Obviously if you are wanting to get pregnant or if you are pregnant or thinking about pregnancy in general then your dream could be literal. Its in some way about a real life baby or wish to have a baby. If you can think of some fresh thought or feeling concerning babies then your dream is probably a symbolic version of that thought.

Babies can also be highly symbolic in dreams. They are the minds way of saying that something is new. That maybe a new hobby or a new idea. It has just been born into your world or mind and you are watching its growth. Think of something 'new' - your dream might be about that. You maybe have become highly involved in something - a new hobby that is very much 'your baby'.

Babies can be a symbol of new and fresh emotions. Maybe you have sense of optimism? Maybe your relationship has entered a new fresh phase.

Babies also need care and attention so the dream maybe linked to a need to slow down and show greater care and attention to yourself. Have you thought to yourself that you need to look after yourself?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Have you made a fresh new start?
- Are there some new opportunities opening up for you?
- Is there some exciting project that you are pursuing with great interest?
- Is there a new mood within you?

KEY WORDS : New, fresh, personal project, opportunity, exciting

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "a new willingness"
- "something new"
- "a fresh start"
- "a new opportunity"
- "a new exciting project "


Example dream : A dream with four babies in linked to the something which had happened the day before. The dreamer had felt an increasing connection with a man. They were previously just friends and now she felt a real closeness to him after he opened up to her. There was now a real possibility they would become a couple - the babies representing his two children and her two children and together they could bond as a family. She was seeing him as a father to her two children. So the dreams meaning involved this theme of "a possible father to my children" and linked to this exact thought "I had a close moment with a male friend. I helped calm him down and I can see us becoming a couple. He would be a good father to my two children."
Example dream : A baby mouse dream took place whilst the dreamer had a mouse infestation. The baby mouse tapped into the thought that the mouse could breed. In this way the dream deals with the thought "if the mouse breeds then I will then have a real problem."
Example dream : Having a baby dream when you did not know you were pregnant linked to the dreamers friend saying she had been putting on weight (and so probably looked pregnant). The dreams meaning linked to this theme of "putting on weight" and caught a wider thought maybe like this "We were talking for ages about her putting on weight. I was a bit worried it might annoy our boss but she is really getting fat and she is really worried about it."
Example dream : A dream about giving a baby up for adoption was caused by the dreamer getting mad at her husband and child. She walked out on them for a night. Giving up a new born baby was a symbol of this type of thought - "I could never walk out permanently on my husband and young son. I just need to make a stand so that they respect me more." So the dream was about her getting mad at her son and husband but realising that she could not give them up permanently as they meant too much to her.
Example dream : A baby in a dream that died maybe linked to some problems the dreamer had with money. She was banking on some money coming through but it did not. The disappointment with the baby dying mirrored the disappointment with the money not coming through. The "baby" and the real issue feature important emotions which are common to both. A new baby is a fresh new arrival which makes us feel good and happy. This money coming through filled the dreamer with joy.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is protecting a baby during a tornado linked to the dreamer being pregnant in real life and fearing that she would lose the baby. The dreams meaning therefore revolved around this theme of being pregnant and caught this type of thought "I fear losing the baby and therefore need to be careful not to do anything reckless."
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers shows concern for his sisters baby daughter was linked to his relationship with a woman. They had been fighting for a long time. His concern for the baby was linked to a new sense of concern and willingness to compromise. The dream showed that his present mood was dominated by emotional concern for others. In particular he felt "I should show more consideration for her as she is quite weak and vulnerable."
Example dream : Looking after a baby symbolised the dreamers need to be more caring and attentive. He needed to listen to his girlfriend and look after her needs (in the way that you try to think what a baby wants and needs). Think of feelings that are common both to the dreamers relationship with his girlfriend and to caring for a baby. Emotions like "devoted to her needs" and "needing to give her whatever she wants" he and even "crying if she doesn't get her own way."
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers girlfriend has a beautiful baby was symbolic of his growing love for her and belief that the relationship could last. He was seeing her as a potential mother to his children.
Example dream : Holding a baby dream linked to the dreamer wanting to get back together with a woman friend - he was trying show her his gentle and caring side. (when looking after a baby you need to show gentleness)
Example dream : A newborn baby in a dream linked to the dreamers relationship with her boyfriend. They had just stopped fighting and the baby was a symbol of this fresh new mood and also a belief that they were growing as a couple (that the relationship was serious enough to have children). (you have children with a serious long term partner - rather than a one night stand)
Example dream : A baby symbolised the dreamers problem with a man she was interested in. The problem was that he had a child with his ex (he had responsibilities and ties) and he would always be linked to her through that. So we can see that the dream is about an actual baby in real life and the commitments that this would involve and how this would affect the dreamers relationship with that man.
