Dreams are about emotions so an apocalypse could express some thought where an apocalypse is relevant as a metaphor. If life has taken a real downturn then an apocalypse could express those thoughts about this downturn. A terrible illness could mark an end of your world and a lifestyle which was happy and healthy. But an apocalypse could have many symbolic meanings. It can strangely link to love and romance. An end of the world dream may link to thoughts like "I cannot live without him" or something loosely related such as "he never shows his true feelings".

KEY WORDS : pessimistic, Crippling illness, my final wish, my world has ended, gloomy, a worst possible outcome, learning someone's true feelings, economic crash, depression, you cannot live without someone, exaggerated claims (how have these words and phrases appeared in your thoughts from yesterday? If you can think of something then its likely that the dream is about that exact intuition or feeling)


Example dream : One end of the world dream linked to the dreamer worrying about his father dying. His father had decided to have a very serious operation that could kill him. The dreamer was wondering what he could possibly do with his time as he had few friends outside his family. If his father died then he would be devastated (everything is devastated during an apocalypse).
Example dream : A dream in an end of the world apocalypse was linked to the dreamer moving in with her boyfriend. The end of the world was a symbol of her thinking through a worst possible scenario (what would happen if the worst comes to the worst). In this case the dream had a homely feel to it so she was thinking that even if they had financial difficulties then they could band together and get through.
Example dream : An end of the world setting was symbolic of the dreamers tendency to be pessimistic. The end of the world represented his attitude that nothing was worth doing and that he really had nothing to live for. He had an "end of the world" feeling and was gloomy.
Example dream : A dream about an end of the world type of situation occurred after the dreamer had fallen out with a good friend. The end of the world was symbolic of him realising just how much of a loss this was to him.
Example dream : A dream about an apocalypse linked to the dreamer finding out he suffered from arthritis. This seemed like the end of the world for him - he was distraught to find out he was going to be crippled by such an illness We can even guess the dreams meaning "This crippling arthritis makes me feel like its the end of the world. This is the biggest disaster of my life." From this we can translate the "apocalypse" in the dream into one word ("disaster") within the quote above. So this symbol which seemed so distant and random in its relevance now takes on real meaning as the word "disaster" is more relevant to the dreamer than "apocalypse".
Example dream : An apocalypse linked to the dreamers increasing health problems. He felt that these health problems were impossible to the overcome and that his active life had now ended. For him this was "the end of the world" or an "apocalypse" so the metaphor is easy to understand.
Example dream : A dream about an apocalypse was linked to the dreamers own health problems as he was in danger of killing himself with alcohol. It was not the end of the world but it would be the end of his world.
Example dream : A dream about the end of the world took place as the dreamer had been suffering terrible diarrhoea for days. It was starting to dawn on him the seriousness of this health problem and that this could be the end game for him(his own apocalyptic end).

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