Aliens can often symbolise something that you find difficult to comprehend. That could be something that you have no previus experience of. If its your first day living on your own then you have nothing to compare this to that has happened previously. Your mind is looking for some way to compare and contrast this and find a solution by looking for something similar from the past.

Aliens could represent something negative and unwanted. In what ways have you been thinking 'I have never had to do that' or 'I have never come across that'. It maybe that someone bad has come into your life which you are really not used to. Perhaps you feel completely alienated from the people around you and that you have nothing in common with them?

Aliens come into your life and take over making you feel powerless. Try to think of something that has made you feel powerless. Do you feel as if there is nothing that you can do to stop something happening?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Do you feel different from everyone around you?
- Are you about to start something but simply have no idea what to expect?
- Has someone started behaving in a way that is really very different to what is expected?

KEY WORDS : Unimaginable, cannot imagine, different, alienated

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "Its so unlike anything I have ever experienced before"
- "I simply cannot imagine what it will be like"
- "I simply cannot imagine what is going to happen"
- "I feel so powerless! "
- "I just feel so different from everyone. I feel like an alien."
- "what on earth is that!"
- "picking up some bad new habits"
- "its coming from outside"


Example dream : An alien enemy symbolised the dreamers difficulty getting on with some people - they were so different from him that he really did not like being around them. The aliens were therefore a symbol for a hostile working environment where the dreamer had no friends.
Example dream : The dreamer woke up to the fearful coughing of his neighbour. The alien represented this unknown fearful noise which could have been anything. His mind was alerting him to the need to wake up. The alien in the dream was a symbol of this unknown ('alien') noise which was awoke him - this could have been anything and could have been linked to a burglar.
Example dream : Aliens symbolised the dreamers difficulty with getting on with some people at work. He felt as if he had nothing in common with them. Aliens were therefore a symbol of a completely hostile environment.
Example dream : Aliens in a dream linked to the dreamers feelings towards her boyfriend - she was feeling as if a strange unfamiliar mood had settled over the relationship. She wanted to say what was on her mind but knew that this would cause problems.
Example dream : Aliens in one dream followed a night thinking about some relatives he had never met. He had no idea of what they would be like and if it would work out.
Example dream : An alien dream symbolised the dreamers worries about some new bad habits and behaviour she noticed with her son. This behaviour was something completely new and something she had never experienced before.
Example dream : An ugly alien represented the dreamer engaging in homosexual activity for the first time. This was something new and out of this world. He was finding it difficult to come to terms with his homosexuality.
Example dream : The aliens in a dream where linked to the dreamers paranoia - his fears had got completely out of hand. He had exaggerated a problem and worried that his best friend was going to leave town. The alien was a symbol of how he had allowed his fears to get out of hand. He had blown up some worry out of all proportions. The dream featured this theme of "fears getting out of hand" and linked to this wider thought "I know now I was totally wrong. I was worrying for nothing. I allowed my paranoias to get out of control."
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer crosses over a bridge near some aliens linked to the dreamer starting to deal with some difficult childhood issues. She had always felt cut off and very different from everyone else. She never really fitted in.
Example dream : A dream with aliens coming to get the dreamer linked to the dreamer being unable to trust anyone. She felt so alone and so very different from everyone else.
Example dream : A dream trying to dodge aliens linked to the dreamer trying to mix in with people from a completely different background than himself. He felt really out of place and intimidated.
Example dream : An alien coming to get the dreamer symbolised the dreamers worry that she might lose her home. The alien symbolised an all powerful force that the dreamer had no chance of fighting.
Example dream : An alien dream took place on day before the dreamers first day at school. This captured her inability to imagine what this would be like.
Example dream : An alien dream took place at the dreamers first day at college. It represented his total inability to imagine what this would be like.
Example dream : A dream about an alien craft linked to the dreamer having to hand over control to some people that she did not know the day before. She did not know them and they now have powers to control her.
Example dream : A dream about an alien spaceship linked to the dreamers fear that his health was getting worse. He was worried that he was entering a strange new phase of his life where his health problems would totally alter his life in ways that he could not imagine.
Example dream : A dream looking up at an alien spaceship linked to the dreamer being spiritually enlightened at the time. The aliens represented his mind exploring higher supernatural and spiritual forces.

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