Being attacked could represent any issue causing stress right now. It could refer to a bitter argument and conflict with someone - try to think who was causing you stress yesterday? Has someone complained about you? Has someone made some comments about you? Was something in particular causing you upset yesterday?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Where you thinking about a very unpleasant or obnoxious person yesterday?
- Have you been thinking about or talking about illness?
- Do you tend to be imposing and forceful?
- Did someone make any critical comments about you yesterday?
- Was somebody abusive the day before the dream?
- Do you think the dream could be a premonition of some terrible event?

KEY DREAM DICTIONARY WORDS critical comment,obsessed,forceful,abusive,pressurized,unpleasant,illness,blamed,bold

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I was really STRESSED"
- "I have had a terrible time"
- "I have been OBSESSING about it"
- "I am going to be BOLD and take on the CHALLENGE!"
- "I was thinking about him - he is really UNPLEASANT"
- "He always BLAMES me"
- "I think this was a premonition of something bad that happened"
- "His health is really declining"
- "I have been thinking about my ILLNESS"
- "I was ill yesterday"
- ""
- "It could have gone drastically wrong"
- "I heard some very CRITICAL COMMENTS"
- "He was very ABUSIVE"
- "I have been too FORCEFUL AND IMPOSING"
- "He has been PRESSURIZING me"