Example dream : Two babies in a house in a dream was linked to the dreamer moving in with her boyfriend. She was worried that they would start having tantrums and it would all end up badly.
Example dream : A baby symbolised the dreamers own development. He was growing in many new and exciting ways. He was thinking about these changes the night before
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers ex has a baby with his new girlfriend was linked to the dreamers need to "stay out of her ex's business". Her ex was getting along nicely with his new girlfriend and they both seemed compatible. Why would they have a baby in the dream? This probably catches this type of thought "My ex and his new girlfriend are getting along nicely". The dreamer was probably thinking about the state of his ex's relationship with his new girlfriend. Them having a baby hints at the strength of the relationship and "settling down", "a long term relationship" and "they are made for each other." So the dream probably hints at thoughts like "my ex is getting on well with his new girlfriend and they seem to be getting along well. They might even settle down so I have got to accept that my relationship with him is over."
Example dream : A baby dream linked to the dreamer thinking about her own baby. She had just gone back to work.
Example dream : A baby eaten by a snake seemed to link to the dreamers mother whose illness and possible death had the dreamer in tears the night before. His mother was now like a baby - quite vulnerable (their roles had reversed - the mother was now dependant and vulnerable like a child)
Example dream : A baby dream was caused by a triggered by the dreamers thoughts about a project that he had become very emotionally attached to. It was his 'baby'.
Example dream : A dream of lots of babies being neglected was caused by the dreamers worries about her new training course in a nursery. She was going to start in a nursery and was worried that she had no previous experience looking after babies
Example dream : Baby birds in a dream linked to the dreamers decision to walk out on her family and child. She was thinking deeply about why she abandoned her own child.
Example dream : A baby that's actually a devil was linked to the dreamers new feelings about a new relationship (which had just been 'born' into his life). It was wanted at first but now the dreamer was realising it was a selfish and hasty act.
Example dream : A dream with a new born baby was symbolic of some new circumstances in the dreamers life. These were making the dreamers life happier.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer had a baby. She did not have a baby in real life but she had just moved into a new flat and was about to start a new course. The baby was symbolic of all the hard work this was going to involve, she would never have a moment to herself.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was carrying a small baby took place just after she found out she was pregnant. The baby was a symbol of her real life pregnancy and her thoughts about becoming a mother for the first time.
Example dream : Trying to save a baby that was drowning linked to the dreamers attempts to set up her own business in a very difficult economic climate. The baby was symbolic of how precious and important this business venture was to her (it was her 'baby').)
Example dream : A baby growing linked to the previous day when the dreamer had been doing something he had not done for a long time. It was new growth in his life after persistent gloominess caused by recent bad health which he feared was permanent
Example dream : Dreaming of a man the dreamer was romantically interested in smiling at her whilst she held a baby was symbolic of her thoughts about settling down. Many of her friends had been getting married and settling down.
Example dream : A baby was a symbol for a new interest. The previous day the dreamer was wanting to explore some new idea yet by the next day it was obvious that this idea was dead in the water.
Example dream : In one dream there is an igloo filled with little baby creatures. In real life the dreamer was becoming deeply depressed and withdrawn. He was retreating to his home and surviving the best he could. He was trying to make his home as warm and homely as possible as this was his only real option for feeling safe and secure. The babies were a symbol of his wish to make a safe and secure environment for himself (safe enough for babies).
Example dream : A dream about a dead baby in a purse linked to the dreamer expecting some money.
Example dream : A baby dream linked to the dreamers new chokers - these were really well designed. This symbolised something new and exciting to the dreamer.
Example dream : A baby dream linked to the dreamer having a fresh and enthusiastic mood. He had a new attitude and willingness to get along with those around him.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer and her sister were both pregnant linked to them both having a new start.
Example dream : A baby dream was symbolic of a new opportunity in the dreamers life. It was a fresh start.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer shows off his new baby linked to the dreamer working hard on his research at work. He got really involved with it - it was 'his baby' and he was proud of what he had achieved.
Example dream : A baby crying dream linked to the dreamer trying to put a lot of effort into a work project. However, he was not getting any help from the people around him.
Example dream : A dream about executing a baby linked to the dreamer having started a new relationship. However, he had some real doubts and was thinking of ending it.
Example dream : A dream changing a babies diaper was linked to the dreamer being more equal with her mother recently. Her mother was venting her feelings with her. They both cared for each other and looked after each other.
Example dream : A dream where her infant son was pregnant was linked to her thinking how excitable he was. She wanted him to take more care with himself - just like a pregnant mother would.

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