In a dream you might be in a full scale military battle. Yet this will probably be a symbol for some major emotional struggle or "warlike situation" in your life. Think how you would use the word "battle" in this wider sense to describe your feelings. Battles usually symbolise the struggles of your life. Have you been struggling with a project? Have you been battling with someone? Was yesterday a hard day? SEE ALSO (War)

KEY WORDS : Argument, opposition, struggling, prejudice, upheaval, bitter, conflict, volatile situation, rejection, cannot take any more, not accepted, premonition, determined, militaristic personality, make an effort

abandonment, incident, hit, investigate, one-sided, overwhelm, immersed, never-ending, attack, aggravation, orphanage, responsibility, door-to-door, weaker, magnificently, masterminding, hand-to-hand, volunteered, witnessed, making preparations just in case, self preservation, tumultuous, commanded, contingency, planning, nonsense, accidentally, menacing, suicidal, conflicting, complicated, desperately, stinging, poisoned, spectacular, unperturbed, responsible, surrounded, explosive, unprepared, entangled, wilderness, celebrates, reinforced, regardless, excellence, supporters, everywhere, protesters , protection, rebellion, conquering, lovingly, disbelief, demanding, survival, vanishing, tightened, equaliser, execution, rejection, unwritten, exonerate, finally, losses, slaughter, marauders, summoning, countless, condemned, companion, helpless, vultures, frowning, refusing, devoutly, stunning, running, volatile

Dreams make associations. Think of anything that comes to mind when you read through the list of word associations above. Dreams will especially link to recent thoughts and moods. If you can think of a way in which you might use one of these words then the dream may just capture that exact thought.

For instance, a "battle" dream could link to the word "countless" and the dream capture a thought like "I have sold countless items. Its a demanding and never-ending job. Its a real battle".


Example dream : A battle between two sharks in a dream maybe linked to an incident the day before. The dreamer had been playfully pitting two friends against each other. The "shark battle" was a symbol of this play fight and the dream was probably about some thought in connection with this such as "pitting those two against each other might have been risky. One have come out worse and they may have ended up being embarrassed which is something I would not have wanted." Edgey humour of all kinds can be quite risky as you have to engage in something quite risky in order to get a laugh. But sometimes this may go wrong. The mind maybe playing through the dangers of putting people against each other.
Example dream : A battle linked to the dreamer feeling awkward around someone. She left and because she thought he was evil. Some people might not have understood this and even thought she was at fault for exaggerating things. The battle was symbolic of this very involved situation and her having to prove herself. The dreams meaning involved this theme of "having to prove yourself" and the dream linked to the following feeling "I hate that man. I know he is evil and he has it in for me. I just do not like being around him. I know he will be saying things about me and that I constantly have to prove that he is the evil one and I am innocent."
Example dream : A dream where people are preparing for battle was linked to events just before the dreamer went to sleep. She had sensed a "bad spirit" or "presence" and decided that she would not fall asleep until she had warned off this evil spirit. A battle was a symbol which recreated her emotions during this situation. Here are some associations we can make with a "battle" and this real life situation
Example dream : A dream about fighting a battle against some crabs was linked to the dreamers health problems - which soon would take his life - he was literally fighting a battle to stay alive.
Example dream : A battle dream took place as the dreamer was involved in several big projects and was struggling under the pressure of work. The dream captured this feeling "I am battling with a huge workload. I have already got enough to do and the History society have been pressurising me to complete update the website."
Example dream : A dream about entering enemy territory in a battle situation linked to the dreamer thinking about the day to come. She was due to meet a man she loved but whom she had fallen out with. The enemy territory and battle scene symbolised her recognition that the next day could feature some heated discussions with this man.
Example dream : Some kind of battle linked to the dreamer wanting to keep her relationship with her boyfriend going despite him moving to another state. The battle symbolised the massive struggle and real effort this would involve.
Example dream : A dream about a seemingly endless battle against people who were hostile took place immediately after the dreamer had watched a very moving film. The film was about a man who faced huge level of opposition to his ideas and had had to "battle to gain recognition" for his remarkable invention. The dreamer was able to identify with these emotions and the dreams meaning probably revolves around him reliving his own "battles" in life.
Example dream : A battle in a dream was triggered by tension at work over a project. The situation was very volatile and could easily get out of hand.
Example dream : The battle symbolised a relationship that the dreamer was desperately trying to keep alive. It was a real life battle

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