Example dream : A snake trying to attack symbolised the dreamers boss. The attack represented his bosses vindictive lies. The dreams meaning involved this theme of "vindictive liar" and captured this precise thought "I hate my boss as he is such a liar. I have been thinking about setting up on my own to get away from him." It is easy to see the symbolism here as a lie can be part of a direct attack on someone.
Example dream : A missile attack in a dream was linked to the dreamers mother and her tendency to get really nasty when ill. She had said something to the dreamers husband causing a really bad atmosphere. The dream linked to this theme of "getting nasty" and linked to real life in the following context "My mother gets really nasty and caused all this bad feeling. My husband was just trying to be nice but now its all spoilt." Dreams will use these extreme symbols like "missile attacks" to portray everyday feelings. Any "attack dream" is likely to link to ways in which someone has "attacked you" in a milder sense through words and lies rather than physical violence.
Example dream : Being attacked symbolised the dreamers real life stress over personal issues. So we could translate the dream "attack" into "stress." The symbolism is simple as the stress makes the dreamer feel as if he or she is "under attack."
Example dream : An attack in a dream symbolised an offensive email the dreamer was sent. The dreamer feared further confrontation with this person. The dreams meaning featured this theme of "confrontation" in the following context "He sent me this offensive email and I am genuinely scared because he would do anything or go anywhere to get to me. I feel I will be protected by work but still I am a little unsettled."
Example dream : attacked and frightened by a whale symbolised the dreamers wish to stay calm which continually stressed the dreamer out. He became stressed out by the need to stay calm.
Example dream : Attacking her mother in law in a dream was symbolic of the dreamers suppressed anger - she had to bite her tongue when her mother in law made insulting comments (a verbal attack) because her fiance would take his mothers side. The dreamer was really disgusted by her mother in laws foul mouthed drunken behaviour. In real life we often have to bite our tongues and not say anything when we just wish to explode with rage. Yet in dreams this anger will take the form of intense violence. We often say things like "I could punch him in the face" yet in reality we hold back. The more violent the anger the harder we are finding it to suppress.
Example dream : Shark attacks in a dream were linked to the dreamers arguments with her fianc├ęs mother. During their arguments she clearly felt under attack, the criticism was personal and she showed no mercy.
Example dream : Boys attacking the dreamer and a married man she was involved with symbolised the pressure she was under not to get involved and the problems it would create if this secret was found out. It was a realisation of the possible consequences dream.
Example dream : Being attacked with a knife symbolised an argument the night before with her child's father. This was a very bitter personal fight.
Example dream : A dream about a komodo dragon attacking her son was linked the dreamer being highly protective towards her son. The komodo dragon attacking was symbolic of the dreamers protective instinct - she was always on the look out for danger her son could get into.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers ex husband attacks her was linked to his betrayals and abuse.
Example dream : A zombie attack dream was linked to the dreamer trying to cope with feelings of boredom in her relationship. The attack represented the problems she had realised were occurring in her relationship.
Example dream : A cat continually attacking a bird symbolised the dreamers brother who was in his last stages of cancer. Each time the bird was getting weaker and weaker symbolising a degenerative illness.
Example dream : Attacking people linked to the dreamers own introverted nature. She tended to keep herself to herself and tended to view people in a hostile way (she was 'ready to attack').
Example dream : An alligator dream linked to the dreamers financial problems. The alligators not about to attack were symbolic of the urgency of the bills.
Example dream : A dream which the dreamer is attacked was linked to her being persecuted for her religious beliefs.
Example dream : Two lions standing nearby which do not attack was symbolic of the dreamers anxiety about meeting her ex the next day as he came to see their daughter.
Example dream : Attacking someone in a dream symbolised the dreamer being criticised the previous day - ,./they told him exactly what they thought about him. (it was a personal attack)
Example dream : A shark attack dream linked to the continuing upset caused after the dreamer read a friends journal which contained comments about him. This was a savage 'attack' blow to his confidence.
Example dream : A wolf attack dream symbolised the dreamers realisation that she should not cheat on her boyfriend. She was playing with fire. The wolf attack being a symbol for the huge problems which would result if she was found out.
Example dream : A crocodile attack symbolised the dreamers fear that she would be treated badly because she wanted to leave her job.
Example dream : A witch attacking the dreamer symbolised the dreamers continuous bad luck. He felt he was cursed with ill health - like a witch who was plotting against him causing his illness.
Example dream : Being attacked by crocodiles linked to the dreamers worries about being unemployed. Being attacked by crocodiles symbolised the ruthless nature of hard economic times.
Example dream : The dreamer had been very upset the night before and being attacked in the dream represented his worries that were causing him a lot of anxiety. (an anxiety attack) The dream featured this theme of an "anxiety attack" and overall the dream caught this wider thought "I was worrying and paranoiac about it all. But in truth I know I was totally wrong."
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is attacked by a shark symbolised him reading some very hurtful comments in a friends diary.
Example dream : A man chasing and attacking the dreamer linked to the dreamer receiving an abusive email.
Example dream : A pub attacked by scousers symbolised the dreamers own tendency to impose his ideas on others.
Example dream : An sexual attack dream linked to the dreamer thinking about recent murders against women connected with family violence. She was thinking about a vulnerable group - women who were victims of family violence.
Example dream : A dream about a school attacked by an alligator linked to the dreamer not wanting her boyfriend to move to another state with his parents. The attack symbolised this negative change in her life.
Example dream : A dream of men attacking was thought to be a premonition of the 9-11 attacks.
Example dream : A dream about a suicide bomb attack was a premonition of the actual event. The dreamer told this dream to her friend and she said that she had just witnessed this very event on the news.
Example dream : A dream where cats attacked a bird linked to the dreamers brother in law being in his last stages of cancer. The attack symbolised the effects of this terrible disease.
Example dream : A dream about wild kittens attacking the dreamer linked to her having a tummy bug.
Example dream : A dream about being attacked and kidnapped linked to the dreamer suffering terrible stress.
Example dream : A dream about a man attacking the dreamer linked to the dreamer having a terrible month where everything seemed to go wrong. She just wanted to scream she felt abused by the world.
Example dream : A dream where a whale attacks linked to the dreamer being stressed out about staying calm.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer attacks snakes linked to his own willingness to take on a challenge. Everyone was discouraging him from setting up a business but he would not be discouraged. The attacks symbolised the pressures he would have to face if he set up a business.
Example dream : A dream where we attack coyotes linked to the difficult relationship which the dreamer had with her boss. She had been on maternity leave and so had forgotten how nasty he could be.
Example dream : A dream about a missile attack linked to the dreamers mother who was causing so much bad feeling.
Example dream : A dream in which the dreamer is attacked and assaulted "I am having linked to the dreamer having problems with her husband. He always started fights and always blamed her.
Example dream : Being attacked by some young boys linked to the dreamer having a relationship with a married man. She was a hypocrite and realised that she could easily have been found out.
Example dream : A dream about a python that did not attack but she needed to get away from linked to the dreamer ending her relationship but still having occasional sex. She realised that she had to stop seeing him or she would not move on properly.
Example dream : Being attacked by aliens linked to the dreamer getting paranoid about his girlfriend leaving but for no reason.

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