Try to think how alcohol fits in with some key emotion from yesterday. Alcohol is linked to sociable activity - did you do something very sociable yesterday? Alcohol can be very bad in excess. It could be your minds way of saying - 'I was loud and aggressive' or 'I lost control yesterday'.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did some situation from yesterday involve alcohol?
- Did you totally lose control yesterday of some situation?
- Did you try to take a relaxed attitude to something yesterday?

KEY WORDS : Ralaxed attitude, lose control, get along

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "a relaxed attitude"
- "totally lose control"
- "I need to get along with them all and treat them like friends"
- "a real life situation from yesterday that involved actual alcohol" Full page article


Example dream : Alcohol in a dream linked to the dreamer drinking a little too much the night before. So alcohol was a literal symbol and the dream was linked to some thoughts about alcohol such as "I got really drunk last night and must have been talking absolute nonsense."
Example dream : Alcohol in one dream reminded the dreamer of his card playing (poker). The previous day he nearly gave this secret away to his mother. His dream was telling him how close a call this was and that he really needed to keep this secret. Alcohol in the dream was therefore a symbol of the dreamers worries that his own drinking habits would be found out.
Example dream : A dream about a young teenager suffering from alcohol problems had an obvious relevance to the dreamer as he had a severe drink problem. The teenagers alcohol problems was a simple metaphor for his own alcohol problems. Recently, this had been getting worse and it was become a chronic problem.
Example dream : A dream about a teenage boy with chronic alcoholic problems took place when the dreamer was facing his own severe drink problems.
Example dream : A small glass of wine in a dream linked to the dreamer knowing his employers had a slightly relaxed attitude but knowing that they had a strict schedule and needed to be informed if he was ill and or how long.
Example dream : A small drink in a dream linked to the dreamers teacher suggesting they take a slightly relaxed attitude towards their exams.
Example dream : A drunk dream linked to the dreamer knowing she had gone too far with something - she had ended up totally out of control (with alcohol its easy to go too far).
Example dream : Buying a drink for a former college tutor linked to the dreamers thoughts about her art group. She realised that this was more of a social group than a serious art group. Buying a drink symbolised the social nature of this group - people were chatting as friends (it did not seem like a formal class).
Example dream : A dream about a beer the dreamer had left behind linked to the dreamer realising that she should not have polished off a tequila a few nights back. This had given him a terrible cold and this had interfered with his work and given him poor judgement. Beer simply symbolised a recent heavy drinking session that the dreamer was regretting.
Example dream : A dream full of drunks and drug users linked to the dreamer going to a funeral the day before. She was thinking how many of the congregation would end up dead if they carried on heavy drinking.

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