. He had said that if he was interested in a relationship then he thought that she was 'GF material'.
Example dream : A beautiful scene about a baby represented the dreamers realisation the night before that he was starting to really grow as a person. (it was a beautiful transformation)
Example dream : A dream about a beautiful rainbow was symbolic of the inspiring mood the dreamer woke up with. Dreams often capture strong moods that are developing during sleep.
Example dream : A beautiful bird symbolised the dreamers brother who was in his final stages of cancer. He had once been so proud and healthy and now it was such a contrast. The beautiful bird was a symbol of his former health and happiness. The beautiful bird represented these fond memories.
Example dream : Beautiful scene full of life was symbolic of the dreamers real hopes for the future which contrasted with a rather difficult few months prior to the dream.
Example dream : A beautiful scene in a dream was linked to a really good mood brought on by meditation and good energy work.
Example dream : A once beautiful horse symbolised the dreamers sadness about his once so passionate friend. Now he seemed a shadow of his former self. She had been thinking about this friend the night before and this dream was capturing the changes in her friends fortune.
Example dream : A beautiful scene in a dream symbolised a wonderful emotional day the day before whilst the dreamer was on holiday. She climbed up a mountain with her husband and then bathed blissfully in a lake. It was a truly beautiful day which helped her grow as a person and also strengthened her relationship with her husband.
Example dream : A Goddess wearing a beautiful white dress seems to have linked to the dreamer being on a spiritual high. What associations can we make with this beautiful dress? Someone in a very spiritual mood might wear a white dress as this seems appropriate. The beautiful dress matched the beautiful mood of the dreamer who was full of spiritual energy.
Example dream : A dream about a beautiful bronze ladder was linked to the dreamer about to be executed in real life. She lived in ancient Rome and was a Christian about to be executed for her Christian beliefs. The "beautiful" ladder was linked to her total belief in her religion and her wish to show strength as she was executed.
Example dream : A dream about watching a beautiful woman having sex took place at a time when the dreamer was having some sexual fantasies about a woman (a different but equally beautiful woman).
Example dream : A beautiful scene in a dream represented the dreamers wish to visit the countryside the next day.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer was looking at a beautiful girl from his schooldays. In real life he was feeling his age. Why would the dream feature a beautiful girl? It was the opposite of his present situation, a girl who was young and beautiful rather than old and in ill health.
Example dream : A beautiful scene was linked to some thoughts the dreamer was having about himself - he was trying to slow down and become a happier and more balanced person. (A beautiful scene therefore represents contentment and happiness within you)
Example dream : Beautiful new furniture symbolised the dreamers recognition of his recent progress as a person. He was thinking in new ways. It was a genuinely interesting time in his life
Example dream : A beautiful beach scene in a dream was thought to be a premonition of when the dreamer met her future husband. This was a scene of great beauty and was the start of a wonderful relationship.
Example dream : One dreamer had a beautiful dream on a beach and was shocked when someone told her he had that exact same dream the night before. This beautiful dream seems to have been some kind of telepathic experience.
Example dream : A beautiful scene symbolised the dreamers fantasies. She had been watching TV the night before and her mind was wandering
Example dream : A 'beautiful' woman in a dream linked to the dreamers own good looks. She was trying to come to terms with her own good looks after being raped. She was a very sexy and attractive woman - but now this made her feel uncomfortable.

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