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The interpretation of dreams

Dreams are not easy to interpret. Understanding the complex symbols has got to be a practical rather than theoretical skill. Too many books emphasize the theory and yet hardly mention any practical examples. Indeed many dream dictionaries do not mention any dreams at all. They are of little practical use. This is even true of the book "The interpretation of dreams" by Freud. The dream includes perhaps half a dozen real dreams. Thats hardly a body of knowledge.

Several years ago I began interpreting dreams on the internet and had some minor success. Then as time passed by I changed my methods. Rather than interpreting dreams in some random way I started to collect together dreams which I knew the meaning of (hopefully). I understand my own dreams and realize that there is an important link between dreams and the day before. That dreams capture feelings and emotions and thoughts. The dream mind is a conceptual one. It deals with ideas and thoughts. So the meaning of any dream is likely to be an idea or conceptual emotion.

Now I have a collection of hundreds of dreams. So the page on this site that deals with snakes in dreams is based on many practical examples of snake dreams where I feel that the dream is understood. So in this way we may have some practical knowledge of what a snake means in dreams. It can link to someone who is acting in a snake like way or tricky and slippery problem that you cannot solve.

This dream site then tried to show you how the dream mind works. A dream is a loose collection of dream symbols which on their own make no sense (the stories are often bizarre). Yet dreams show how the mind stores conceptual feelings. The mind uses symbols to store ideas and conceptual feelings. Instead of calling someone deceptive the dream mind links them to snakes and other nasty creatures. It does not understand language so it does not use language. Together the various symbols link to some thought process or feeling inside you. For instance a snake links to deception and slyness. A biting snake may therefore link to a person who is acting deceptively that is ready to strike at you or others.

But dreams are still not easily understood. But we have one strong clue. Dreams nearly always have some trigger in the here and now. They often capture thought processes from yesterday. If something big happens then you can assume that the dreams you have will be about that issue. But still dreams are not easy to understand. The dream symbols may have many meanings. Think of dream symbols like words in a dictionary. You will know that many words have many different meanings. Good dictionaries may list ten or more different usages of various words. It’s the same with dream symbols. Snakes for instance can have lots of different meanings. Then the dream maybe about feelings within you or thoughts about someone close to you or someone who has been on your mind. A dream maybe about long term issues but may easily be about some petty dispute yesterday that is soon forgotten.

Never forget the link between the brain and dreams. Dreams link to ideas and thought processes. So simply try to remember what has been bothering you and what is building up within the mind. Dreams are about new things. They link to new feelings and new thought processes. So look at what’s new. That will help you see what triggered your dream.

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