An ancient dream could be your minds way of saying "brutal times" as we associate ancient times with brutality. In this way the dream could link to a thought process like "I know no one is going to help me. This recession is difficult and we live in brutal times." Ancient times will be a symbol for anything that associates with such times in any way. The ancient world was extremely hard and ruthless so it could be your dreams way of saying 'he behaved very ruthlessly' or 'its a hard world'. Paradoxically the ancient world is also associated with all things good and true such as democracy and morality. So the ancient world could represent something worthy in your mind such as a need for truth or morality. The ancient world was also very dramatic (at least we see it as very dramatic). It could be your dreams way of saying 'that was an epic moment yesterday' or 'I want to really show him in a dramatic way'. In such as way a dream like this maybe recreating your emotions towards a very dramatic or romantic moment the day before.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Have you just completed something epic?
- Did anything intense and dramatic happen yesterday?
- Were you thinking through some philosophical ideas yesterday?

KEY WORDS : epic, brutal,intense, dramatic, uncaring

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I was thinking of some grand PHILOSOPHICAL ideas yesterday"
- "That was a very BRUTAL response"
- "They just DIDN'T CARE"
- "It was an EPIC response"


Example dream : An ancient Roman noble taking charge symbolised the dreamers thoughts - he had wanted to confront a woman in a very dramatic way (The ancient world was often portrayed in very dramatic ways - they act in bold ways and speak very eloquently). So we can actually translate the meaning of "ancient" in the dream to the word "dramatic" and we see that the dream captures this type of feeling "I want to confront her in a very bold and dramatic way. But I know it will cause trouble. I should think twice about it."
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is exploring a house was linked to his thoughts about the mind. This was a dream of Carl Jung and it occurred when he was developing his ideas about the collective consciousness. During the dream he explores the ancient Roman walls in the foundations. This was linked to him exploring ideas about instinct within the human psyche. Roman walls were a symbol for the influence of ancient times on human thinking - we pass on ideas and ways of thinking by means of instinct. As humans develop we live in a more civilised way but deep inside us lurks the experience and instincts of ancient man.
Example dream : A dream in ancient times or the bible times was linked to the dreamers deteriorating health. These changes had an epic like feel to them - his life was changing forever.
Example dream : Ancient times in a dream linked to the dreamers failing health. The dreamers poor eyesight and pain was stopping him enjoying life. Ancient times was symbolic of drama and epic times - even the most dramatic moments seemed fuzzy.
Example dream : A dream about ancient times was linked to the dreamers thoughts about religion and spirituality. she had been thinking how out of step with the world she was. The world seemed too busy with modern things to even care about what their purpose is. So what could her dream meaning? What was the symbolic meaning of ancient? Notice that she had been mentioning "modern times" just before the dream, as she felt that people were "too busy with modern things". So this dream could easily be about that subject as "ancient times" was referred to in a backdoor kind of way, "ancient times" being the opposite of "modern times". So this dream seems to indulge the dreamers spiritual and religious side.
Example dream : The ancient times in the dream symbolised the harsh reality of life. The dreamer was thinking the night before how bad things can happen for no reason. Ancient times were notorious for such a hard lifestyle. We could even translate the "ancient times" into the phrase "life can be very brutal" as ancient times were associated with brutality. But the dreams meaning had a specific meaning and "brutality" featured in this wider thought "I used to think that she was destined for me but now I know that bad things can happen for no reason. Life can be very brutal." So see how dreams can have quite specific rather than vague meanings in the dreamers life at the time.
Example dream : A dream with a Roman noble was murdered linked to the dreamer trying to take charge in a relationship. However, everything was now over. The ancient times symbolised the dramatic and intense storyline in the dreamers own life.
Example dream : A dream about a Roman soldier no longer needed in peacetime linked to the dreamer finishing a project. The ancient times symbolised the epic nature of his project which was now completed.
Example dream : A Greek Goddess symbolised the spiritual high the dreamer was on. Ancient times can link to dramatic and intense feelings within us.

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